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it was only a matter of time for the movie, but getting craig back is big

it was only a matter of time for the movie, but getting craig back is big

It was only a matter of time before it happened, but James Bond will be back, with Daniel Craig starring and Sam Mendes directing, in 2012. There was just too much easy money at stake for the movie not to happen. It’s not surprising that the movie is getting made, what is surprising is that Craig will be back and that Mendes still is directing. Last year, I thought that was impossible. Craig seemed like he was doing everything he could to fill up his schedule so that he didn’t have to do Bond again, and Mendes made it sound like all hope was lost. But MGM was able to get stable enough to put together two Hobbit movies, so Bond couldn’t be far behind. The fact that they got it done quick enough to keep everyone under contract had to be pretty key. Now if they can make sure it isn’t the suckfest that Quantum of Solace was, that would be great too.

I’m not necessarily a Lord of the Rings guy. I never read the books (shock) and even though I liked the movies a good deal, it was never enough to start walking around barefoot or infuse “Precious” into my daily vocabulary. Let’s just say if I was doing a career-retrospective interview with Sean Astin, I’d ask him about the LOTR trilogy, like, fifth behind Goonies, Rudy, his 10 episodes of 24 and his Rudy-satire guest star spot on My Name is Earl. I might even throw Like Father, Like Son in there to shake things up because I still quote one of his lines from that in everyday use (“Might as well finish her off!”). I think it would even be more worth it to ask him about his reeeeeedunkulous lisp in 50 First Dates. Plus, when I hear “Gandalf,” I immediately think of the Friends episode with unseen college friend Gandalf, not the LOTR wizard. Anyway, I’m not an LOTR fanatic — but even I’d be cheesed off if anyone else other than Ian McKellen played Gandalf. Whether he realizes it or not — and I think he does, this sounds more like an attempt to be humble than anything — he’s integral to the character and the movie probably wouldn’t be the same without him. One other thing to note — it seems like he’s already feeling old and crotchety at 71. So if Fox is looking for him to reprise his Magneto character in an X-Men spinoff, they should probably get on that tout suite. Seems like it’s better served as an origin story with a younger character, but the chances of McKellen coming back for Magneto seems like they just went from slim to none. Not that the movie was happening anyway.

How not to emcee and event, by Armond White, movie reviewer for something called the New York Press. Every movie reviewer has their own opinions, which is fine. They’re paid for that. But when they are purposefully combatant to the people they review, that’s going too far. The unspoken, or maybe it’s spoken by now, rule with reviewers and movie people is that an opinion is just that, an opinion, and when you get out in to the world everyone can play nice in the sandbox. This Armond White character has been purposefully belligerent to those who take swipes at him in the past and now has gone a step further by humiliating the people he’s supposed to be objectively reviewing. When you make yourself a character in something like this, you’re just grandstanding, taking all objectivity out of the equation and destroying your credibility. The sad part is I agree with parts of some of his bad reviews this year for Black Swan and Kids Are All Right (I’m trying to compile a bunch of quick reviews for Friday or Monday), but now I’m doubting myself because the guy seems like a total kook. Notice I didn’t link to his reviews or the paper, it’s not worth it.

at least one new show this year is good

at least one new show this year is good

Of every network TV show that came out in the fall only one has made it into my regular TV viewing schedule — Raising Hope. So it’s comforting to know it’s been renewed for a second season next year. Now the problem becomes finding a suitable programming partner to give Fox a legitimate comedy block. Since That 70s Show ended, Fox has been utterly horrible in developing non-animated sitcom humor either by going the traditional three-camera, laugh-track route or in the now-popular single-camera, no-laugh-track format. The closest thing it’s had to success was the horrid ‘Til Death, which became a running punchline for how long it was able to stay around on the Fox schedule. If I had the time or inclination, I’d count all the Fox sitcom failures in the last five years that included everything from much-hyped (Kelsey Grammer’s Back to You) to critically loved (last year’s Sons of Tucson) to a mixture of both (this season’s Running Wilde). But I don’t, so just know there were tons. You could even trace it back to the ultimate failure of Arrested Development, which ran on Fox for three years in approximately 4,723 different time slots because Fox could never find the right show to mix it with. Hopefully the network will come up with something worthy of a pair with Raising Hope.

The 2010-11 TV season has been a complete dud, but there is hope for next season already — even if it’s coming from a show that was supposed to be part of this season’s schedule. Fox finally is ready to release the high-concept, Jurassic-Park-meets-Avatar type show Terra Nova with a two-night premiere in May to get us all excited for the show before making us wait another couple months for it to continue. It worked with Glee in 2009 — not so much last year with Good Guys. The show is supposedly one of the most expensive ever made and has spent two years in development before Fox was ready to put it on the schedule. It might have been the best move ever since this season has been replete with stinkiosity and Terra Nova could have easily been lumped right into that group. Then again, if there’s a turnaround next season, it could be swallowed up underneath everything else that’s good. Let’s just settle on “good move” for now, especially if the show just wasn’t ready to be aired. Better to take your time with something this expensive than to rush it and end up with another FlashForward.

As a movie music junkie, a list of films defined by the music of one artist is like the sweetest form of crack to me. Problem is, it’s not a complete list, and the ones that are on there don’t really fit that mold. Three in particular — Magnolia, Virgin Suicides and Good Will Hunting — shouldn’t be on there because the scenes with music by other artists are so prevalent and memorable. When I think of Good Will Hunting music, I think of two songs: Baker Street by the now late George Rafferty and Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band. Someone thought Afternoon Delight was either important or funny enough to include it in the closing credits, so it must have been important in defining the movie. Magnolia’s original music of Aimee Mann was incredible, I owned the soundtrack at one time. But when you’re thinking of the movie, the first musical name that comes to your head is Supertramp. Virgin Suicides is a little more forgivable, but my lasting impression of that movie is the prom scene with ELO’s Strange Magic playing. There are probably dozens of soundtracks that didn’t amke the list and belonged on there, but the first one that comes to my head is Prince doing the entire Batman soundtrack. And just in case you don’t know Aimee Mann’s work from Magnolia …


Let’s see, how small can C. Thomas Howell’s part in the Spider-Man reboot be? Maybe as small as Hal Sparks’ elevator role in Spider-Man 2, only not as funny? Maybe he’s going to be Marc Webb’s version of Bruce Campbell and appear as a new character in every sequel? Or maybe he’ll be high school teacher who gets punched in the head by Flash Thompson? Whatever. It’s amazing this small of casting news makes headlines.

let's all start preparing ourselves for the reality that fringe doesn't have much time left

let's all start preparing ourselves for the reality that fringe doesn't have much time left

It’s time to be realistic about the future of Fringe. No matter how much Fox tries to tell us that the move to Fridays starting next week isn’t a complete death blow to the show, all of us Fringe fans better start getting it through our heads — it is a death blow. For Fox to expect Fringe to get any kind of ratings, it will take a collective change in American viewing habits, like, right now. It took CBS years to establish its Friday lineup. Smallville and Supernatural succeed there because nothing is expected of them. But Fox has been particularly unsuccessful in establishing a Friday night presence, as evidenced by Dollhouse. It’s just not going to work, and we all need to start coming to terms with the fact that Fringe just isn’t long for this life or any life in the alternate universe. This is going to come to present a major problem in a couple months when, even though the writing is on the wall, the show comes up with another fantastic season finale that will have no resolution when it’s canceled a couple weeks later. Predicting a dire future that you know will come true sucks.

Didn’t watch The Game last night because I never watched an episode when it was on the WB or UPN or CW or whatever it was on, so it doesn’t hold much interest to me (apparently it held the interest of many others). But it’s impressive that two years after cancellation, BET revived the show with original episodes, and that all the originals from the show — including Coby Bell, who’s now on Burn Notice as Jesse — decided to sign back up. Yes, believe it or not, Tia Mowry was available! Apparently the Sister, Sister revival isn’t going as swimmingly as The Game. The only instance I can think of something like this happening, where the rerun ratings on cable were so high that someone wanted to make a go at new episodes, is Family Guy. That’s worked out pretty darn well.

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