Complaining About the VMAs is soooo 2004

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On to today’s links:

awesome, another year of this. adios, vmas.

awesome, another year of this. adios, vmas.

It’s really become passe to bitch and moan about MTV still having the Video Music Awards even though it doesn’t play videos. You might as well make an old joke about Ishtar was a bomb. But you know what’s even weirder? Talking about the biggest snubs of the VMAs. I’ve made my affection for the VMAsquite public over the last couple years, but if I was at a party somehow talking to the hottest woman in the room and all of a sudden she changes the topic of conversation to her anger over Miley Cyrus getting boned out of a 2010 VMA nomination, I’d run for the exit in fear or start looking for hidden Punk’d cameras. But I certainly wouldn’t continue to engage her in that topic of conversation. Yeah, it’s time for me to break up officially with the VMAs. It was a nice run while it lasted. Although I will say that I was surprised, not angry or happy, that 30 Seconds to Mars got such attentionwhen Jordan Catalano hasn’t seen MTV since My So Called Life reruns. Maybe Claire Daines should start a band and she could get a VMA nomination too. Plus, if you’re going to cream over a 30STM song/video, shouldn’t it be The Kill …

and not Kings and Queens?

I’d take The Kill on both counts.

It was impossible follow all the Tweets from Sons of Anarchy’s panel discussion with critics at the TCA tour on Tuesday. I tried, but got lost somewhere between Jax making fun of dentists and telling the Emmys exactly what they can do with their nominations. It was fun trying though. So, is Charlie Hunnam, who plays Jax, in danger of becoming the character Jax in real life? The TCA isn’t exactly the crowd where you curse and stick your middle finger right up Emmy’s butt. He’s definitely losing his native British accent, which was somewhat strong in Nicholas Nickleby …

… but seems pretty slight in a TV interview last September …

Who knows? Maybe by now he’s completely adopted an Oakland accent and is scouring the Bay Area looking for a baby. It just seems like in real life he’s falling into this world that’s been created for him as an actor. That’s a little weird. Right, Joaquin Phoenix? As long as he keeps making very good TV, I won’t care.

prepare for a tagline of "from the guys who brought you reno: 911!"

prepare for a tagline of "from the guys who brought you reno 911!"

FX stayed busy, ordering up a pilot from Reno 911! guysThomas Lennon and Ben Garant. It just took me 15 minutes to find out through Google that the show those two had at NBC died, freeing them up to make the deal with FX. Hopefully this one sees the light of day. Watching those guys get completely censored on NBC didn’t appeal to me anyway, the mere thought of Reno on network TV is enough to make me want to throw up. I’d much rather they get to do their thing on Comedy Central or FX. Apparently it won’t ever be at Comedy Central again, even though the network seemed to be the home of The State alumni until it canceled Stella, Michael and Michael Have Issues and, later, Reno 911!  That’s now two shows Lennon and Garant took to places other than Comedy Central after the network abruptly canned Reno last year.

More FX! It gave a second season to Louie, a show I’m still having trouble going completely all-in with. And I don’t think I will until they get rid of the stand-up stuff. It’s funny, but if I wanted to watch stand-up, I’d watch Comedy Central Presents. Or any of the old VHS tapes I have of HBO’s Young Comedian Specials, like when I fell in love with the comedy stylings of the one and only Fred Stoller …

Anyway, when I tune in to a sitcom, I’d rather see some varying form of acting, writing and wit melded together instead of a guy standing on stage telling jokes for 10 minutes an episode. What’s even more frustrating is the sitcom stuff is really, really funny. At least for a first-year sitcom. The humor is extremely, terribly, awkwardly uncomfortable at times, yeah, but it’s still really funny. The Matthew Broderick stuff from last week had me cracking up, and the ridiculously implausible mother stuff from last night wasn’t as funny as it was outlandishly insane. But the show just loses its entire pace and whatever momentum it generated when they put him back up on stage. Hopefully they’ll pull a Seinfeld and just phase the stand-up routines out of the episode, or at least limit them to about 30 seconds. The second year is deserved, since this is the same network that gave the fantasy football farce The League a second season, so it better give a smartly funny show like Louie another year. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve.

What a shock! CBS took an idea doomed to get harsh treatment from the groups that love to censor TV shows, sat back and let the publicity happen and gave it an important, cushy spot behind Big Bang Theory on Thursday. Then, they took the idea, transformed it completely from what the idea of the Twitter account was designed as, enlisted a C-list has-been “star” and turned the show into a bland version of Titus. In this 2:27 trailer for $#*! My Dad Says, I didn’t laugh once. Didn’t even smile. In fact, I found it offensive. Not because of the context of what Shatner says, but because it’s not funny. Kinda like when Seinfeld said he found Tim Whatley’s newfound Jewish humor offensive. “It offends me as a comedian!” It just has the look and feel of every silly sitcom that’s ever been made since 1960. Maybe I’m wrong, feel free to judge for yourself.

Even I’m getting tired of posting X-Men: First Class news, so you must be tired reading it. After this, I’m putting a ban on it for two weeks, kinda like on Around the Horn when they mute one of the talking heads for 10 seconds. But just so you know, a major scene in the movie was just cut because director Matthew Vaughn said it looked too much like a certain scene from Inception. So on top of all the other bad news coming out of X-Men camp, now the movie is a big copycat. Great. They probably did the right thing here, this movie has an uphill climb to make that June 3 release date, the last thing they need is to read early reviews and be called an Inception clone.

yup. much better than blond.

yup. much better than blond.

Marc Webb doesn’t sound like a guy comfortable with leading the reboot of the best comic book franchiseof the last decade. In fact, he sounds a little scared. If I can picture this interview, I’d say he was sitting on the edge of his chair, checking his watch every 30 seconds and thinking, “Please don’t ask about Spider-Man … please don’t ask about Spider-Man … please don’t ask about Spider-Man … CRAP!!!” He could have at least given fans something, anything, about the upcoming production — “You’re going to love Andrew Garfield, he blew us away in the auditions!” or “By the time this hits the screen, the 3-D technology is going to make Avatar look like Jaws 3-D.” Nope, we got bupkis. Anyway, I’m somewhat interested in Lone Star, but I’m not holding out hope. Maybe the only reason I’m interested is Tyra from FNL is now a brunette.

Speaking of offensive, two of my least favorite topics: The last Twilight will be out in November 2012, and Ryan Seacrest says it could be weeks before they name a new Idol judge. I’m pretty sure as long as I keep it this short, I get to keep my testicles.

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