Black Friday Updates All Morning Friday!

Three cool days coming up here.

ready for black friday?

ready for black friday?

Tonight is the biggest bar night of the year, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, designed to be the most laid-back holiday of them all and Friday is Black Friday, which has become an unofficial holiday around here because of all the shopping and all the prior arrangements that need to be made.

I’ve got a special treat to help you with Black Friday if you’re one of the people heading out into The Suck. I’ll be driving from store-to-store(to store to store to store) all morning starting at about 3:30 a.m. to report on what the lines are like, that the roads are like and what specials already are gone. By lunch, I’ll get around to some of the restaurants to find out what the wait times will be like.

You can find the Twitter reports by following @PoconoRecord or just searching the hashtag #prshop. Or, if you’re not into the Twitter thing yet, you can just follow along at

The one problem is that I won’t be able to answer anyone’s Twitter direct messages (DMs if you’re nasty), I’ll only be able to text in the updates. So if you want to put in some early requests for places I should be extra sensitive to, feel free to e-mail me or leave a note on the PopRox Facebook page. Obviously, I’ll be concentrating on the Best Buy/Target/Home Depot area in Stroud Township, the Stroud Mall, The Crossings and the Walmart areas in East Stroudsburg and Mount Pocono. If you can think of any other places I should pay extra special attention to, feel free to let me know and I’ll work it into my day.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

Now for some links:

come to butthead

come to butthead

Joss Whedon has one of the most deceptive careers of any guy with unwavering geek cred. Sure, he concocted Buffy the Vampire Slayer (although not the new one) and that entire universe (including the superior Angel). But he’s got some pretty nasty failures to his credit. Despite people who still love it, Firefly lasted just 14 episodes. When the geeks rose up and practically forced Fox to make a movie wrapping up the story, about 10 of them went to see it — it didn’t make its $39 million budget back in worldwide box office. Dollhouse was a complete mess that didn’t even come close to making sense until the last few episodes — even the geeks had tuned out by then. The best thing he’s done since Angel ended — and he had very little to do with Angel its last few years anyway — was a … blog? So it’s pretty easy to lose faith in Whedon and wonder what Marvel was thinking when it handed over The Avengers keys to him. Then he goes ahead and writes something so simple, funny, self-deprecating, industry-bashing and explanatorythat you just say, “Awwwww, shucks” and remember why BTVS was so freakin’ cool in the first place. Good to have you back, Joss. You know who I didn’t want back and no inclination of her weighing in on the reboot? Kristy Swanson. Back to 90210 with you.

No matter what any artist says, ones that live on the fringe always want to see if they can be accepted by the masses. They may not crave that acceptance, but at the very least they want to see if they can get it. It’s a challenge to them. So it’s completely understandable why Darren Aronofsky would want to try his hand at a major studio blockbuster like Wolverine, something his resume would never, ever suggest he would have any interest. How could anyone even think he would have ever heard the term X-Men with Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, The Wrestler and the upcoming Black Swan as the only things on his resume? Nothing on that list would suggest he’d be interested whatsoever in Wolverine — which is what makes it so cool. The next Wolverine is one of the darkest, most interesting X-Men storylines ever, with Wolverine on the trail to becoming a samurai, but falling in love instead. This franchise is in the right hands. It may not make $400 million dollars, but you have to think it could be the best of the X-Men franchise. Just in case you’d rather hear it right from his mouth:

Honestly, I tuned out way before the end of this article speculating on the plot material for the next Batman (20 months away, mind you). But if you’re a Batman fan — especially of the comic — you’ll probably read this eight times, print it out and post it on your hope chest. It seems like Batman geek heaven. Enjoy.

so how did this whole thing start again?

so how did this whole thing start again?

Might as well just stay with the superhero motif and say that Superman could be based in the Hollywood hotbed of West Africa. Let’s see, let’s see … what other movies have been based in West Africa? I came up with three off the top of my head: Casablanca and parts of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Lord of War. I guess that’s a pretty good place to start, but geez. The premise, though, is good — the origins of how Clark Kent turned himself into Superman. Everytime we’ve seen cartoons or movies about it (not sure what the comic says), we get Clark in Smallville kissing his Ma good-bye then showing up in Metropolis as Superman. Even Smallville is supposedly going to end without Clark really moving into full-on Superman mode. But there has to be some in-between time of how Clark became Superman, and having it told on-screen seems like a pretty good idea.

The movie business is a crapshoot, we all know that. But if I was a betting man (and I am), I’d be inclined to wager a buck or two that Warner Brothers might have the most profitable slate of movies for 2011 after seeing their preview of the movies they’re going with for next year. The studio has 18 movies coming out next year, and five of them are no-doubt-about-it slam dunk hits and franchise tentpoles (in order of their box office prediction, the final Harry Potter, Happy Feet 2, Hangover 2, Green Lantern, Sherlock Holmes 2). That’s good enough to carry the budget through the year, then there is the geek-loving Sucker Punch, Farrelly Brothers movie Hall Pass, sleeper possibility with Red Riding Hood and summer comedy sleeper Horrible Bosses. There’s nothing terribly risky that looks like a complete bomb (like the stank of Jonah Hex did last year). It released 21 movies last year, which is probably a couple too many to try and find homes for. Smart planning this year.

nicolas cage isn't cutting it

nicolas cage isn't cutting it

There’s a punchline in here somewhere, I just can’t come up with it. But Johnny Depp is somehow cool playing the second banana in the just-announced Lone Ranger movie, playing Tonto instead of the actual masked man. Not only is Depp playing second banana, but he’s playing thesecond banana, someone who’s name has come to mean sidekick. When you think of more famous sidekicks, you’ve got Ed McMahon, Robin, Oates, Garfunkel and that’s pretty much it. So whoever Disney comes up with to play Lone Ranger, it better be someone HUGE or the movie just won’t work. No one will accept Depp in the sidekick role if the top bill is someone like Jon Hamm. We’re talking Willis, DiCaprio, Hanks, Downey Jr. or nothing. And since Jerry Bruckheimer is producing, we should state right now the answer is no, Nicolas Cage isn’t big enough.

And you thought the Tea Party was done with just the actual political elections! This Bristol Palin chick seemed to get a lot of talk for her p!ss-poor performances on Dancing with the Stars, but she came in second. I’d write more about this but 1. I don’t think my total Dancing with the Stars viewing time has totaled 30 seconds in the last eight years and 2. I’d be worried my testicles may fall off if I did.

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