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One more day til we get to another edition of the PopRox live chat, which is right here tomorrow at noon.

So it’s time to set some ground rules because in the July 2 edition, there were some … issues. It seemed like we had two camps of people, people that had important pop culture questions/comments/observations and wanted to chat about them, and people who wanted to fight about the legitimacy of jam bands that got angry when I stopped posting their comments. I’d rather not see that again.

sorry, but i barely even know who these guys are

sorry, but i barely even know who these guys are

That’s why I’ve come up with these guidelines. I’m not calling these things rules, because I hate rules. Let’s just call them expectations. My expectations of chatters, and in turn, chatters’ expectations of me:

1. Here’s how the chat works on my end: As the administrator of the chat, I see every comment/question/insult that comes in. ALL of them. If you submitted something, don’t worry. I got it. Trust me. Then I decide if it’s worthy/clean enough to move it over into the actual chat for the public to see. I think I’m pretty liberal, I move stuff into the chat that sometimes probably wouldn’t get by the regular Big Brother censors. But sometimes there is just no way I can move something in because of its content. RECOMMENDATION:  Shy away from cursing and direct attacks on another person in the chat. I’m all for discussion. But when stuff gets personal, try sending that person a text instead of bringing it to the chat. Direct attacks on me, however, are fair game. It’s nothing I haven’t heard before.

2. Just because you send in a comment that doesn’t have cursing or direct attacks on someone, that doesn’t mean you’re going to see it move into the public chat. In July for the 2.5-hour chat, we set a Pocono Record chat record with 1,001 comments from readers. That was double the amount of comments we had ever gotten for a live chat and an average of almost seven comments a minute. It would be impossible for me to move every comment into the chat and answer the legitimate ones. If you send in comments like, “Y ISN’T MY COMENT SHWING UP!!!!” all it does is keep me from answering legitimate questions from other chatters. If your legitimate comment doesn’t make it, it’s probably because I didn’t find it that interesting or funny. Sorry to play God on that, but I just can’t post them all. RECOMMENDATION: Stick to pop culture questions. If you have no question for me to answer but still want to see your comment show up, I’m a fan of good movie/TV quotes. Or a good random observation. And when I say “good,” if you send me a quote from Runaway Bride, I’d have no idea what you’re talking about and probably think you’re a little weird.

3. I have no idea how so many jam band fans infiltrated the last chat. I wasn’t prepared for it — but I am this time. RECOMMENDATION:I’m not saying I’m ignoring any comments containing references to Phish, The Dead, Widespread Panic, WSP sux, but I certainly won’t just be arbitrarily moving them into the chat. And I really doubt I’ll be answering any questions about them either. Here’s my answer to every jam band question — I don’t like jam bands and I know little-to-nothing about their comings and goings. There. Now we can all move on.

Tomorrow, we’ll be chatting about anything and everything pop culture. TV, movies, music, Lindsay Lohan — whatever you want to talk about in that realm, I’ll be game for, and honestly, I hope to see as many people as possible there. I’m certainly not trying to exclude anyone, please don’t take it that way. I just want to make sure the people who really wanna chat pop culture have a chance to ask a question.

As always, you can e-mail me your questions in early, you can leave them in the blog comments or you can post them on the PopRox Facebook or Twitter pages.

So until then, on to some quick links:

for those keeping count, we're now going into the second year of john hughes tributes.

for those keeping count, we're now going into the second year of john hughes tributes.

This one is for Breakfast Club fans who don’t mind driving into NYC — there will be a 25th anniversary screening of the movie on Sept. 20 with a panel discussion from some of the stars. The panel moderator? Kevin Smith. It’s $25 a pop, and I think that’s entirely worth it. For fans of the movie — I am — and fans of Smith — I am — $25 plus tolls, gas and food is a pretty dang good deal. I’ve spent a lot more on much less. Tickets went on sale today and although I didn’t buy (yet) I was able to secure some pretty good tickets when I tried around 11:30 a.m. So jump on the bandwagon now if you wanna go.

News isn’t so good for fans of the Meet the Parents franchise with the third installment, Little Fockers,  coming out for Christmas. Apparently the movie is so unfunny — as evidenced by the unfunny trailer released a couple weeks ago — that the studio is trying to get Dustin Hoffman to come in for some quick reshoots. Oh, and maybe I forgot to mention this, but Hoffman isn’t in the original cut of the movie. Yeesh. That just reeks of desparation, even the Old Spice guy couldn’t cover that stink.

Some info I received the other day from Bridget Davis, the founder of the Pocono Mountains Film Festival: It’s the last weekend in October, the festivities are moving from East Stroudsburg to Pocono Manor, she’s planning on making it a bigger deal this year and the festival has a much better chance this year to actually sell some films for distribution. That’s the quick, before-you-hear-about-it version. I’ll likely be writing a story about it for one of the weekend’s papers, so keep your eyes peeled.

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