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So I watched a decent chunk of the Grammys last night. And by decent chunk, I mean I saw about three full performances and parts of about three or four others. Some thoughts:

–Does the younger generation even know who Stevie Nicks is? And when I say young generation, I’m specifically talking about Taylor Swift. Did they meet for the first time during rehearsals this week? When they met, I could picture Swift being very nice and polite and saying how much she loved her, then two seconds after they were done, Swift pulled her manager aside and said, “Who’s the old lady?” and the next thing out of her mouth was “Fleetwood what now?” Even my music-loving wife, who just turned 30, said “Who is she singing with?” when we flipped it on mid-performance. So don’t expect Rumours to be flying off the shelves this week.

–Some people dress for attention, we know that. But what was up with from Black Eyed Peas? He looked like The Gimp from Pulp Fiction with that S&M mask on his face. I was half expecting Bruce Willis to come out of the crowd and punch him in the face. Good move taking it off half-way. I’m usually a Fergie hater too, I think she’s terribly overrated and not that attractive, but she looked pretty good last night. It almost made me forget her band mate looked like he was auditioning for the WWE. Almost.

so i'm the only one who didn't get the 3-D glasses memo?

so i'm the only one who didn't get the 3-D glasses memo?

–Let’s get some better marketing on the Oscars if they’re going to do something in 3-D. Maybe I’ve just been too involved in my own things lately, but I’m 99 percent sure I never knew I was supposed to scavenger up my own 3-D glasses for the Michael Jackson tribute that made me nauseous about 10 seconds in and kinda sucked anyway. Who came up with the pairing of Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion, Jen Hudson, Smokey Robinson and Usher anyway? Did they draw straws at the start of the week like in Armageddon? If they did, were these guys the winners or the losers? I know the next name out of my mouth when I think of Michael Jackson is usually Celine Dion.

–Am I alone in thinking Beyonce’s had some work done? Maybe she’s just in one of her thin phases, but she was barely recognizable to me when I switched on her performance mid-song. It took me about 20 seconds to confirm in my head that actually was her. And who was in charge of those camera angles that confirmed pretty easily that she was wearing bright white underwear? That was a tad inappropriate. I also felt bad for her going into the crowd and having it be met with a rousing round of apathy. People at the Grammys should just stay on stage, because the second you get past the 100-person mosh pit in front, you’re dealing with industry execs who will be looking at their watches while you’re singing your brains out.

–Still trying to figure out whether Pink’s circus performance was good or not. Her Funhouse Tour video has been on Palladia a bunch lately and I’ve seen parts of it, but how much different was her outfit from Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction? I don’t think very much. All I know is that all my cousins’ kids were in for Christmas, and I gave them airplane spins because they thought it was fun. If I spun more than five times, I’d have to sit down for like two minutes before I could do it again. So I just don’t understand how someone could spin around in the air that much. Good for her. You can judge for yourself whether it was actually good or not.

Enough Grammys, you’d almost think it was a legitimate award the way I’ve written about it here.

There are two ways you can look at Avatar at this point. You can either sit back and marvel at how utterly impressive it is that the movie just keeps making more money, or you can be sick and tired of hearing about it. There is no middle ground. Me? I’m marveling. I’m sticking to my guns and still saying I won’t see it in the theater, but for someone who didn’t think Titanic would be topped until ticket prices went to about $15 by 2025, how Avatar is shredding the box office rules right now would seem impossible. If on Dec. 6 I told you that Avatar would only make $70 million its opening weekend but by the time the Oscar nominations are announced on Feb. 2 it would be just about the highest-grossing movie of all time, you’d probably never have read this blog again because you’d think I’m crazy. You’d probably believe Tiger Woods more if he came out and said he never cheated on his wife. But that’s exactly what’s happened and it’s incredible.

One day before Oscar picks come out, lets us not forget calling out those who took our money and laughed this year as America went broke and movies just kept making money. That would be the Razzies, the awards for the worst movies of the year. It’s kind of a who’s who in bad movies. Luckily, I’ve only seen one of them. And yes, G.I. Joe deserves its nomination with some of the craziest camera mugging and most ridiculous script doctoring you’re going to see on a movie screen.

rip, senator?

rip, senator?

I’ve been meaning to post this for more than a week now, so sorry I’m really late with the news that Rob Lowe’s Sen. McAllister will be leaving Brothers and Sisters after the year. No one is quite sure how, but you can bet there has been backstage wrangling for a while. During the third season, he had a heart attack and the insinuation was he was going to die. In the third-season cliffhanger, he got on a helicopter and looked like he was leaving forever. So you can bet that Lowe has been holding this dagger over the show’s head for a while until he finally decided he’d stick it out for the year. Here’s the problem though — when he came back this year, it seemed like he only stayed because Kitty had cancer. He overlooked her infidelity and stuck around. So what could be harsh enough to make him leave this time while his wife still has cancer? He has to be killed off. Nothing else will make sense. Another heart attack maybe?

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