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Don’t be fooled by the somewhat passable roads this morning. It’s nasty out. Stay home if you can and enjoy these links:

Take that theater owners! If you want to bitch and moan about how much you’re taking it up the tailpipe (yes, I watched Liar, Liar this weekend — twice) by the big, bad Hollywood movie studios, then those Hollywood studios that you need more than they need you will take their toys and go somewhere else — like DVD. Alice in Wonderland is going to be the first major movie release to tinker with the traditional Hollywood system of letting a movie completely burn out in the theaters ad instead take it out at its prime. Whether this is something movie theaters should be worried about or not, we don’t know yet. This is a special, family-friendly case that’s guaranteed to make a ton on DVD once it comes out. So why not get it out on DVD for the summer when the kids are home? It’s the perfect time to try this, and the perfect movie to do it with. Theater owners will be watching this, you can bet on that.

not so super anymore

not so super anymore

We already knew yesterday that Christopher Nolan was starting to get to work on his third Batman. Now even better news — he’s going to the Michael Corleone of the next Superman. Or at least Tom Hagen. Either way, he’s going to have something to say when it comes to making the next Superman, whenever Warner Brothers decides to make another. No idea of when that could be. Watching all these studios fail in bringing our favorite characters to the screen then asking for an immediate do over is kinda … weird. I’m starting to not be in favor of this practice.

It dawned on me late last night while scrolling through tonight’s TV lineup to make sure my DVR was set accordingly that tonight was the last Jay Leno Show. My exact reaction: “Huh.” And then I kept scrolling and I hadn’t thought about it again until it was the top story on Yahoo’s headlines this morning. It was about as anticlimactic as the end of Die Hard 3. Leno even botched his exit from his own show! Not a good couple weeks for Jay Leno and this “comedy” bit doesn’t really help matters. Seriously, getting Trump to do “You’re fired!”??? Even the Where’s the Beef lady must hate Jay Leno!

Wait, if I still haven’t even bothered to watch Mission Impossible III, then why am I excited for Mission Impossible IV? This will be an interesting experiment. Mission Impossible III did OK business, nothing special, especially in the states and in comparison to MI2. But two major factors have changed since the time it was released. 1. JJ Abrams is major-league player now. Back in 2006, he was the guy who made Felicity, Alias and Lost and was making peanuts for MI3 because he was just a TV guy trying to prove himself in movies. Now he’s got the controls to the Enterprise and he brought Tom Cruise back to Paramount. He’s now a guy whose movie you go to see because he did it. 2. Tom Cruise isn’t nearly as crazy as he was in 2006 when he went off the deep end crazy. Stanley Spadowski had it more together than Cruise on the talk show circuit in 2006. He’s since made Valkyrie and has a pretty sure bet for a hit with Knight and Day this summer, so he’s back in America’s good graces. Or at least he will be by next summer when it will be taking on Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Hangover 2. Pretty tall order.

Man, Kings of Leon are still around? Isn’t that going to end anytime soon? At least take them off Alt Nation, please. But it sounds just about right that the first time a side stage act graduates to the main stage at the country’s biggest music fest is the first year that people will really start sounding off that the festival “isn’t what it used to be.” At least that’s my guess. It’s turning in to just another corporate gig, you might as well be playing in front of Apple’s research team. The days of me planning to someday get to Bonnaroo are over. Now the days of me wishing I could have gotten to Bonnaroo five years ago have begun. Good times. If you don’t believe me, then take a gander at how exactly they decided to unveil the lineup.

holy poop that's a sad looking mask. is it too late to get rid of it?

holy poop that's a sad looking mask. is it too late to get rid of it?

There was just no way the box office summer of 2011 was going to stay intact, and it’s getting blown up more every day. Marvel screwed with its lineup, first bumping Avengers to 2012 and then┬áthe next Spider-Man movie. Now Disney is blinking on Cars 2 — even though it called dibs on that release date two years ago — and moving it to December 2011. With the addition of Green Lantern to the schedule one week after Cars 2 and Tranny 3 on its heels after that, someone was going to blink, and Cars 2 wasn’t going to beat those big action movies. Plus, Kung Fu Panda 2 was coming out the week before. Those two weren’t surviving so close together, someone had to move. The date is open now, but it’s too crowded to expect anything to jump in immediately and take its spot. A comedy maybe? How soon can Judd Apatow churn out Knocked Up 2? What’s he need, a week? Two months?

The first thing I look for in an actress ready to take on the lead role in one of the biggest barrier-breaking TV shows for women is someone who doesn’t know the theme song. “Something incorporated” Jessica Biel says. So can you please find someone different if you’re going to go through with the ridiculous idea of a Laverne and Shirley movie? I know I’m a dork who’s watched too much TV, but that’s already insulting to me that Biel doesn’t know the theme to Laverne and Shirley. Even if that’s a pretty hard word — hasenfeffer, if you’re checking — at least take shot. I can excuse that, but “da da da” when it’s actually them counting? Inexcusable, unless she doesn’t know how to count, which is always a possibility. The theme would be in my top 20 TV themes of all time, and it may creep into the top 10:

NBC should try everything it can to get some of its old magic back, and if that means going back to recognizable faces from the 80s and 90s, so be it. Paul Reiser isn’t exactly Jerry Seinfeld, but at least it’s someone who will bring viewers to the network. Mad About You wasn’t my favorite show, but at least it was different. And that’s what NBC needs right now to establish a second comedy night it desperately needs right now.

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