rejected super bowl ads, linda hamilton and mario lopez. now that’s a good day.

Just links today, and I’m officially listed as questionable for a blog post tomorrow. But a decision won’t be made on whether I’m posting or not until later in the week. Right, Dwight Freeney?

I’m interested in the Super Bowl because my wife and I are babyless for the night and we get to go out for a change. That’s it. Once the Eagles are out of the playoffs, I start thinking about hoops, pitchers and catchers. Just give me a good game, that’s all I ask, and no, I don’t care about the commercials either. Although I am interested in the ones they rejected. Like, why would CBS bother blocking a commercial promoting a gay dating Web site? You’re basically saying you’re the anti-gay network at that point and will never have a show where two guys kiss. That’s setting yourself up for trouble. To reject that commercial but take the Tim Tebow one is pretty much aligning yourself with Rush Limbaugh. And look who’s painting himself as Mr. America again! When I start a college sports blog here, there will be weekly rants about Tebow. That’s my promise to you.

get used to seeing this face. sorry.

get used to seeing this face. sorry.

Well, so much for stuffing the little James Cameron-Kathryn Bigelow trivia in your back pocket and using it Oscar night to impress your friends. Everyone and their brother is bringing it up now, which goes to show you how little the other awards shows mean. They’ve been competing against each other at every awards show from the Golden Globes to the Des Moines Film Critics Society for the last two months and we’ve heard very, very little about the fact that they were married for two years and he left her for Linda Hamilton during the filming of Terminator 2. Sooner or later, this is going to turn into major-league gossip, and the most popular woman in Hollywood for the next month is going to be Hamilton. Everyone is going to want to know how Cameron and Bigelow broke up, only neither of them are going to say anything. The only other one who’s going to have the answer to that question is Hamilton. Since she hasn’t been in anything remotely recognizable since Dante’s Peak in 1997 and it seems like she can’t get arrested right now, she may want to give an interview or two so that she can give her career a minor jump start by being known as “The Woman Who Broke Up the Geniuses” or something like that. If you don’t hear from her before the Oscars, then Cameron gave her hush money. Guaranteed.

But if you want to get past all the Hollywood gossip bull crap, then you can just admire the competition for what it is — a true David vs. Goliath match-up.

Avatar now officially is the biggest Goliath of all time, as it’s passed Titanic as the biggest box office draw. I’ve never been on the other side of this, being the only one in the world who hasn’t seen a movie. It’s pretty cool. I’ve been saying I’ll hold out until the DVD comes out, but I think I may push it longer and wait til it comes on HBO. In another month, I’ll be waiting til it comes on FX. I’m at the point where I’ve heard all the compelling arguments for why I should see it on the big screen, and I just dont’ care. So now I’m just being stubborn. It’s fun.

But as long as it’s still around, hey, why not give it a better chance to make some extra money this weekend thanks to the Oscar rush! Hopefully the smaller movies like An Education will get a bump. But here is where the quick DVD turnaround can hurt movies — A Serious Man would have been a perfect candidate to get some re-release/expansion dollars after being nominated for best picture since it was marketed terribly when it was released in October and hasn’t even made $10 million. Then again, it comes out on DVD on Tuesday, so why would anyone pay to see it in the theater when they can pay $1 at Redbox to see it at home? If theater owners really want to take on the studios with how quickly DVDs come out, then the first place to open the battleground is Oscar releases.

now say, "let it go, son, before i make you wear it!" do it! DO IT!!!

now say, "let it go, son, before i make you wear it!" do it! DO IT!!!

It hit me while I was still nursing a hangover Saturday night and was too tired to turn the TV channel from the Miss America pageant — does anyone still watch this? It’s on TLC, it’s not in Atlantic City anymore and Mario Lopez is the host. OK, so the last part is what actually makes me watch. But otherwise, does it really hold any cultural resonance anymore? Apparently, yes, since TLC scored some pretty high ratings even though it had nothing to do with Jon and Kate. Still about 80 percent less than watched in 1988, just 22 years ago, but we’re in a new TV and cultural age. That’s about the level of interest you’d expect. One thing that completely bugged the p!ss out of me though — who wrote those introductions for the girls? It’s like there wasn’t one female in the back room writing for these women. Half the “jokes” were about sports, and none of them seemed funny at all. I can’t find the credits anywhere, but I figure there had to be about five writers, and I’d be surprised if any of them were women.

It’s becoming more and more clear — we’re never going to see another movie summer quite like sequel-heavy 2007. The trick was that it wasn’t just sequel-heavy, but it was big on quality and the end of franchises. Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Bourne 3, Oceans 3 and Rush Hour 3, plus Die Hard 4, Hostel 2, Fantastic Four 2, Evan Almighty and Harry Potter 4. Eleven sequels! Eleven! And almost all of them made money. Seven of them were mega-hits and even disappointments like Rush Hour 3 and Fantastic Four doubled their budget worldwide. Only Evan Almighty didn’t make its money back. But with the high-cost of doing business with Hollywood A-list, more movies are going to be going the reboot route. Spider-Man already said it’s going back and doing a reboot, now Bourne is saying the same thing. And why not? Matt Damon isn’t Will Hunting anymore. He’s getting old in Hollywood years, so drop kicking bad guys won’t be in the cards forever. And Paul Greengrass already said he’s out of the next one. So screw it, just start over. Casino Royale gave Hollywood the blueprint for how to reinvent a franchise, and since it made money, then of course everyone is following suit.

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