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Leno-Conan fire still flaming

Stay off those roads if you can! You’d probably feel bad for Conan O’Brien until you remember that he’s being paid a hefty sum to stay away from television. Good for him for figuring out how to get to his fans, and shame on NBC for not adding a social networking clause to the agreement [...]

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Some quick links

Very quickly, I’m on the run here: Would anyone even notice if there were new episodes of Two and a Half Men or not since Charlie Sheen is hitting rehab and the rest of the season is in doubt? The repeats do just as well as the originals, and they’re all the same episodes anyway. Charlie [...]

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top 20 movies of the year

The Orange Street Oscars are like me — old. It’s my group of movie-obsessed college friends who every year put together a combined list of the 20 best movies of the year. We’ve been doing it since 1997, when Boogie Nights took the top spot. So yeah, it’s been a while. None of us are [...]

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too early to start crowing avatar?

I’m in the process finally of making my top 20 movies for 2009. I’ll have it finalized in the next two days or so. Today’s links: The coronation ceremony for Avatar as Oscar’s best picture may have been a bit premature. It hasn’t added a major award since the Golden Globes in January, losing to [...]

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selling toys more important than selling movies

Things to thing of so you don’t have to think of a press conference the press isn’t invited to … We all thought it. We all figured this was how Hollywood worked. Now, we know for sure Hollywood doesn’t care about its movies, only its merchandising. Disney is putting anything that can’t sell a toy [...]

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the tv bubble

It won’t be until May that we start getting a look at next year’s TV schedules. But this is the time when network executives start getting ideas in their heads about what shows they’re keeping and what shows they’re getting rid of. The CW made some early pick-ups yesterday to make sure fans knew shows like [...]

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too fat to fly?

Because I’m incapable of venting about this anywhere else, I spent my Valentine’s Day with a nasty, monstrous stomach flu and my wife spent my birthday Monday with the same stomach flu so I was on baby/bedmaster/housecleaner duty all day. Fun! I blame all the sick weight racers. Anyway, that’s why I couldn’t blog yesterday. [...]

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the remake police are on patrol

Still not sure how to feel about the We Are the World remake we’ll see tonight during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. It’s probably the perfect confluence of circumstances — Michael Jackson’s death, the Haiti relief effort and the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony — to bring it back, but it just has the feel of a song that [...]

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live chat and the end of friday night lights

Running a little short on time today, so one quick plug then on to some abbreviated links: Friday at 12:30 p.m. we’re having a live fitness chat in conjunction with the Great Pocono Weight Race. Elevations Health Club trainer April Pansy will be online answering all of your fitness questions, and I’ll be along for the ride moderating. She’s going [...]

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snowy links

Don’t be fooled by the somewhat passable roads this morning. It’s nasty out. Stay home if you can and enjoy these links: Take that theater owners! If you want to bitch and moan about how much you’re taking it up the tailpipe (yes, I watched Liar, Liar this weekend — twice) by the big, bad [...]

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