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miramax dies too early, ugly betty is right on time

Missed the blog yesterday, sorry. You can blame the Great Pocono Weight Race since it caused me to not get into work until 11:30, and that’s too late to write this. That means we’re in full-catch-up mode: It’s a sad, sad day for independent cinema. Depending on who you believe, Miramax either did or didn’t [...]

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avatar is the best (around!)

A day without TV news? Nooooooo!!! It’s true. Just about. Around the movie world: What can you say about Avatar that hasn’t been said already? It’s now officially the biggest movie ever. What people seem to be glossing over is how utterly incredible it is that the same director has the top two movies, and [...]

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put on your wife-beater and enter the trailer park

The only good part about January in the movie world is that it’s our first chance to start delving into the world of summer movie trailers which have started releasing over the last couple weeks. The Super Bowl is just two weeks away when we’ll get a couple more, but until then, here are some [...]

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the avatar behemoth

Just links today after a couple days of singular thoughts: The Avatar Express keeps rolling, and we’re all powerless to stop it. Went to see Up int he Air yesterday, and the parking lot was as filled as I’ve ever seen it. When we got in to the theater, there was no line at the [...]

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should you be watching the new shows?

When exactly did January become September’s long-lost sister when it comes to the TV calendar? Somehow, my TV plate is just as full — and maybe even more full — now than it is during the traditional season premiere time of September. I think it started with 24 and American Idol premiering in January and [...]

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see you on fox, coco

If you’re with Coco, you’re going somewhere else. NBC finally announced this morning it has reached an agreement with Conan O’Brien to leave The Tonight Show as of Friday, when long-time O’Brien friends Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell will be the guests on the show. Blame Conan, blame Leno, blame whoever you want, but this [...]

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is six months enough to make a $200 million movie?

I was off yesterday, sorry I didn’t mention there wouldn’t be a post. Time to catch up: For all the woe-is-me talk, it’s a good day to be Conan O’Brien. He’s about to be paid about $30 million not to work, he’s going to have a new payday lined up the second he leaves NBC [...]

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the people’s globes reward hits

Call it The People’s Globes. If you liked a movie in 2009, there’s a good chance it got a Golden Globe somewhere Sunday night. Movie fans who have felt shut out of award season recently because they want to leave a movie without feeling like they’ve been beaten over the head with a sack of nickels for two [...]

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still can’t get enough coney

Some catch-up of stuff I’ve had all week, and some updates: An end to the Conan-Leno-NBC debacle? Looks like it’s on the way, unfortunately for the rest of us. Well, at least me. I’m usually over stories like this in about 30 seconds, but I can’t get enough of this because there’s new news EVERY [...]

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backed up today

Sorry guys, no full blog today. Just one link and maybe we can start to close the door on the ruins that have become the Spider-Man franchise. It’s tough to imagine how it’s come to this, but this timeline gives you a good idea of what kind of money-grubbing has been taking place lefta nd right on [...]

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