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Some PopRox scheduling:

Looking to throw out some best of the decade stuff over New Year’s Week, Dec. 28-31. No best of the year yet, since that’s sooooooo 2008. Maybe in January sometime, but I know I haven’t seen enough movies to make a top 10 list yet.

As for best of the decade, right now I’m going with four categories, one each day: best movies, best comedy movies, best drama TV and best comedy TV. I’m thinking of doing it in yearbook superlative format, instead of just rehashing the honoree and saying why it’s still great, I might just say what makes it best.

If anyone else has suggestions on how they think I should release the best of the decade lists, or offer up some suggestions on what should be honored, leave ’em in the comments.

On to the links, where there is still some Golden Globes wrap-ups to take care of:

sorry mr. schu. there were better choices than you.

sorry mr. schu. there were better choices than you.

It’s too early for a New Year’s Resolution, so here’s an end-of-the-year resolution: This will be the second-to-last time I mention Glee. The last time will be when I give my top 10 shows. For this mention, however, the cast should of course be happy with their Golden Globe nominations, especially since Matthew Morrison didn’t deserve it over guys like Joel McHale on Community, any of the Always Sunny leads, Ed O’Neill in Modern Family or even Zach Braff in Scrubs. But Glee most definitely deserves all of the accolades it’s been given. Right now, I’d say it’s my #3 or 4 show for the year, I go back and forth everyday whether it was better this year than Rescue Me was. It’s really close.

And there were more surprising snubs than leaving the host of The Soup off the nominations list. On Monday, I would have penciled in Invictus for a best pic nomination and bet a good amount of money that it would show up in Tuesday’s nominations. Just seemed tailor-made for it. There’s a lot more talk about the TV snubs, like two-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston in a role that seems more American and probably wouldn’t appear to the Hollywood Foreign Press.

I’m fine with the Golden Globes giving out dual nominations. Why not? If you’re that good, you’re that good. If the Oscars did it this way, then you wouldn’t have people saying Kevin Spacey won his best supporting actor for Usual Suspects as a comprehensive award for his performances in Suspects (in the Encore rotation right now and a great movie for multiple viewings even though you know the twist), Swimming with Sharks and Seven since all of them were award-worthy.

You know, it irks me when the media contradicts itself. Last year, there was story after story about how Oscar buzz really didn’t do anything for the nominated filmsother than Slumdog. But that was more marketing than Oscar, shielding people from the fact that it was probably the most gruesome, saddest movie they would see in the last five years. Now, people are saying Golden Globe nominations are going to jump up ticket sales? Sell that stuff down the street. Can’t have it both ways, especially since many of the nominees either aren’t in wide release yet or already are — or are very shortly coming to — DVD. To say Avatar is one of the movies that could benefit is just ludicrous, completely insane. Let’s think about the crowd they’re talking about who would see a movie because it’s nominated — educated, over 40 film buffs. Those people either were going to see Avatar already, or would never brave the opening weekend crowds.

pain ... pain ... toby chu? toby chu?

pain ... pain ... toby chu? toby chu?

Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to come up with the most ridiculous top movie of the year list you’ll see until I make my top 10. Finally saw Star Trek the other day and as good as it was, it wasn’t anywhere near the top movie of the year. I’d be surprised if it makes my top 10, or even top 20. It wasn’t better than Wolverine. Actually, lemme get to that in a minute after we finish dissecting Quentin here. Of course he’s got the random Asian vengeance movie (Chocolate, and yes, I had to look it upto see what it was) and a gore-fest like Drag Me to Hell. Which is fine, these lists should be how you feel, not how other people feel. But does he have some sort of man-crush on Seth Rogen? Isn’t that like two years late? At one time, Quentin was attached to The Green Hornet, and now Rogen is doing it about a decade later, so maybe Quentin held on to a piece of it or something and is trying to drum up interest. That could make sense since Christopher Waltz — the Jew Hunter in Inglorious Basterds — is going to be the villain in GH.

Now, Star Trek. I don’t understand what was supposed to make it so great. The near-incomprehensible, time-jumping plot was the stuff of a Saturday afternoon Godzilla sequel and the stunt-of-the-week space-jump scene seemed like Terminal Velocity or Drop Zone all over again. Didn’t we all agree those sucked royal? And when you have a cool chick in love with Spock, you need to tell us why. It needs to be explained instead of just having an awkward scene a half-hour into the movie behind a spaceship. I don’t believe for one second that smokin’ hot O’Hora would just randomly fall in love with some guy who has pointy ears, is from another planet, doesn’t laugh and talks like a robot. Apparently after she dumps Spock she’s moving on to Yoda. But it moved fast, had some of the best space-action sequences ever on film and I believed both Chris Pine as Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Spock. And those are really the only thing that matters since they’re the ones who will be carrying the franchise for the next 10 years or so. While some people are calling it “great,” I’m a lot more comfortable settling on “fun.”

yeah, still bitter

yeah, still bitter

Happy to say I haven’t had to sit through any of these worst movies of 2009 — yet. Who knows what the future of my Blockbuster Queue brings when my wife gets a hold of it, Bride Wars could jet straight to the top. I’m pretty happy that I don’t really feel like I’ve seen any bad movies this year so far. GI Joe was probably the worst, but I even found a level to enjoy that. Whip It was definitely not made for me, but it was by no means a bad movie, despite the Jimmy Fallon scenes.

I’ll wait to see the trailer for Iron Man 2 in front of Sherlock Holmes instead of seeing it on Entertainment Tonight. The only time I’ve ever seen a trailer on ET it was for Phantom Menace, and I don’t plan on ever doing that again.

Admit it. You knew the roots of Avatar come from Final Fantasy, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Star Trek II, right? At least there is no direct relation to Supergirl.

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