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Trilogy Thursday

Some quick links and the reminder that the Nooner with PopRox, our monthly, live chat on all things pop culture, is tomorrow at noon. So bring your lunch to work and hang out for a while with us to talk all things pop culture tomorrow at noon. That’s tomorrow, at noon. Tomorrow at noon. Is [...]

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Someone Had to be First

Live chat Friday! Live chat Friday! OK, one more time: Live chat Friday! It’s noon, right here, all your pop culture questions will be answered. The fall movie season is kicking off, holiday albums are starting to hit the shelves and the fall TV season is underway. I’ll be chatting about all of that Friday [...]

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Superman, The Avengers and the (somewhat) baffling career of Keanu Reeves

Let’s try to get back on schedule here and start with some housecleanibatman, ng. The Nooner with PopRox live chat is the first Friday of every month at noon, and that means we have another one coming up Friday. Just a way to make time go quicker at work where we talk about anything and everything [...]

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Four Reasons to be Worried About Glee

Unapologetically, unflinchingly, unfailingly, I’m a Glee fan. It was the best and funniest new show of the last television season, featured the most impressive pilot episode of any show in years and did it all by introducing relative newcomers to the TV landscape. It’s one of the most brutally honest — for better or worse [...]

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The new season is here! The new season is here!

A quick programming note: The schedule this week is going to be screwy, there’s nothing I can do about that. I have jury duty tomorrow, and I had to work a night last night, so we’re on a Tuesday-Thursday-Friday schedule. I hope. But today I’ve got four reviews of new network pilots premiering this week, [...]

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Office Talk

There is a dark cloud lingering over the upcoming seventh season of the popular, northeast Pennsylvania based NBC sitcom, “The Office.” With Steve Carell’s much-publicized departure from Michael Scott’s corner office at the end of the season, the decision as to who will replace the five-time Emmy nominee is partly on the shoulders of Stroudsburg [...]

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Why Entourage Doesn’t Work in Syndication

It’s rare to tease a blog entry, because usually, I don’t know what I’m writing about until I come into work in the morning and check the news. But Friday is different, because yesterday I talked to co-executive produce of The Office, Stroudsburg High graduate Danny Chun. And boy, did he give me some major [...]

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Taylor Swift. Kanye West. Enough.

Straight links today, they’ve been gone too long: Am I the only one who doesn’t care about the Taylor Swift-Kanye West thing? Didn’t it happen, like, a year ago or something? Why are we still talking about it now? Was it that bad in the first place? This is why it doesn’t matter — because [...]

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Premiere (and Finale) Watch

With the start of the fall TV season now underway and the summer shows wrapping up, we’re in review mode. All of these are completely spoiler-heavy, so if you haven’t watched any of these shows yet and want to be surprised, don’t read these reviews. Except for the Hellcats review. Read that one, and then [...]

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Sons of Anarchy Mixes It Up

I’ve warned you, and now it’s coming true — we’re starting in full TV mode today and again Friday. I’ll try to get some movie links in here too, but today is all TV starting off with what continues to be one of the best shows out there. (SONS OF ANARCHY SPOLIERS COMING, TURN AWAY [...]

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