sending out 2009 in style

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

We’re in rank-mania mode right now. Best of the year, best of the decade, best of the day, best of the last minute … where does it end? It’s dizzying. Conversely, it just so happens that best of lists are some of my favorite things int he world, so let’s get to some of the bigger ones I’ve seen the last couple days, a short blog today that hopefully I can make up for later this week:

he's great, but ... should he really make a sci-fi movie list? wait, there's another AI?

he's great, but ... should he really make a sci-fi movie list? wait, there's another AI?

When you make a best sci-movies of the decade list, I’m a firm believer that they should all be sci-fi movies. Just because a movie is trippy (Donnie Darko) or at some point based in a little bit of science (The Prestige) doesn’t automatically make it a sci-fi movie. Hey, Dark Knight had cool gadgets … can’t we just call that a sci-fi movie? Whatever. AI is one of the movies I just don’t understand why it’s getting so much love in end of decade lists. No one seemed to like it when it came out, but I’m seeing it on best of the 00s lists left and right. Why would a movie about Allen Iverson be considered sci-fi anyway?

I’ve touted Own Gleiberman before, EW’s main film critic, and I’ll do it again. Two great picks for top 10 of the decade  I haven’t seen anyone else mentioning (Chuck and Buck and Requiem for a Dream) but there are some head-scratchers on there. I re-watched Far From Heaven recently and I just don’t think it was as good as I thought it was the first time I saw it. And Casino Royale was good enough to make a top of its year, but the last 45 minutes or so should negate it from making any list like this, right?

Give points for trying — and for making it funny — but this isn’t a very good list of the decade’s best TV villains. I’m all for inserting Ava Moore into the list, but wouldn’t The Carver have been a bigger villain than her? But T-Bag belongs on this list, so at least that gives some credibility.

I’ve never seen Paul Blart, and I’m not going to say it will be a cold day in hell when I finally do, but it’s never going to be something I make an appointment to see. It will always be something I stumble upon halfway through on Comedy Central three years from now and then will be judged by my ADD-approved five minutes of timing whether it will be something I actually try to watch or not. But this is certainly an interesting case for why it was the most important movie of 2009, or at least the most telling. I’ll give you another reason it is — because it’s going to start a trend. Hollywood is going to start signing cheap-but-recognizable stars to open a January movie for peanuts because all comedians want to get into movies. That looked like it may have been a trend about 15 years ago with Ace Ventura, but somehow, no other major comedians could make the jump like Jim Carrey did. Maybe Will Ferrel could be lumped into the group, but he was still on SNL when he was making his first movies and still only has one clear-cut Hollywood mega-hit (Elf). It remains to be seen whether Kevin James can be the next kind of guy like Jim Carrey — probably not — but there will be about five movies in the next two years that seem like carbon copies of Paul Blart. Scared? Me too.

who knows. maybe it can work.

who knows. maybe it can work.

OK, forget about the decade, forget about 2009 — we’ve got 2010 to worry about. I’m only interested in a couple things, so far: the final Nip/Tuck episode, Iron Man 2, the formerly called A Couple of Dicks and maybe The A-Team, but I doubt it. Frankly, my brain is still a little fried from 2009, so I don’t think I’m fully ready to look forward to 2010 yet. I do know that most of the big movies — Alice in Wonderland, the next Twilight, Toy Story 3, etc. — interest me about as much as Superman Returns did. So … not that much.

That’s all I have time for today, but we’ll start getting to the PopRox best of the decade tomorrow. I hope.

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