More Free Stuff, Yay!

Sorry about the lack of contests and free stuff lately, but we’ve got one now, a chance to win something that will last the rest of the month.

The Pocono Community Theaterin East Stroudsburg has been gracious enough to slip us two tickets for each of the final three weeks of the Five Nights of Fright film series each Sunday through Halloween. We’re giving away those tickets to one lucky reader.

This is going to be a Facebook/Twitter only contest. The only way you can enter is by submitting your info in message form to the PopRox Facebook or PopRox Twitter pages. I’m not accepting e-mail entries for this contest. My inbox is too full as it is. Sorry if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter pages, but if you reallllllllyyyyyyy wanna go that bad, you can easily set one up, message the PopRox page, then take it down as soon as the contest is over.

Make sure you send in your name, age, residence and daytime contact info. Deadline to enter is Friday at 10 a.m., and I’ll be calling the winner sometime Friday afternoon. Your name will be on a list at the theater, all you’ll have to do is show up and you’re in.

Good luck!

now the question -- who's he going to be fighting?

now the question -- who's he going to be fighting?

In Sony’s continuing attempt to crash IMDB, it cast another actor in the new Spider-Man that 95 percent of the world has never heard of. It’s obviously going the el cheapo route starting with unproven director Marc Webb — he of the failed TV experiment known as Lone Star — after cashing in 1,000 times over on the first three. Rhys Ifans is a good enough actor, he was the only redeeming thing in this year’s Greenberg. But you have to start to wonder if Sony is really taking this reboot seriously, hiring an unknown director, an even less unknown actor for the title role (Andrew Garfield), and two fringe stars to play Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) and whoever the villain is (Ifans). The fourth Spider-Man fell through because Sam Raimi complained about unworkable budget restrictions, and it doesn’t look like that’s changed. It’s almost like this reboot is being made like an independent movie. If Christina Ricci shows up on the cast list, start to worry.

Thank you America! I asked for it, and you gave it to me. You very astutely avoided Life as We Know It, giving Katherine Heigl her worst opening weekend in five years even though it opened on more screens than any of her other movies. Nice! Can’t thank you enough. She’ll be making guest appearances on Grey’s Anatomy in no time. 

The opening of Secretariat is pretty weird though. Seems like everyone has a theory, but here’s mine — it’s already been done. The 2001 ESPN SportsCentury feature on Secretariat was the most memorable one they made and sparked thousands of arguments on whether a horse is actually an athlete. It once prompted my buddy Big to exclaim, “IT’S A BEAST OF BURRRDDDEEEENNNNN!!!” He obviously fell on the “not an athlete” side. So if I already saw an extraordinary documentary on the real thing, why would I bother going to see the fictionalized version that most likely got Disney-fied along the way? Sports movies based on real life events have to be pretty obscure or else people will say, “Eh, I saw it on SportsCenter a couple years ago.” That’s what made The Rookie and Rudy so good. No one had really told the Jim Morris or the Michael Oher or the Rudy Ruttiger story before. Not extensively at least. They were stuff of legend, but no one had ever really brought the story to the mainstream for more than a day or two. I vividly remember watching the Jim Morris game live, and listening to the announcers treat Morris’ story more as a joke than anything. “Ba ha, here’s the guy who was teaching chemistry a couple months ago, ba ha.” Little did we know that was a story that needed to be told. It didn’t need to be told with nuns that discovered some Texas oil town in the 1850s, but whatever. There are very few sports figures that merit a movie being made about them now because we already know everything about them. At the risk of someone stealing this idea, I will say one of the few people who will get a movie deal to tell his life story — Kurt Warner. Just watch.

whaddya, think we're effing stupid bruce? we know you'll make 10 more die hards before you do fantastic 4

whaddya, think we're effing stupid bruce? we know you'll make 10 more die hards before you do fantastic 4

Bruce Willis movies are always fun because reporters get to ask him crazy things about crazy, pie-in-the-sky projects his name is always attached to and he always has an answer — like whether he’s doing a sequel to Unbreakable, or whether he’s going to be Ben Grimm in a Fantastic Four reboot. If I had to put odds on those, I’d say 40 percent he makes an Unbreakable sequel because M. Night Shyamalan seems to do anything for a buck and 25 percent he does a Fantastic Four reboot because it’s just not on anyone’s plate right now. Too many comic book movies out there, and that’s why Fantastic Four got lost in the shuffle the first time around. It’s a good five years away from getting started, at which point Willis will be 60. I’d say Die Hard 5 is more on his radar now that Fantastic Four. Hey, wait, how come this dork didn’t ask Willis about Die Hard 5? Before Red comes out this weekend, I can promise you we’ll have Die Hard 5 rumors. Why wait? Here’s one.

Good to know NBC doesn’t think we’re complete morons. After shutting down production on Outlaw last week, a clear sign the show was doomed, the network finally admitted the show is dead Smits walking. It moves to Saturdays this week through November, and then it’s gone. So for all three of you Outlaw fans out there, get your fill now!

Sooner or later, there was bound to be some Glee splashback and now it’s starting. Gorillaz is the first band to give the Fox show the finger, even though it looks like a desperate cry for attention, like a couple that fights over who dumped who first. “What, you don’t want us? Well too bad, because we said we don’t want you first!” Like Seinfeld’s break-up-fire. This is just the first domino though. As the show gets more popular, more bands are going to start coming out saying, “Yeah, they asked us, but we didn’t want anything to do with the show because it’s so stupid.” Those people, obviously, will have never watched the show. Don’t believe everything you hear though, some people are going to grasp to this as a pathetic way to get in the news. It won’t be long before you see something like, “Cameo tells Glee to pound sand in the show’s attempt to cover Word Up.”

We should have seen the last of Prison Break. It was dead two years ago, we all forgot about it. Actually, most of us forgot about it years before that since it licked dirt after its first season. For some reason, someone thinks there is some kind of affinity for the characters, because one of them, amazingly, is coming back. And actually, it’s the only one worth coming back. T-Bag will be making some appearances in a new A&E series about fugitives, sans hand and all. If this were happening tomorrow, I might be somewhat interested and tune in. But it’s not happening until next year, and by then there is just about zero chance I even remember the words “Breakout Kings.”

a necessity on any list

a necessity on any list

If some list of the hottest fictional movie and TV cheerleaders came out and didn’t include Kelly Kapowski and Lyla Garrity somewhere, I would immediately boycott that website and organize some kind of nationwide petition for others to do the same. It just wouldn’t be right. Luckily for Bleacher Report, they’ve got Lyla coming in at #2 and Kelly coming in at #1. Crisis averted. Although I’m really depressed I can’t find any links to the Macaroni Mamas from Saved by the Bell. If you actually know who they are, you may have more of a problem than me.

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