Awards Season Already Got You Down? Don’t Worry, Only Two More Months of It

Shorter blog today, but that’s to make time for a full blog tomorrow on the Golden Globe nominations, where I’ll lay 3-1 that How Do You Know, Burlesque and Love and Other Drugs become the Late Season Golden Globe Darlings and nab some nominations but are completely and utterly ignored by every other awards organization, joining such recent LSGGDs like Nine, It’s Complicated, The Producers, The Great Debaters and Bobby:

Sooooo 2008

Sooooo 2008

The AFI awards are pretty cool because all they do is say what the best stuff of the year is. They don’t bother ranking them, they just say, “These are 10 pretty cool things.” the rest of us — me included — feel the need to say exactly what is best in every category imaginable. Either way is fine, but I’m too competitive a person to just throw words out there without ranking them. Anyway, since I’m still trudging through movies — Kids Are Alright is on my docket for tonight, then Scott Pilgrim tomorrow — I’m more interested in the TV list. Even those are things are still haven’t watched, since five of them are on pay stations I don’t get. Although I saw the pilot for Big C and was only slightly impressed, which is to say I wasn’t very impressed at all even though I’m a Laura Linney fan. Walking Dead, Mad Men and Glee belong on that list, they’ll all be in my top 10 for the year. 30 Rock, however, sticks out like a sore thumb since it’s currently the third-best comedy on NBC’s Thursday lineup (Community is far better, and Office is still better). When Parks and Rec comes back in January, it will probably be fourth. If nothing else, it should have been left off because of how bad the live episode was.

just in case you needed another reason

just in case you needed another reason

Something else that for sure will make my top 10 — Vampire Diaries, which is offering fans a chance to catch up with the show during a marathon of the season’s first 10 episodes this week. The CW did the same thing last year, which is how I got into the show. The show has its flaws, the biggest of which is that it introduces at least one new character a week on a show that was full of too many characters to start with. I might have to watch this week’s marathon just to jog my memory of who’s been introduced, who actually matters and who doesn’t. The secondary effect of all that recent character introduction is that it minimizes the stories and characters the show already went through great pains establishing and making us care about. It took us about 10 episodes to really care about not-as-important characters like Jeremy, Jenna, Matt and Sheriff Forbes, but they’ve all been pushed to the side so we can hear long diatribes about 500-year-old vampires, a family of warlocks and multiple werewolves. Is Stephan even in the show anymore? I’m not sure. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great show. Anyone looking for a fix of the serial-style of 24 or Lost, this is the best one on network TV.

The Critics Awards, as the polar opposite of the AFI Awards, are a mystery. Every big city has its own critics awards, so is this just a compilation of all of those voters? Is it separate? Can I get in? When you start asking questions like these, you know you’re already on award season burnout, and the Golden Globes nominations aren’t even til tomorrow. The lone really cool thing is that for these awards, they give best comedy and best action movie. The bad news? Date Night got a best comedy nomination and I barely smiled. At least we’re getting a pretty clear idea of what movies we should be seeing in the theaters before Oscar time. Right now, its The Fighter, 127 Hours, Black Swan, King’s Speech and True Grit. Somewhere might make a late push too. But that should keep you busy through January.

Bad news for the fans of The Chronicles of Narnia series — you’ve probably seen the last of it. The $24.5 million opening might have sounded good in 2000 or so, but these days, for a high-profile movie like this, it’s a clear disappointment. Apparently Disney knew exactly what it was doing when it dropped the franchise a couple years ago when the second one turned up disappointing box office results. And that one opened at $55 million, so for this one to come up at less than half that total … well, someone is cleaning out their desk at Fox this morning. It’s the same guy who said, “We have to buy this now that Disney dropped it, it’s can’t miss!!!” Even more disappointing has to be The Tourist. Johnny Depp had a pretty good streak of about six years without a critical and box office bomb — until now. Angelina Jolie was working on a similar streak. Fun while it lasted, huh guys?

i admitted it already!

i admitted it already!

Fifteen years ago or so, maybe around the Bedazzled days, Liz Hurley frequently topped my list of Hottest Lady on the Planet. But man, is she unlucky at love. And yes, this was nothing more than an excuse to include a picture of her in a bathing suit.

I’ll keep sticking by my assessment that Running Wilde is a funny show. It hasn’t gotten that much better from when it started a couple months ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s less funny, either. It’s just not the type of funny America wants, which means that more and more, good stuff is going to have to find its way to HBO or Comedy Central or FX or something when its ratings would be a godsend.

Can we go back to the clips of Thor shown at Comic-Con that leaked online last summer (and have since been pulled)? Those were much better than the actual trailer which came out this weekend. So here’s what I can gather. Thor is thrown out of his homeland and sent to Earth, which he doesn’t much care for. Can you blame him? He’s been sent to a place where American Idol is the most popular TV show! I’d be pretty cheesed off too. Anyway, he finds Natalie Portman, and some robot monster attacks a midwestern town. At least it appears that way. Oh, and we see Thor with his shirt off a bunch. End of trailer. Is … is that enough to push a movie about a comic book character most people don’t know that much about? Not for me it’s not. Wake me up when The Avengers comes out. Natalie Portman already seems miscast as someone who likely is going to spending much of her screen time running in slow motion. That’s not exactly her wheelhouse. Although she looked pretty nonathletic running at regular speed in the arena battle in Attack of the Clones, so maybe it’s best to keep her in slow motion. TRAILER GRADE: C+.


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