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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now that all the food guilt is kicking in, leave me a treadmill open at the gym, please:

the comeback trail is lined with hits

the comeback trail is lined with hits

At least one thing about New Moon stayed on target — its box office went down even more than expected in its second week. Whew! Otherwise, we’d have to start seriously wondering about the future of the country. And is anyone having a better year than Sandra Bullock? She’s got two surprise hits on her hands (The Proposal and The Blind Side) when she hadn’t had a top-lining hit since 2002 and was creaking ever-closer to the mandatory retirement age for Hollywood actresses, 50. Not counting Crash, which she was in for about 15 minutes, the last thing I had seen her in was Miss Congeniality, only because my wife is a big fan. The last thing I had paid to see her in was Speed 2 — the only movie I’ve ever walked out on. So her track record with me was a little spotty, at best. But The Proposal is next up on my Blockbuster queue (guess who put that on there?) and there’s talk of a December trip to see The Blind Side. And somehow, she’s made people forget All About Steve, one of the worst reviewed movies of all time. On the Chinese calendar, I’m almost positive 2009 is the Year of Bullock.

it's a good thing the silver surfer movie isn't being made ... so far

it's a good thing the silver surfer movie isn't being made ... so far

Take this as good news even though it looks like Silver Surfer won’t get his well-deserved movie anytime soon. The fact that he isn’t getting the movie means whatever they have as the premise for the script now must be absolutely awful. In this age of comic book movies, studios are way past desperate when it comes to getting comic book characters on the big screen — especially ones they already own the rights to. How else do you explain things like Jonah Hex? So if Silver Surfer isn’t coming out, that must mean whatever they have is PA-thetic. Hopefully by not rushing it out, they can turn around and make it a respectable franchise. Just so everyone knows — the Surfer from Fantastic Four 2 was not the real Surfer. He’s not that boring. He can’t be outwitted by Christian Troy. None of that would happen to the real Surfer. So maybe when they make the Silver Surfer movie, they will surgically give him back his testicles.

The Hollywood Reporter is getting in on the ranking the best of the decade thing — something I promise is coming PopRox-style very soon. The list of movie flops of the decade is fun, but Town and Country needed to be higher on the list. There needs to be a 300-page book written about the making of that movie, and it needs to be done now. It’s one of the most interesting Hollywood stories ever written and we still don’t fully have the whole thing. But it’s the poster child for why stars don’t get their ways on movies anymore, because if the studio doesn’t take care of the project and keep an eye on it, then you end up losing $100 million for a movie that looks like it should have cost $100. I’ve somehow managed to avoid seeing all 10 of those bombs. Kinda surprised Speed Racer isn’t on there though.

This whole Kevin Smith-Bruce Willis beef seems kinda weird — and Kevin Smith is making my BS meter spike. First of all, what Smith said doesn’t seem that bad, unless Willis really did try to add in his two cents at every moment. But what I’m calling BS on is this video of one of Kevin Smith’s one-man, I-bash-Hollywood speeches he’s become famous for. He said he filmed his scenes with Willis on the set of Die Hard 4 and that was it, he didn’t hear from him again until after the movie opened. OK, that sounds believable. But then there’s this — the DVD extra where Smith and Willis have a conversation about the Die Hard franchise:

Smith says the two didn’t talk at all on the set of DH4, but they obviously did, enough for Smith to pull down Willis’s pants telling him how awesome he is. Of course Willis wanted to work with the guy again, he knows he’d be worshipped! And Smith is as much to blame for setting it up that way, that Willis is the coolest thing since ice pops. So as much as I’d have no problem believing the Hollywood stereotype that Willis thinks he poops ice cream, Smith shouldn’t get off scott free on this one.

Looks like the Obvious Patrol is out in full force today — thanks for the tip that you shouldn’t post anything potentially damaging on Facebook or Twitter or MySpace or your facey-space. People get way too caught up in the whole social networking and think they’re just talking to their friends. They’re not. They’re letting the whole word see their words. The sooner everyone realizes this, the sooner the whole social networking thing can move through to fad status. But while we’re here, make sure you check out the PopRox Facebook and Twitter pages!

It’s almost impossible to feel bad for actors who make a katrillion bucks every time they step in front of the camera. But the one time it’s OK to do it is when they do press for their latest movie, and they have to answer questions about their past roles. There’s a good chance Tobey Maguire will never do another interview in his life without having to talk about Spider-Man. What more could he possibly say about it? Even worse is that people ask him about the rumor mill with the movie. Do you really think he knows — or even cares — about who’s playing Black Cat? Or if Black Cat is even in the movie? Wait, don’t bother thinking about the answer — because it’s a big, fat, “no.”

You’re completely crazy if you don’t think pushing The Hobbit’s filming schedule back won’t affect its release date. And this is just the first news of delays. December 2011 will be turning into summer 2012, only the studio won’t want to up against The Avengers, so they’ll push it back a whole year, which makes the next one in doubt — it’s going to be delayed. There just seems like there’s been too much going on to get this out on time.

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