Rescue Me from Boredom

Two reminders, the same two reminders we’ll have all week:

Reminder 1: The season finale of Rescue Me is tonight.

Just kidding.

The actual reminder is that we’re doing another PopRox live chat Friday at noon. We’ve had fun with these so far, so we’re going to keep doing them as long as it stays fun on the first Friday of every month at noon. I’d call it “Lunch with PopRox” if I didn’t hate that title so much, so maybe that can be one of the topics on Friday — coming up with a name for the monthly chats. Friday. Noon. Be there. Umm, please?

Reminder 2: We’ve got five pair of tickets for the Garlic Festival this weekend to give away. Read the rules in yesterday’s post, but you can enter through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. We’ve already got a ton of entries, the deadline is Thursday to enter.

On to the links:

on the drink, off the drink ... i'm done caring

on the drink, off the drink ... i'm done caring

Here is the place to talk about tonight’s Rescue Me finale. It’s been kind of a blah season, almost like the Pirates playing out the string and the fans showing up because they’ve got nothing better to do and hope something cool might happen like Jose Tabata hitting for the cycle. That’s me and Rescue Me this year. After about 15 minutes of last week’s episode, I was ready to toss my TV out the window. With shows I’m not invested in, I can just turn the channel. But for a show like Rescue Me that I’ve spent six years watching and more often than not has delivered fantastic television, you have to just grin and bear it and hope something for some kind of payoff. The cliffhanger of last week’s episode — the fates of not one but two firefighters up in the air — isn’t really enough. Especially when it was as predictable as Lou and Damien being the ones we don’t know about. The clip for tonight’s show (“We just a guy on our crew, a young guy” and Sheila bawling as only Sheila can) makes it too obvious, so I’m going with neither one of them is dead, the episode opens with a hospital vigil, but all ends up well in the world. Even if it is Damien dying, how much do we care? All that will do is send Tommy back to the bottle for a 10th time, and that’s been played out like Sega. As boring as Rescue Me has been this year, it’s just not that easy to dump a show you’ve watched for so long when you know there is only one season left. So here’s hoping Andrew McCutchen hits four home runs tonight.

Not many surprises at the Emmys on Sunday, but that’s kinda been par for the course lately. Mad Men wins, Modern Family wins in its freshman year, and the categories that had the most chance to result in a surprise (comedy actress, drama actress) are the ones that did. It’s incredible that there was much more attention given to the Emmys when the nominations came out and people — including me — thought they finally got some of those nominees right instead of just honoring the same old, same old. Turns out, they saved that for the awards.

And because it was so completely uninteresting, there’s only conceivable thing to make it better: Split it into two shows and make it twice as long and boring! Sometimes you hear these things and you have look slowly peer over your shoulder to make sure you’re not being Punk’d. Apparently a slight two-year climb in the ratings is as good a reason as any to start tinkering with the format.

You know what else hurt 30 Rock’s chances to keep its Emmy streak alive? A crappy season. at least by its standards. Modern Family may not have been funnier than 30 Rock this year, but it just seemed fresher than the same 30 Rock gags like Tina Fey calling herself fat, Kenneth making a comment about how backwoods his childhood was or Tracy being weird. It was completely uneven, and didn’t deserve to win. So maybe that had something to do with it too. And as much as I think Modern Family is just a little over-hyped, I did like the little video thing they did about how to improve the show. George Clooney is just a funny, funny guy. There’s gotta be a Tiger Woods-type scandal in his closet, right?

ummmmm ... yeah

ummmmm ... yeah

Two weeks ago in Mad Men, the Honda people made a joke in Japanese about how they can’t believe Joan doesn’t just fall over because of the size of her breasts. Ba ha ha, we all had a good laugh. Then we saw Christina Hendricks on the Emmys and … how does she not fall over? It’s been four years of Mad Men now, she’s been nominated for an Emmy, she’s one of the best parts of the best show on TV and she’s apparently been forced to dress like a hooker to get some attention. How come she hasn’t broken out? What does she have to do, start showing up naked to these things? She apparently has some things coming up, but what the heck took so long?

What a weird list of celebrities these guys targeted. Start at the top, and you can understand wanting to rip off Lindsay Lohan, Orlando Bloom and Paris Hilton. Those are OK. Then we start getting down the line with Audrina Patridge and Rachel Bilson. Even those are understandable to a certain extent. But Brian Austin Green? BAG himself? The only reason anyone should be looking to break into his house is if they knew exactly where the master copy to his boy band rapping from Growing Pains was (no video evidence, but scroll down to #50 on his filmography). Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to break into BAG’s house, feast your eyes on this and decide if you think this guy has anything valuable to steal:

The thought of one of my favorite directors taking over on one of my favorite comic book characters is pretty much awesomeness personified. Who knows if it will ever work out — but it’s great to think that it might.

Just in case you’re wondering why there are so many reboots already of comic book franchises that are only a decade old or less in movie years, perhaps a list of available “hot” titles might be a good indication of why. The extent of this knowledge likely will be a conversation in a couple years where someone says, “Elfquest? What the eff is that?” and you can say, “I have no friggin’ clue. It’s a comic book, and I heard a couple years ago someone might make it into a movie someday.” And that will end the conversation and the kick-off of a disappointing $15 million opening weekend. So next time we decide to lament the lack of new comic book characters coming to the big screen, take a look at what’s left. It’s pretty ugly.

Got some vacation time coming up you need to use and don’t know what to do with it? Here you go! I would like to live vicariously through the people with money, no kids and the ability to pick up and head to LA for a week to be part of this Back to the Future 25th anniversary celebration. Maybe down the road they’ll have a Teen Wolf 25th anniversary party too where Coach Bobby Finstock will be the guest of honor. Then I’d have to start thinking about ways I could blow off my regular life for a week to there.

And because there is some kind of rule where every entertainment blog must mention Dancing with the Stars’ new cast, here you go. Must. Shower. Now. But before I do, I’ll mention the only one compelling to me on this list is Rick Fox, because I grew up watching him at North Carolina and because he made my favorite UNC buzzer-beater ever. Just remember this when you’re seeing him dancing the cha-cha in the fall:

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