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Another pimp of our latest contest — we’ve got two pair of Star Wars: In Concert tickets to give away.

The concert is Tuesday at the Wachovia Arena, 7 :30 p.m. Remember, Wachovia Arena, where this is at, is in Wilkes-Barre. Wachovia Center is Philly.

do you know how hard it is to find a star wars picture anymore WITHOUT hayden christensen?

do you know how hard it is to find a star wars picture anymore WITHOUT hayden christensen?

All you have to do is send me an e-mail with your name, where you live and the number to reach you at during the day and your entered. I’m pleading with people — don’t enter if you can’t go. It’s on a Tuesday night in Wilkes-Barre, which means some good nighttime driving when you have to go to work the next day.

But Star Wars fans are incredibly dedicated, so getting the chance to see something like this is something they wouldn’t want to turn up. Good luck!

You can enter through e-mail, or you get credit for two entries if you enter through the PopRox Facebook or PopRox Twitter pages. So send in your entry in a Facebook message or Twitter direct message for an extra shot to win the tickets.

We’ll be drawing the winner on Monday, so that gives you the weekend to enter.

Today’s links:

no!!! not new york again!!!

no!!! not new york again!!!

Just in time for the stressful holidays — it’s the end of the world! There’s probably no good time to witness our own mortality on the big screen, but since when did the holidays become the perfect time to create an apocalyptic world where millions/billion of people die? And with the state of the world — the economy, the Middle East, etc. — doesn’t it border on tacky to even bring this stuff up? Hollywood doesn’t seem to care. 2012 is the weirdest one. It was supposed to be released the weekend after July 4, but got pushed back to the holiday season, likely to avoid Tranny 2. So if you had the chance to move it back for a long period of time, wouldn’t you just wait til the next summer, where this movie belongs? Or if you really want to play on people’s fears, just wait until … 2012! You can’t tell me that someone, somewhere, in the initial meetings for this didn’t say, “Umm, why are we rushing this? Wouldn’t it make the most sense to release 2012 in, you know … 2012?” That person was likely fired on the spot. Poor guy/girl. About $40 million for the weekend sounds about right, but it wouldn’t surprise me for one second if it came in around $25 million because people just don’t want to see the world end.

If anyone is going to end the world, it might as well be Roland Emmerich. Hey, why not? He’s already done it three times before (that link forgets about him basically destroying New York City in Godzilla), so what’s one more? In fact, the one constant in all three of his disaster movies has been New York City. Let’s hope he finally decides to spare the Big Apple since Cloverfield wrecked it last year.

On the off chance you didn’t think Superman Returns was long enough in the first place, good news! You can now be put to sleep by an extra-long director’s cut. Insomniacs around the world, rejoice!

Be excited about Moneyball if you dare, it looks like it’s going to live in Development Hell for years before someone finally just pulls the plug. I still don’t understand why anyone would want to see it on the big screen anyway, at least in the form the book took. Every studio is looking for the next big baseball movie — but audiences want to see Bull Durham, not Wall Street meets the baseball field. And that’s all Moneyball is. Plus, it was painful enough reading the book to see Billy Beane deified when all he did was take the advice of every baseball stathead (like me) and understand that the most important thing in baseball is scoring runs, and you don’t score runs without getting people on base. Duh. That’s all he did! So because he’s the one who finally decided to listen to millions of fans holding years of empirical evidence, he gets sainthood. Not for me.

This has been my week of heaven over at The AV Club. They’ve spent the week releasing their Best of TV Decade lists like the best shows of the decade, best episodes of the decade and best one-season shows of the decade. As if that wasn’t enough, when you wander over there this morning, my favorite writer is there staring at me, Bill Simmons, plugging his new Book of Basketball. That’s fun because it’s nice to read him cursing for the first time without having to see s— in the story. As for the TV lists, I’ve got issues with all of them, but they’re pretty good. My biggest concerns:


24 isn’t in the best shows of the decade, that seems almost unfathomable to me not because of its influence and that every show from the good Lost to the horrendous Vanished owe it a debt of gratitude, but because it’s that good. Yes, it’s fallen. Yes, the sixth season was unspeakably bad by 24 standards. That doesn’t mean you can discount its first four seasons — the first and third in particular — when the show was as good as anything that’s ever been aired on TV. Firefly was canceled after 13 episodes. Can you seriously hold 24 accountable just because it’s aired 150 episodes and (temporarily) ran out of gas? Plus, as always, I’ve been roped in to season 8 already from the trailer.

poor christian! all that great work in season 2, but the av club thinks otherwise.

poor christian! all that great work in season 2, but the av club thinks otherwise.


 There isn’t a Nip/Tuck episode in the greatest episodes. I’m not going to be naive enough to think it belongs in the top 30 of the decade since its drop has been far more noticable than 24’s. But the second season of Nip/Tuck is my favorite season of any TV show I’ve ever seen, and to not include either the Agatha Ripp episode (Sean learns Christian is actually Matt’s dad), the Rose and Raven Rosenberg episode (the aftermath of that news) or the Joan Rivers season finale (The Carver gets Christian, leaving him for dead) from that season seems either blatant or just short-sighted. Any three of those are better than any episode of any of Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Burn Notice, Malcolm in the Middle and Chuck episodes. Not just the ones listed, but any of the episodes. And those are just the shows I’ve seen. The Middleman pilot gets listed over these great Nip/Tuck eps? I barely made it through without falling asleep. Remember, season 2 of Nip/Tuck won the Golden Globe for best drama that year.


 If this wasn’t a public blog, if this was just me talking to me friends, I’d say something unspeakably sexual about AV Club’s love for HBO. The kind of thing when you say AV Club owes HBO some “favors.” Apparently, if something is made on HBO it becomes the best TV show ever to AV Club. You can believe that if you want — but putting the very funny Eastbound and Down on the best shows of the decade when it only ran for SIX episodes almost ruins the credibility of the whole list. They must have written the list in September so they couldn’t include Bored to Death?

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