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The Genius of the Weinsteins

It’s one of those things looking back now that makes you say, “Duh.” In September, when The King’s Speech screened at the Toronto Film Festival, there was best picture buzz, but it was scant. That was about the same time that Social Network came out and stole every ounce of the Oscar talk — rightfully so. [...]

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Oscar Picks, and Charlie Sheen is Untouchable

Before we get to Oscar picks: Apparently all it takes to get me interested in this Charlie Sheen thing is him standing over the CBS studios with an atomic bomb in his back pocket laughing manically while he thinks about dropping — and then does. For the last couple months, I couldn’t have cared less about [...]

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Talkin’ Oscar

Little short on time, but yesterday was probably the first time I was in the same room with two Oscar nominees. Or at least two Oscar nominees five days before the Oscars in which they’re nominated. That happened yesterday at Honesdale High School of all places, where Mark Ruffalo (best supporting actor for Kids Are [...]

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Cancellation bombs Will Be Dropped — Soon

Monday links on a slow news day: OK, so I didn’t explicitly say it, but when I predicted we’d get five movies over the weekend to debut over $20 million, I meant the entire holiday weekend, which includes today. So when the top five movies through Sunday ranged between $21.8 million and $17 million, they’ll [...]

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Staying Positive Today, Promise

The other day I said I was gonna keep it positive, but that ended after about a minute. So I’m gonna try again today, and I’m gonna make it easier on myself by endorsing three things I’m very into right now: Vampire Diaries. I think I’m ready to admit I’m more into this show than [...]

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Sequels: A Necessary Evil

Yet another attempt to clean out the inbox and the supply you with some time wasting links: Wanna hear something thoroughly unsurprising? 2011 will see more sequels hit theaters than any other year. Normally, this is where I shake my head at the American movie-going public and go into convulsions under my desk. But I’m in a [...]

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So Who Was That Lady?

As much as I try, I can’t watch everything. Oh, how I try. But luckily, I have my trusty readers to back me up and the good ol’ Internet to prove them right. So special thanks go out to one East Stroudsburg reader (not sure if he wants me throwing out his name, but thanks!) who [...]

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Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh … You Get the Picture

Been letting some links pile up too long, sorry. Especially this first one that could only be referred to as the greatest pop culture news of the year so far: There are a couple things I’d like to see come back that I think can be successful if given the right opportunity. Willie Aames. Mike Schmidt. Quarter [...]

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Ratings the Awards Shows

When CBS airs the 53rd Grammy Awards on Sunday, it will be the show’s 53rd attempt at getting it right — because the show still doesn’t have the right formula. It’s not alone, since in the dearth of entertainment industry awards shows, there are very few that have gotten it right. Here’s a look at [...]

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Friday Night Lights in TV History

I’ve watched literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of TV series in my life. I’ve blown off most of them after a few viewings (most recent example: the horrific Perfect Couples). Followed a couple hundred, tuned in on a weekly basis for about a hundred and stringently followed about 50.  Then there are those final 20 or [...]

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