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The British are Coming!

There’s a great line in Clue – one of my top 10 all-time comedies — where Howard Hessman is posing as a door-to-door religion peddler. Beatnik: “Armageddon is almost upon us!” Professor Plumb, deadpan: “I got news for ya, it’s already here.” That’s how I felt when I heard the news Sunday about the actor tapped [...]

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Will Ferrell Will Run for President Before He’s the Next Office Boss

Some links and a Sunday column preview: Will Ferrell has been hovering around NBC’s Thursday comedy block for about a year now, most notably in 30 Rock’s quick-hitting, hysterical show-within-a-show Bitch Hunter: But now he’s getting an upgrade into a four-episode appearance on The Officethat helps show Steve Carell the door. There hasn’t been much speculation that [...]

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Post-Oscar Thoughts and Kevin Smith the Trailblazer

Sorry it’s been so long without some straight links, so here we go: I’m not buying, at all, that King’s Speech is the new favorite for the best picture Oscar simply because it got the most nominations. It’s far inferior to Social Network and Inception and Social Network has all the momentum even though it [...]

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Live Chat on Now!!!

Hey everyone, just wanted to direct you over to the PopRox live Oscars chat that will be kicking off at 11 a.m. We’ll be talking all things Academy Awards as long as people keep asking questions. Any pop culture topic is up for debate though. I’ll be there at 11 to start answering, but you [...]

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Is The King’s Speech Really the Good Will Hunting Prequel?

Just so I can manage to get one more plug in, don’t forget about the PopRox live chat tomorrow morning starting at 11 a.m. We’re going to be talking all things Oscar since the nominations come out at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. We’re not bounding ourselves to Oscar talk, but that’s probably where most of the [...]

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Best Bets for Best Picture

Got some really good news. Well, I think it’s really good news. The PopRox live chat scheduled for 11 a.m. Tuesday to talk about Oscar nominations will NOT be behind the paywall and will be FREE for all users. I’m pretty friggin’ happy about that. When the Pocono Record started the paywall a couple months ago, I made [...]

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Movie Catch-Up of 2010, Part 2

Big news! It’s been a couple months since we did one because the interest was starting to die off, but there will be a PopRox live chat at 11 a.m. Tuesday to talk about the Oscar nominations. The ceremony to announce the awards is 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. So watch the ceremony or read about it, digest all [...]

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Movie Catch-Up of 2010, Part 1

Since I’ve been on a movie kick lately, I wanted to get some thoughts out there about them before they became so stale you didn’t even remember the movies happened. Problem is, they got a little too long so I’m breaking it up into two parts, with a special bonus PopRox coming Thursday: TRUE GRIT: [...]

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Golden Globe Winners and Losers

We wanted some questions answered at the Golden Golbes last night and we got them with some distinct winners and losers from a pretty tame (lame?) ceremony that was so exciting that I Redbox’d Dinner for Schmucks and watched it instead for most of the night: WINNERS THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Easily the hands-down favorite to win [...]

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Five Questions We Need Answered at the Golden Globes

You know that fun-loving brother you have that comes to family dinners once a year, proceeds to finish both bottles of wine he brought for everyone and says at least three things that compel at least half of the table to roll their eyes? That’s the Golden Globes. We treat them both the same way. We don’t [...]

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