Is 3-D Over Already?

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there just aren't that many movies like avatar. guess what? clash of the titans isn't one of them.

there just aren't that many movies like avatar. guess what? clash of the titans isn't one of them.

This has to be the worst case scenario for movie theater owners around the world. If 3-D really is just a fad that already is getting old, then there are hundreds of theater owners who are getting ready to shell out tens of thousands of dollars on a technology that might be antiquated in six months. Those are the kinds of things that can put small, independently owned theaters — like the Casino Theatre in Mount Pocono and Pocono Community Theater in East Stroudsburg — out of business. They don’t have the money to spend on 3-D technology, but they’re being forced to, at the very least, highly consider buying the equipment to upgrade their theaters. If it really is just a fad that people will be turning their nose up at in five years, those theaters are probably in danger of going out of business. That is a crying shame. I still haven’t bothered going to see a 3-D movie, I have absolutely no inclination whatsoever no or anytime soon to buy a 3-D TV, and I certainly don’t want to have to wear special glasses just to watch said TV. Whether 3-D is a fad or not we probably won’t know for about a year or two until all of these planned movies get released. But if it is just a fad and studios continue to hold independent theaters hostage by practically forcing them to buy 3-D technology, it could be the death blow for two-or-three screen theaters. But at least Michael Moore is there to save them all!

Kevin Smith knows he’s being a complete tool about his criticism of movie critics. He knows critics are the ones that jump started his career, but he’s still got a bone to pick with them for the treatment of his last few movies. Reading this impromptu interview, you can really sense the conflict in him. He doesn’t want to hate critics, but at the same time, he’s passionate about his work and doesn’t want to be trashed. Who would? But geez, why is he so bitter? On Rotten Tomatoes, of the movies he’s been involved with behind the camera, only two of his movies are real duds, Jersey Girl and Cop Out. Jay and Silent Bob didn’t get great reviews, but I don’t think it’s the kind of movie that’s supposed to since it was one, long (hysterical) inside joke. Even Mallrats, complete with some of the worst acting of the last 15 years, almost managed to be Certified Fresh. So he really doesn’t have much room to bitch since he’s got a pretty good career, critically and commercially. And yet I still love hearing him spew.

If you don’t know who Paul Dano is just by hearing his name, you probably know his filmography as the mute kid in Little Miss Sunshine and the boy preacher in There Will Be Blood. Or maybe you know him because you’ve seen him playing football on Thanksgiving around Stroudsburg with his family. He’s got Pocono family connections, and his dad still lives in Wooddale, which you would know if you read my story last year when I talked to him. He’s got a pretty big 12 months coming up, culminating with next year’s Cowboys and Aliens, so if you’re not on the Dano bandwagon by now, there’s still room. You just have to squeeze in the back somewhere.

no hiding the baby bump this time

no hiding the baby bump this time

Hooray for Always Sunny! The sitcom that prides itself on being unconventional and making sure it doesn’t ever look like anything else on TV has decided to break another TV rule — hiding the baby bump. It’s a time-honored TV tradition to hide the baby, mastered by the likes of Meredith Baxter Birney and dozens of others, including this year on In Plain Sight. But instead of writing around the real-life pregnancy of Kaitlin Olson as Sweet Dee, they’re going to make fun of it as only they can — with a whodunnit episode. Well played. Although I think I may be offended if she’s still drinking. I think, but I can’t be sure.

My video game playing days are pretty far behind me, mostly because for the last 10 years, when I’m playing video games I’m worried I’m missing something on TV. And I’m too lazy to wait for the games to load. So yeah, I’ve even gotten too lazy to play video games. There are kids stoned out of their brain playing WoW reading this right now thinking “Wait, what? You can even be lazy enough not to play video games?” Yes, yes you can! Well, if I did still play video games, I’d be super-crazy excited for this new Spider-Man video game coming out in September. Take that for what it’s worth.

I may have to rethink my Thor stance too. For the last two years, I couldn’t have given a flying fish about it. I never read the comic, hated the cartoon and hated when he crossed into the Spider-Man or X-Men comic book world. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s my least favorite superhero, but he was close. In a dead heat with Plastic Man and Ant-Man, at the very least. After seeing the trailer that just leaked online that got screened at Comic-Con though, I’m starting to come around. Yeah, it’s that good. I barely can understand the actual story, but you get the gist — Norse god banished from the promised land falls to Earth and has to live out a human existence in the hopes he can someday return home. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a story like this — Howard the Duck, anyone? — and it certainly won’t be the best, I’m pretty sure E.T. will be able to hold on to that title. But Marvel is developing quite the reputation for churning out fantastic comic book franchise movies. Thor looks like it might be the next in line.

"i'm trying to solve a murder here!" oh, and if they didn't want him to make waves, they shouldn't have put him in the water. love that trailer.

"i'm trying to solve a murder here!"

It’s criminal that my introduction to the Mexican standoff doesn’t make this list of the best movie standoffs ever — Reservoir Dogs. And you don’t even have to pick one or the other, you can just say both! The double-dare you, posterized Mr. White and Mr. Pink-on-the-floor gun-pointing match, or the movie-ending three-man tag-team of Mr. White, Nice Guy Eddie and Joe. And I hate to go all John Woo on everyone since he already made the list, but the complex, foreboding Travolta-Cage standoff at the beginning of Face Off takes a second viewing to realize just how important it is. An underrated one? Robert Pastorelli and Dennis Farina at the end of Striking Distance. Now if you’ll all forgive me for making a Striking Distance reference, I’d appreciate it.

I’m starting to come around on the idea of Michael Scott leaving The Office. I’m not saying it’s going to ever be as good as it was in the second and third seasons again — few shows will ever be that funny — and it certainly won’t be as funny in the short term after Carell leaves. But what do they have to lose? The show has been heading square into the abyss of mediocrity for about two years now, and even though it’s still funny, it’s been in danger of Entourage-like danger of turning unfunny. Still not sure what I’d like to see happen, whether someone should take his corner office, whether they should leave it open or whether they should add a new cast member. I just know it won’t be hurting anything by having him leave, and it could actually help. Just as long as they retire the line:

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