The good and the bad of the last few days

I’m directly stealing a gimmick from Pocono Record’s editorial writer Paula Heeschen, who does a weekly thumbs up and down feature. But I like to shake things up every now and then, and it’s a good gimmick: 

anyone else wanna wipe that smile of his face?

anyone else wanna wipe that smile of his face?

THUMBS DOWN to Sean Kingston for his reported behavior Wednesday night at his Sherman Theater concert. A month ago, I wouldn’t have known Sean Kingston from Sean Penn, other than the fact that he rapped the song that was without a doubt the most annoyingly bad song of 2009, Fire Burnin’. Now, after he dissed the Sherman and, in essence, flipped the bird to the fans who came to see him Wednesday night, I might start making fun of him on a daily basis ’round here. Any time someone does some ridiculously stupid that treats fans like garbage, I’m going to call it “pulling a Kingston.” So there. But why take my word for it? I wasn’t there. Pocono Record reporter Melanie VanDerveer was, and she ain’t too pleased:

Like many other area parents, I decided to bring my 13-year-old to see Sean Kingston. At just $17 a ticket, it seemed like a fun, affordable mother-daughter night out. But it turned out to be a stressful and disappointing night out. Complaints were heard all around when it was announced shortly before 10 p.m. that Kingston only was on his way from his hotel. This is when things got a bit crazy. Kingston’s D.J started his part of the show shortly after 10 p.m. About 10 minutes after he began, Kingston finally showed his face on the stage. He performed about five or six songs, some of which he didn’t complete or weren’t even his songs, and then he abruptly left the stage. While on stage, he complained into the microphone about the sound system. There were some issues with sound check before his performance, but there were no issues with the opening acts sound. At least I didn’t notice any. Instead of dealing with it and being professional, he mentioned a few times how the “sound sucks” (POPROX NOTE: He later posted the same on his Twitter page). To sit around for more than two hours to see him perform and only get to hear a few songs was a huge problem for most of the audience. Everyone seemed to be complaining about his attitude. About 20 minutes after he left the stage, security came out to the front of the theater where many people were gathered complaining asking everyone to come back in. The Sherman Theater staff was able to get him back on stage for a few more songs. Disappointment was the theme of the night. It seemed that Kingston had a huge lack of respect for his fans. My daughter Lexi said, “It was very disappointing. I wanted to hear more than just a few songs. I used to really like him, but seeing his attitude makes me not like him anymore.” The Sherman Theater staff made the best out of a bad situation. They had no control over what Kingston did, but they managed to get his fans more than he was originally willing to give.

So that’s that. Record reporter Andrew Scott, who also was at the show, related a a similar report. Good to see this next generation of music stars has learned from the divas of the past and are taking their fans seriously.

THUMBS UP for the Sherman Theater for standing up to this douche. Without provocation or much angry fan reaction, the theater sent out an e-mail to come clean to ticket holders apologizing for the night and giving most of the gory details about Kingston appearance — how he showed up late, how shocked theater officials were when he decided to bolt from the stage, how they had to go out and talk him into coming back on stage. If this happened at any other venue, fans wouldn’t get such an apology. If they did, the apology certainly wouldn’t air the dirty laundry of what the talent did backstage for fear that it would never be able to book a star again. Or even someone like Kingston. But that’s why people like the Sherman around here — it cares more about their customers and fans than a 20-year-old diva who would be a corner square in two years if Hollywood Squares was still around.

nice move, a-hole

nice move, a-hole

THUMBS DOWN to Jesse James. The guy is an attention hog, anyone who has ever seen Monster Garage knows that. But to cheat on your wife (reportedly) while she’s enjoying life as the Most Important Actress in Hollywood over the last year is just plain wrong. Tiger Woods wrong. Actually, I’d have more sympathy for Tiger right now than him. Bullock has put up with so much garbage in this marriage the Vatican will immediately consider her candidacy for sainthood.

THUMBS DOWN to Sony pictures, which officially is taking the reboot thing too far. We looked the other way when the studio dumped Sam Raimi, Tobery Maguire and Kirsten Dunst for the Spider-Man reboot because we knew the trio was only in it half-heartedly anyway. There was a definite feeling they were in it only for the money at this point, and they wanted to do other things. Fine. But when it comes to Ghostbusters 3, shoving out Ivan Reitman, a man who is nothing short of comedic royalty and the brains behind the original Ghostbusters idea, is in really, really poor taste and when it comes down to it, is a bad business decision. Bringing in someone else against everyone’s wishes won’t do anything but eff up the process, cause tension on the set and make dedicated Ghostbusters fans (that’s me) get mad at this movie before the cameras roll. This is the kind of stuff in Hollywood that just makes you shake your head. On a related note, THUMBS UP to Joe Stangle for sending that in to me on the PopRox Facebook page. As always, feel free to toss me any links you see that might be interesting.

THUMBS UP to reboots being done the right way. It must have taken a lot of pride swallowing for both Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men movies, and Lauren Shuler Donner, producer of the entire X-Men series, to reunite for the X-Men: First Class prequel. Singer left the series after the second one to direct Superman, leaving Donner in a lurch before she ended up with the clearly inferior Brett Ratner to direct the third installment. At that point, Singer was the hottest thing in Hollywood and looked like the clear winner — until Superman failed and he couldn’t get arrested. The two must have had one heck of a lunch at some point to put everything out on the table and come to some kind of agreement to get together on the new X-Men direction. While it’s an easy decision on paper, it’s one of the things you think can never happen in Hollywood — but it did. And for no other reason other than I’ve always really liked it:

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