new star wars contest!

star wars in concert? yeah, that works.

star wars in concert? yeah, that works.

Haven’t done a contest in a while, so let’s fix that right now.

We’ve got some tickets to give away to the performance of Star Wars: In Concert at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre. That’s the Mohegan Sun Arena if you’re nasty.

Two pair, in fact, and we’re giving them away to PopRox readers starting right now. The show is Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. and is a live orchestra concert of Star Wars music set to the movies on movie theater sized screens. Sounds like a must for any Star Wars geek around. Too bad I’m busy.

To enter, all you have to do is drop me an e-mail with the subject line, “Star Wars,” and give me your name, where you live, your e-mail and the phone number you can be reached at during the day. If you don’t have all of those things in the e-mail, I’m tossing your entry.

Here’s a bonus — anyone who enters through the PopRox Facebook or PopRox Twitter pages gets counted twice. I’m really trying to build up the PopRox online community network, which is why I’m sending out random friend/follow requests to anyone who pops up as a suggested friend. So if you really want those tickets, your best bet is to enter through a Facebook message or Twitter direct message.

One note of caution — please don’t enter if you can’t go. It’s on a Tuesday night in Wilkes-Barre which makes it pretty difficult for most people in the Poconos to get there. Google maps says between an hour (50 miles) and 1:15 (65 miles) to get there from Stroudsburg, depending on the route you take. That makes it difficult for me to find a winner when I have to call 20 different people to tell them they won only to listen to them say, “Uh, I can’t make it, give them to someone else.” That makes my day absolutely joyful. Wait, did I say joyful? I specifically meant to say dreadful. My bad.

This is the easiest way to get there from Stroudsburg, 80 West to 115 North to 81 South:

View larger map

Just a couple requirements:

  • As mentioned, please be able to go.
  • I’m drawing a winner Monday afternoon. You’ll need to get to the Pocono Record office in Stroudsburg to pick up the tickets between the time I draw the winner and the concert time. We can’t mail them. Sorry.
  • One entry per person, please. As in the past, if I get mutliple entries, I chuck ’em. PopRox is not a ballot box to be stuffed.

If this contest doesn’t float your boat, there is another one coming up in a week or so that I think will be up your alley, so stay tuned!

Now, the links:

you, uh ... you're not good

you, uh ... you're not good

They’re starting to come in quickly now. Dollhouse has mercifully been canceled by Fox, and not a second too soon. You can’t say it’s been treated unfairly since it hasn’t had an audience since it started, yet it was given the reprieve of a second season for some reason. The ratings were gawd awful to the point that Fox pulled it from the schedule for November, even though the network still claims it will air all 13 episodes and even though the DVR pick-up numbers helped the ratings. If you do want to say it was treated unfairly, you can point to it being pushed last year to a midseason replacement and being given the death knell of a Friday timeslot. But that’s just because Fox execs were like most of the world — they didn’t get it because it made little to no sense. Let it not be overlooked that even though Eliza Dushku is one of the hottest women in the world, she is a terrible, terrible actress. She was distractingly bad trying to lead this series.

But wait, there’s more! After ABC canceled Eastwick this week — but not before it will air all 13 filmed episodes — ABC has not only decided to cancel the Kelsey Grammer “sitcom” Hank, but also decided it will not even bother airing the final episodes that have been filmed. The writing was on the wall here. I watched the pilot at 4:30 a.m. a couple weeks ago, and found it to be the total opposite of funny. Completely unfunny. I thought it might the be the time of day I watched it, but that was wishful thinking to get Grammer back in something funny. The writing was on the wall a month ago when ABC picked up all its other Thursday night comedies but decided against bringing Hank back.

How come Saturday Night Live hasn’t done a skit like this at some point, making fun of comic book nerds who scour the ‘net every five minutes trying to figure out who will be working as the key grip on the next big movie? It could be just as good as the classic Shatner at the Star Trek Convention sketch.

Shatner Star Trek Convention

FishMurderer | MySpace Video

Problem is, I’m one of those dorks who has no problem wasting away my days and nights trying to figure out clues as to whether Carnage or Craven the Hunter will be the villain in Spidey 4.

It’s time to demand a recount — there is no way it’s been 10 years since Fight Club. I just … I just refuse to believe that 10 years ago I was sitting in a theater by myself — with only one other person in the theater — for an opening weekend Sunday night show and being so blown away by its rawness and understated subtleties that I knew the movie wouldn’t be a success until it came out on video. See, we were still calling them videos in those days, young folks. I remember discussing it with my movie friends scattered throughout the state a couple days later and all of them said the same thing — there was no one in their theaters when they went to see it opening weekend. I also remember we all had different interpretations. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it seemed like a bastardized, abstract, updated version of the relationship between Mussolini (Norton, who doesn’t have a name in the movie) and Hitler (Tyler Durden). Don’t ask me why. It’s good to see that Ed Norton and David Fincher still look back on it fondly, that’s how it deserves to be viewed. It’s made the cable rounds lately, but if you’ve never seen it uncut, you owe it to yourself to block out two-and-a-half hours and check it out.

As long as we’re talking about Twitter today, we’ve now reached the point where Twitter pages are getting book and TV deals. That’s either really, really cool or it’s the seventh and final sign of the apocalypse and we should all take cover with our loved ones. It can go either way. If you’re going to give a Web site a TV deal, HBO picking up this one would be monumentally more funny if you can figure out how to do it.

Even though most people would rather think about what they’re doing tomorrow, Live Nation wants you to think about what you’re doing in July. U2 tickets in Philly go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. Is this a product of the economy, trying to get a jump on ticket sales? I can’t remember seeing a major show go on sale so early before.

Some other shows going on sale tomorrow in New York City, Lady Gaga on Jan. 20 and 21 and Mariah Carey for the New Year’s Eve showat Madison Square Garden that normally has been reserved for rock and jam bands. No word on whether Cartman will be on hand to duet with Lady Gaga on Poker Face.

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