can we change the name to silver globes?

They got me again.

looks like there's enough there to spare one for me

looks like there's enough there to spare one for me

Every year, I get excited for Golden Globe nominations. It’s the first indication we have of what Oscar voters may be favoring and a midseason TV report to find out what TV’s best shows are.

But every year, I scroll through the nominees and get more bored as I make my way down the list. Seriously, I yawned this year halfway through, and I wasn’t even joking. I was just yawning. It was a reaction.

It’s not without good news though:


Glee was a lock for a nomination because of the separate Globe categories for drama and comedy/musical. It was a lock before it premiered. You can imagine the original pitch meeting with Ryan Murphy and Fox, with Murphy saying, “Even if no one watches it, we’ll get a Golden Globe nomination as long as I don’t write the worst TV show ever.” Done and done. But what I didn’t expect was to have the cast honored the way they were. Matthew Morrison as Mr. Schu isn’t the greatest actor in the world, and when he’s asked to do anything other than sing, it sometimes feels like he’s forcing a little — even though his wife’s fake-pregnancy reveal was one of the best scenes of the year. Lea Michele as Rachel deserves her nomination in what is suddenly a very tough comedy actress field. And the only lock winner in the Globe field should be Jane Lynch as best supporting TV actress. If it sounds like I’m repeating myself, sorry about that. But she’s the funniest character in TV right now.

right. like the golden globes would miss a chance to kiss tarantino butt.

right. like the golden globes would miss a chance to kiss tarantino butt.

Even though the AFI snubbed Inglourious Basterds, there was no way the Globes would. This is another one that was made for the Globes — filmed in Europe, heavily subtitled, used foreign actors, made by Quentin Tarantino (who also got a best director and best screenplay nom). I was a little worried Christopher Waltz might not get nominated in the best performance of the year I’ve seen so far, but giving him a nomination here, along with his best actor win at Cannes, should make him a lock for an Oscar nomination.

The Golden Globes sometimes fall into the trap of simply nominating big-budget stuff or anything filmed outside of the states. So give them credit for going American-arty with Precious and Hurt Locker. Hopefully the Precious nomination will get it in more theaters quicker. Hurt Locker already got a semi-wide release over the summer and is scheduled to be out on DVD Jan. 12. That could change now. Because of the comedy/musical category, (500) Days of Summer (on DVD a week from today) was a pretty good bet, but it’s good to see it got the nod.


just what i always wanted, meryl streep in a bathtub.

just what i always wanted, meryl streep in a bathtub.

Congratulations to It’s Complicated! It looks like the winner of the annual Patch Adams Award for a stupid, late-season release with big, respected stars that gets a Golden Globe nomination but stands no chance in this field, not even a sliver of a chance to get an Oscar nomination or to end up on any reputable top 10 critics’ list. Previous winners of this award include such forgotten cinematic blahs as The Great Debaters (2007), Bobby (2006), The Producers (2004) and Phantom of the Opera (2004). There is zero chance of me ever seeing that movie.

Wait … A Serious Man is a comedy? I’m pretty sure it isn’t a musical. I know the Coens dabbled in comedic dramas — Fargo is a dang funny movie on repeat viewings — but from everything I’ve heard or seen about it, it sure doesn’t seem like a comedy. A dark, black comedy maybe. But I’d argue that Fargo could be considered that too. The nomination for Michael Stuhlbarg for A Serious Man probably falls under the Adaptation clause, since it got a best comedy nom here in 2002, but it’s rare to find anyone that considers it a comedy.


Dammit, James Cameron bullied the Golden Globes into a best director nomination! There’s a good chance I’m being way too hard on this movie because I don’t agree with it in principle to go around telling people you’re changing how movies are made before more than 10 people have seen a full cut. But whatever. Maybe I’ll actually try to see it to judge for myself. But I’m so angry with how this movie has been marketed up to the point I really don’t think I could be objective.

The Year of Bullock continues unabated, much like the domestication of the dog. Nom for Blind Side is OK, there is actually Oscar talk for that. But c’mon, for The Proposal? What a weak, weak comedy actress category. Bullock, two Meryl Streeps, Julia Roberts for a movie no one saw and Marion Cotillard in an ensemble piece. Whoop dee do. Why not go off the grid a little? What about Kristen Stewart for Adventureland? Or … actually, that’s probably it. Yeesh. Bad year for funny women. Maybe we should just be happy Bullock’s nomination didn’t come from All About Steve.

lemme check ... yup, still bitter.

lemme check ... yup, still bitter.

Them are some boring TV nominations — especially best drama. Same as last year, just with Big Love taking the place of In Treatment. I tried to watch Big Love a little this year, but determined it’s a waste of time without knowing the full back story and watching it from the beginning. Modern Family made its way into the best comedy category with Glee, but overall, the nominations just aren’t that different from any other year. The one exception is best drama actress, where January Jones made the cut for Mad Men with Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife. Apparently Golden Globes voters don’t get NBC, because if they saw Jones on SNL, they would have never nominated her.

I won’t even bother bringing up how disappointing it is yet again not to see one single nomination for Friday Night Lights. You can only bang your head against a wall for so long before you get a Brian Westbrook concussion.

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