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Some links to what I’m calling Trilogy Thursday:

thank you, christopher nolan, for not bringing back joker in the 3rd batman

thank you, christopher nolan, for not bringing back joker in the 3rd batman

We’ve heard this thrown around so much in the last two years since Dark Knight came out, we all just assumed Christopher Nolan was directing his third Batman, not on the release schedule until July 2012. But just in case there was any doubt … he finally said it himself. That means there’s no reason to think the third won’t be just as good as the first two, which are constantly in a toss-up with Spider-Man 1 and 2 for the best two openers of a superhero trilogy ever in my book. I think I’d still vote for Spider-Man, but that’s more of a personal preference than anything.

The biggest gamble of the upcoming holiday movie season is probably the 3-D edition of the next Narnia movie. It’s already got so much going against it. It’s coming out just a couple weeks after Deathly Hallows Part 1. The second one was considered a dud, and was down more than $300 million in box office from the first one. It’s a completely unknown cast, and it’s no longer got the Disney marketing machine behind it. Because I’m not 13, I haven’t seen the first two, but Fox has got to be shaking in their boots right now after a terrible summer. If you see more pressure to get an Avatar sequel out, this is why.

In double trilogy news, looks like I wasn’t the only one rightfully cheesed off when George Lucas announced he’ll be remastering the Star Wars movies and re-releasing them over six years starting in 2012. There’s on old SNL sketch with Chris Rock doing his Nat X show shtick, asking LaToya Jackson (played by Victoria Jackson) how she can do a second Playboy spread. “Whach you do, get a new nipple?” or something like that (can’t find the video). That’s who I feel about Star Wars getting re-released. I got suckered into the 1997 re-releases to see the new Jabba the Hut stuff, but that ain’t happening again. George Lucas gets no more of my money. No truth to the rumor than this time around, Anakin resists the Dark Side, the Death Star never gets made and Jedi is just an awkward, creepy brother-sister-friend love triangle.

yup. they made a mighty ducks 3. you're forgiven if you didn't even know that.

yup. they made a mighty ducks 3. you're forgiven if you didn't even know that.

What makes it even worse to ruin a trilogy like that is you don’t realize how extremely hard it is to make a great three conseuctive movies — until you got through a list of the 33 greatest trilogies of all time and find out that Mighty Ducks checks in at #25, Matrix is #9 even though the last two sucked rocks and there are about a dozen movies on the list that actually aren’t trilogies because they have other sequels past #3 (Die Hard, Aliens, Indiana Jones, etc.). So when we finally get a good one — like Star Wars — maybe that’s why it hurts so much to see it get ruined in one great, big explosion of greed.

So let’s not bother learning from the mistakes of our past! Let’s ruin another trilogy! Paging Tom Cruise! Maybe it’s not fair to say the Mission: Impossible trilogy will be ruined because it wouldn’t even spring to mind as a “trilogy” since it was designed to have an endless amount of installments, but still. Why bother at this point? Didn’t we already tell Cruise with our apathy toward Knight and Day’s box office that we don’t really care anymore?

And one last bit of non-trilogy news: I kinda felt bad that I didn’t have any feeling whatsoever for the death of Tony Curtis. Then I looked at his resume and realized I hadn’t seen him in anything since Bad New Bears Go to Japan (the last movie of a trilogy, so it counts!). Then I didn’t feel that bad anymore. So if you’re wondering what all the hubbub is about, you’re not alone, and you were probably born after 1970.

Come back tomorrow at (when?) noon for the Nooner with PopRox!

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