Back to the Future … Again

Programming note — I’m on vacation next week and most likely won’t be blogging at all. I probably won’t be back until Oct. 26. I’ll try to throw in some Facebook posts or tweets in that time, but I won’t be around to blog. Sorry. Hopefully when I come back the blog will still be free to view, but who knows.

See you all in a week!

Links for the day, I tried to add some extra ones in there to tide you over:

Promotion for DVD releases is usually pretty light. Studios exhaust all their marketing money for theater releases, and by the time they come out on DVD, you’re supposed to know about them already. Then there are the classic releases, or Blu-Ray releases that, for the most part, studios must think are for hardcore fans only, and that group already will know those movies are coming out. So when a DVD or a DVD set gets some major play, it catches your attention. Such is the case with the new Back to the Future Trilogy Blu-Ray set coming out Oct. 26. First we had the news that the original will be shown on the big screen on Oct. 23 and 25 at select AMC theaters. And for the record, that does not include the Stroud Mall, which sucks. Then came this week, when the studio started letting out dribs and drabs about the set, like when it gave The Hollywood Reporter advance video that shows Eric Stoltz as the original Marty McFly. It wasn’t news, we already knew Eric Stoltz was the original Marty McFly, but it was interesting to see the footage:

Then came Entertainment Weekly’s cover and story showing a reunion between Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson, but this time without any incest-laden overtones. Hooray! Now yet another redo comes around, Michael J. Fox reshooting the original (and classic) Back to the Future teaser trailer:

First of all, it’s really sad to see Michael J. Fox in this reshoot because he can’t stop shaking. This guy was my Hollywood idol growing up, and it’s obvious Parkinsons is just ravaging his body. Very, very sad, but I’m glad he’s still staying public. Even cooler is that he’s risking his health and his pride to honor the memory of his career-defining performance, one of the five or so movies I consider to be perfect (with other movies like Good Will Hunting and Field of Dreams). But geez, where did all this promotion come from? I don’t even think Star Wars got this kind of hype. I know Indiana Jones and Die Hard didn’t, and those trilogies are at least 88 mph better than the BttF trilogy. The only thing I can think of as to why it’s getting this push is to gauge what kind of interest there is in a sequel/reboot. There’s been talk of a BttF 4 forever, and since reboots are the flavor of the month, sure, why not bring back one of the biggest, best movies of the 80s? It holds up remarkably well, however, so it’s not one of the movies truly primed for a remake. That didn’t stop the Spider-Man or Batman redos. If the screenings and the DVDs make tons of money, then you can expect a new Back to the Future by 2013 or 2014. Book it.

he only kinda sorta feels the need for speed now

he only kinda sorta feels the need for speed now

More news straight from the 80s! Seeing as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps didn’t blow the doors off the box office, you would think 25-year-old sequels would go out of vogue pretty quickly. But not when there is even the remote possibility that money could be made! Paramount has decided to go with a Top Gun sequel — not remake, mind you, but a sequel — that will bring back Tom Cruise in a small role. No word on whether Val Kilmer will be back or Anthony Edwards resurfaces in ghost form. Oops, did that need a spoiler alert?

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed my PopRox column in Sunday’s paper (shameless plug alert!). The only problem with it is that it needs to be done by, like, Wednesday for production purposes, and that’s never been the spirit of this blog. I always want to get the most recent information in here. So when it comes to the column in the paper, which is designed to bring more people into the blog, I try to be somewhat forward thinking, or use topics that are somewhat timeless and won’t change by Sunday. Well, we could be in trouble this week. this week’s is a shorter version of the “Who’s the villain in Spider-Man going to be?” blog I wrote on Wednesday. Well, this might be the week I get bit square on the butt cheeks because one website — a pretty reputable one that I like a good deal — is reporting that Rhys Ifans will be playing the Lizard. But my column is already in and one the page, I can’t change it now. The good news is that production studio Sony hasn’t confirmed or denied this yet, so it’s still valid to ask the question. Which leads me to a death-bed like request, or a request to a Sicilian man on the day of his daughter’s wedding: For all that’s holy in this world, help me out a bit here, Sony, and don’t confirm the villain until Monday. Please. You can’t see me, but I’m down on my knees. If you hold out until then, I promise to see the movie three times in the theater, not Torrent it and invite 100 people over to my house to watch it OnDemand. Promise.

As long as we’re on villains, there’s another one to try and figure out — Tom Hardy in Batman 3. He was added to the cast this week off his really good turn in Inception, and now he’s supposedly playing a villain in the next Batman. Admittedly, I don’t know jack squat about Batman villains unless they were in the old Justice League cartoons, the 60s TV show or the movies. I never read the Batman comics. So this list of possible villains Hardy might playis kinda Greek to me, but hardcore Batman fans will probably enjoy it. And I know I’m completely alone on this since I’m the only idiot that loves, loves, loves Striking Distance and will watch it every time it’s on TV despite owning the DVD, but I can’t hear the name “Tom Hardy” without thinking of Bruce Willis’s character in Striking Distance. Then I think of the one detective who says, “The Tom Hardy???” to which Dennis Farina pops out of the background and says, “The infamousTom Hardy.” Then I inevitably say to myself the cheesiest movie tagline ever — “They shouldn’t have put him in the water if they didn’t want him to make waves” — and soon end up going through the whole trailer in my head. “I’m trying to solve a murder here!!!” It’s actually a real problem preventing me from hoping actor Tom Hardy ever becomes anything resembling a household name, because I’ll be forever tortured by the ghost of the fake Tom Hardy. Now enjoy one of the most underrated car chase scenes in film history from Striking Distance. And yeah, I just said that.

brady or bieber? the world may never know

brady or bieber? the world may never know

All this time that everyone has been making fun of Tom Brady’s hair by calling it “The Bieber” or some variation on that, we never considered the feelings of poor Justin, who has been having his hair publicly mocked for the last three months. Now we know — he’s not happy. And when Justin Bieber isn’t happy, watch out! Tom Brady, you’ve found yourself in the angry cross-hairs of a Canadian 16-year-old flavor of the month who fancies himself a white rapper. I wouldn’t sleep if I were you.

Still not ready to start campaigning for Running Wilde, but I’m enjoying it more every week. This week’s episode was easily its best, the Alan Alda impersonation his buddy Fahad did was freakin’ hysterical. I’m talking Greek again, I’m aware, because I’m almost positive not one person who reads this has been watching the show, but … oh screw it, I’ll campaign. You should be watching this show. In fact, Will Arnett really wants you to watch the show. He wants you to watch the show so much, he’s willing to Take It …

Only saw a little of the 30 Rock live episode so far, I spent last night catching up with TV from Tuesday and Wednesday. But what I did see has affirmed my hatred for laugh tracks. Or live audience laughing, whatever it was. It sounded so … off. Like it wasn’t even 30 Rock, like they were just going through the motions and waiting for people to laugh. It really looked like they were trying to make a 60s sitcom or something. Hopefully it’s better when I watch it for reals tonight. They taped two versions of it, an East Coast feed and a West Coast feed, and has gone to the trouble of putting them both up.

"if this baby comes out with a mohawk, i'll still deny it's yours." we can't lose lines like that.

"if this baby comes out with a Mohawk, i'll still deny it's yours." we can't lose lines like that.

Of all the finds in Glee, my favorite has been Puck. He’s hysterical. Even the thought he might be gone from the show was a little depressing. But he’ll be back, that’s been confirmed. Why was it such a big deal in the first place that we didn’t see him in this week’s episode? The shows has gone consecutive weeks without including Jane Lynch’s Sue Sylvester in the episode, and no one jumped to any conclusions about where she was. And she won the freakin’ Emmy! Will’s ex Terri comes around about once a month to say approximately three lines, but she’s still in the cast list. Not quite sure why everyone got their panties in a bunch over Puck not being in one episode. Seems like bad journalism to me.

If the Hulk is coming back to TV, now the questions is — which Hulk is coming back to TV? The comic hulk? TV Hulk? Or movie Hulk, which only kind of resembled the comic Hulk? That’s a lot of times to type Hulk, but who knows what the intent of ABC is with this. Maybe because two movies have kinda failed, they thought it would be a good idea to throw together another TV show. But cool comic Hulk was about 50,000 times different from crybaby TV Hulk. Maybe that’s why the two movies disappointed, because fans had seen so many bastardized versions of Hulk that they didn’t know which one was real anymore. Let’s hope it’s closer to the comic and not the walk-off-into-the-sunset Hulk of the TV show. Especially since Family Guy has already made fun of it.

Good news for a couple of TV shows that have had extra scripts ordered — an almost sure precursor to the show getting picked up for the year. No Ordinary Family and Brothers and Sisters aren’t very shocking, but Life Unexpected kind of is. I’ve only watched like two episodes, but the show seems terrible to me and is based in a world so far removed from everyday life, yet pretending to be everyday life, that’s it’s completely unappealing. Its ratings are horrible, which makes it even more of a surprise. But hey, at least it’s a scripted show.

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