Final Nip/Tuck thoughts …

Oscar preview tomorrow!

Some lingering thoughts from the Nip/Tuck finale (all spoilers, stop RIGHT NOW if you haven’t seen it yet and proceed right to the screen shot of Jim and Pam):

c'mon, guys, just sleep together already

c'mon, guys, just sleep together already

–I liked it. There were only two ways the show could possibly end. Either Sean and Christian would hope the first flight to Vermont to get married and finally consummate their relationship, or they would have to part ways amicably. They couldn’t stay together — that wouldn’t be realistic. They couldn’t get in a big blow up where one storms off without the other as the credits roll — that wouldn’t be satisfying and would leave fans without closure. There couldn’t be a McNamara-Troy murder-suicide, even though that would fit in the outrageousness of the last few years of the show. The only way fans would get the money’s worth for six seasons of zaniness is if there was total closure. Nothing else would be acceptable. It delivered. I said the finale would be weird yesterday, and it was for the sheer fact that it wasn’t weird.

–A finale of a successful series will always going to refer back to its glory days and as a gift to the fans who have seen every episode and have developed genuine feelings for the characters. It’s the fans’ reward for sticking with the show, an inside joke only they know. But sometimes, you can do it too much. Like Christian telling Julia he’ll still be sucking the caviar and champagne of life the next time he sees her, a line from the first episode. Eh. I was completely on board with Christian’s final scene — the identical way he picked up Kimber in the first episode. It was the perfect example that Christian will always be Christian. That’s why he had to tough-love Sean into going to Romania, because sooner or later, Sean would be a worse person for staying with Christian and his never-ending pursuit of youth, glamor and the next piece of tail that walks down the street. But using Art Garfunkel’s All I Know for the family dinner scene and the final minutes of the show — the same song the show used for the second season finale in a much more powerful way — is almost sacrilege. Didn’t like that.

–Matt had gotten to the point where nothing he could have done would feel right to close out his character. Chasing after Ava and using Jenna as a pawn in his game to win her back would seem dirty and have an ick factor of about 42 on a scale of 1 to 10 for most people. For Matt? Seems about right. The guy is doomed to live a life of misery, but at least Jenna is getting a shot at having a mom. So like everything Matt’s been through in the last three seasons, he gets a big, fat, “Whatever.” Even though John Hensley and Kelly Carlson — the actors who play Matt and Kimber — hated it.

now that's the christian we all know and love

now that's the christian we all know and love

–Interesting that when Sean and Christian left each other at the airport it was Sean who looked back to see Christian walking away without looking back. I would have seen it the other way around when Christian finally realized, “Oh crap, I just pushed my meal ticket out the door.” But the Christian we were left with was the one we loved — cold but caring, smart but sleazy and 100 percent confident. That should be the way we always remember him. FINALE GRADE: B+

The Nip/Tuck portion of the blog is now complete, likely forever. Tear.

One quick local note: The Sean Kingston concert scheduled for tonight at the Sherman Theater has been postponed. The new date is March 17.

Another local note — a Stroudsburg High School graduate wrote tonight’s episode of The Office. At least that’s the tip I got, and I’m in the process of trying to get in touch with him, Daniel Chun. That’s all I know, but the info seems legit. That’s a pretty big deal, since it’s a two-part dealy where Pam gives birth. Not too shabby for a local guy. Here’s the promo:

Now to the links, where the childhood of every Gen X-er is about to get replayed in the next few years!

Don’t believe me? Then do I have some links for you …

the moooovie star ...

the moooovie star ...

There has been a Gilligan’s Island movie discussed for about 40 years ever since it got canceled. Nothing ever materialized, but now it looks like it’s on its way. OK, so Gilligan’s Island wasn’t technically a Gen-X show, but I know where I was every afternoon at 2:30 until I was about 10 — watching this show on WPIX. This is wayyyyyy too much information, but growing up, the introduction of Ginger in the opening credits was the first thing that gave me boy-girl feelings. So here’s the dream cast if it came out right now: Michael Cera as Gilligan, Jonah Hill as the Skipper, Steve Carrel as the Professor, Amy Adams as Ginger, Sandra Bullock as Mary Ann, Rip Torn as Thurston Howell III and Betty White and Lovie. Whew! That was hard. Or you can just go full Frat Pack: Ben Stiller as Gilligan, Will Ferrell as the Skipper, Steve Carrel still as the professor, Vince Vaughn as the Professor, Amy Adams still as Ginger, Tina Fey as Mary Ann, Bill Murray as Thurston Howell III and Jane Seymour as Lovie. I should be a casting agent.

If I’ve ever seen an episode of 21 Jump Street, I’ve forgotten about it. So I’m not sure if Johnny Depp is trying to make a joke about his character or what. I actually hope he is, because if he’s just making a general comment, he’s not very funny. If they do make a 21 Jump Street movie, they should make sure it’s like Starsky and Hutch, not taking itself seriously at all. Because I don’t remember 21 Jump Street being anything but pop candy. If they made a Hill Street Blues movie, then it should be serious. 21 Jump Street? Not so much.

Monopoly was a summer stable in the Sadowski household growing up. It was weird to see it as a slot machine, and it will be even weirder to see it as a movie. I suspect the movie will look absolutely nothing like the game, but rather be Ridley Scott’s picture of the American dream and the financial crisis we’re going through. One hint — make sure the movie is set in Atlantic City. It NEEDS to be in Atlantic City, where the game was originated. Or at least inspired. It’s the perfect mix of depression and big business the movie will probably be looking for.

Somewhere, some fledgling Hollywood scribe is getting ready to pitch his Pitfall movie. It will come to that soon since Space Invaders and Asteroids are on the way. And when the studio passes, that same writer will say, “Well what do you think of River Raid …”

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