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Got some local stuff to clean out of the inbox:

Thought I’d post this picture and a mini-review from the Star Wars: In Concert event from one of the ticket winners we pulled on Monday. The review is from Priscilla McKinley, who was the guest of PopRox winner MaryJane Colon of Blakeslee:

MaryJane Colon and Chewbacca after winning tickets to the Star Wars: In Concert show from PopRox

MaryJane Colon and Chewbacca after winning tickets to the Star Wars: In Concert show from PopRox

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend this awesome show. MaryJane won the tickets and took me along. Anthony Daniels (Editor note for non-Star Wars fans: He’s the actor who played droid C3PO in the movies) exuded his love for the fans with his enthusiastic narration. Perfect night for the avid or ‘regular’ SW fan.

As the resident SW nut of this group, I thoroughly loved the entire Star Wars in Concert experience. It had the warmth and familiarity of seeing old friends after a too long stretch. The live music and scene montages were perfectly coordinated as were the light show and orchestra shots.

I usually have to travel to New York, California and Indiana for the rare opportunities to attend such grand SW gatherings (SW Celebration-III & IV, San Diego and NY Comic Cons). Needless to say, I was very pleased to have a great venue nearby host this wonderful event.”

See, PopRox makes dreams come true!

Matt Duerelien, who former Sharp readers know as The Ref, is part of a team at ESU radio station WESS putting together a professional wrestling showcase tonight at the college. He told me this week the show needs 115 people in attendance to break even and make some money for the station. So let’s try and get some extra people out there to make it work. Going to a WWE/TNA wrestling match is one thing. It’s cool beyond belief, but it’s impersonal and expensive. Local wrestling shows are the exact opposite. You’re right on top of the action, you can rile up any wrestler at the show and they’ll make you part of the show, and you geta  feel for what these people actually put their bodies through. It’s the proving ground for professional wrestling, and these guys go all out to show they belong in the big leagues. It’s something to behold and it’s worth the $10 admission — $5 if you’re an ESU student.

Split Rock Lodge in Lake Harmony is holding its 19th Great Brews Classic Beer Festival this weekend. I went as a reporter there two years ago thinking it would be pretty stiff and be a bunch of yuppies sipping microbrews and saying, “That has quite the stingy aftertaste! Wouldn’t you agree, Tad?” And there was some of that. But for the most part, it was buzzed/drunk people drinking as much as they could and having a blast. So yeah, good times.

On to the links:

This is the wrong place to come for Oprah news. If I’ve ever watched more than five seconds, it’s because “someone” else in the room was watching and I was in some kind of straight jacket to keep me from grabbing the remote. But this just seems like she’s closing down her show so she can start it up again at her new cable network. How could she start her own network if her talk show — the most valuable, marketable talk show on the planet — was airing on another network? Just got the word — it ends Sept. 9, 2011. And life, somehow, will go on.

take that, american idol!

take that, american idol!

Moving Lost to Tuesdays could either be brilliant or a mistake of epic proportions. ABC has been getting smothered on Tuesdays, and this gives it some life. But it means it’s going head-to-head with American Idol. There may be some out there, who knows — but I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who says they watch both Lost and American Idol. Lost is the thinking man’s show, American Idol … isn’t. So it might not be that big a deal having the final season of the mind-bending show against AI.

The backlash is officially starting — and it’s not going to end until we band together to rid the world of Twilight! Right. Anyway, I feel like I have it bad because the fury of Twilight pandemonium has forced me to give it mention for a couple days, but these people who actually had to see it to rip on it had it far worse. Allow me to repeat: I mention it ONLY for a couple days. After that it goes right back in the garbage bin with Jon and Kate of “Topics I Can Write About to Get a Couple More People Reading This Blog But Choose Not To Because They’re Too Stupid.” They only come around when I really, really need to say something about them to warn people of their heinousness.

So let’s just kill two birds with one stone, shall we? Jon and Kate officially ends Monday. The show, not the couple. The couple already ended and was headed that way the second Kate decided to become a somewhat insane, camera-hawking little bee-yatch. She was the equivalent of a pageant mom, but she was pushing herself into the spotlight, not her kids. Hey, eight kids might do that to you — but having TV cameras around exacerbated the whole thing. Luckily for her, she was only the second-least mature person in her family and the brainless, spineless, gutless extra cirricular activity of Jon somehow turned Kate into a victim/hero. Back in February before all the nonsense started he easily could have said, “I want out” and every man, woman, child and pet in America would have known exactly why — because his wife was borderline psychotic and both verbally and physically abusive. But noooooooo, he had to go around popping everything on two legs in the plain view of the papparazi to make sure not only will his gravy train end, but Kate’s will continue. Smooooooth. My brain hurts just thinking about it.

As if watching the parental Glee fallout Wednesday wasn’t enough to make me worried for the next 17 years until my daughter graduates high school, now Kate Moss has to make it even worse. Come January, when Paris Hilton gladly squeals, “Unprotected sex is my favorite thing in the world!” I’ll be building a bomb shelter to keep my daughter in until she turns 24. It’s the only way to keep her sane. I’m convinced.

that's right, I said "most greatest"

that's right, I said "most greatest"

More tributes to Ken Ober, who not only presided over the best game show of all time, but also seemed like the most greatest guy ever. The other day I hastily announced that Remote Control was my favorite game show of all time, so I gave it some extra thought. Yeah, it was, and it’s not even close. I’m a huge fan of Price is Right, and thought it was the coolest thing in the world in 1985 when I watched live as the first person in the Showcase Showdown priced their showcase to within $41, meaning he would win both showcases. Then the next guy priced his showcase to within $37 and won both showcases, and Person #1 got what the bird left on the rock. I also remember watching live the infamous Press Your Luck of the guy who beat the system. None of them ever compared to Remote Control — truly my favorite game show of all time. Others that warrant mention — Win Ben Stein’s Money, the best combination of humor and smarts, and where an old friend of mine once made it to the final round (not kidding); Double Dare, the best kid’s game show of all time and Name That Tune, only because it’s the game show that needs to be given a reboot more than any other.

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