Super Bowl Hangover

I’ve been out of touch with the world for a couple days, so I’m learning about all this stuff as I write it, enjoy the sports-related links:

the packers won. right? they won, didn't they?

the packers won. right? they won, didn't they?

The Super Bowl is barely about football anymore. It’s only about football to the fans of the teams playing. Even actual football fans that like other teams are more worried about the words Christina Aquilera missed, what Fergie was wearing, what the ratings were and what commercial was best. That’s plain insanity. Football is still the most popular sport in America, which makes it the most popular sport in the world. Yeah, that’s right soccer, I said most popular sport in the world! Anyway, I was driving home from the Philadelphia area during kickoff and most of the first half. There were so few people on the road, it was like driving on Christmas Eve at 10 at night. It’s amazing how the Super Bowl makes the world stop, when most people, if you put a gun to their head, say they don’t even care that much about football. Personally, I hate the Super Bowl even though I love football. I watched about 20 minutes of it last night, but mostly caught up on Office and Parks and Recreation episodes I missed, and slept. I realized in the morning my man card was in jeopardy of being taken away when I audibly uttered for anyone to hear, “The only reason I’d be watching the Super Bowl is to see when it’s over so I know when Glee is starting.” I still stand by that statement. This year was a little different because I have actual, palpable distaste for both Pittsburgh and Green Bay, so I reallllly had no intention of watching it. But I’ve always felt the same way about the Super Bowl that I do about the Olympics — it brings people into the sports world that don’t belong there and who 99 percent of the time would chastise me for being so helplessly and thoroughly invested in sports.

im thiking wolverine makes more sense for the lakers

im thiking wolverine makes more sense for the lakers

That’s probably my quota for sports rants for one month even though the overhype of the NBA All-Star Game is only a couple weeks away. Speaking of the NBA, one last sports thing, I swear — Marvel is teaming up with the league to pair its teams with Marvel comic book heroes. They did something similar in ESPN the Magazine a couple months ago. Looks like the only thing we know for sure is that the Spider-Man will be with Knicks and The Hulk will be with the Celtics. Everyone else is going hunting. I feel bad for a team like the Cavs or Memphis, they’re going to get the dregs of the Marvel heroes. Once stars like Thor (the Mavs?), Captain America (Sixers?) and Daredevil (Heat?) are doled out, you’re left with some pretty unknown characters. In a list of the most popular Marvel characters, when you get down to 25 through 30, you’re looking at characters like Sub-Mariner, Nova and She-Hulk. Oops. And that’s if you include villains, but can the NBA afford to do that? Do you think it would go over very well if the Heat or Lakers were assigned villains? I’m guessing no.

OK, no more sports. Wait, this is kinda sports, we got the first look at the Captain America trailer during the Super Bowl last night amid a sea of other trailers. Most of them already had debuts, but the Captain America trailer was the one we have seen nothing from. It was only 30 seconds long, but hey, anything is better than nothing. Since we’ve gotten pretty much no previews or footage from this movie, it’s about time we got something.

It’s certainly not terrible, and there’s nothing in here that would make me say I won’t see this movie. There’s just nothing in there that gets me very excited to go and see it. The first time I remember being completely awed by a 30-second Super Bowl movie spot was for Die Hard with a Vengeance, but that was more because it was Die Hard, not because it was the best TV commercial. If they showed John McClane reading National Geographic for 30 seconds, I would have said it was astounding. Captain America just isn’t doing it for me yet. Iron Man wasn’t doing it for me until the trailer blew me away, then I was all in. Maybe Captain America’s full trailer will be better — if we ever see it.

Super 8 is a little different. We already have a pre-conceived notion about Captain America, we already know if we’re excited about it or not, Marvel has to wow us to force us in one direction or the other with the trailers. The JJ Abrams-Steven Speilberg movie Super 8 has to come out and wow us from the start so that we’re on board five months before it comes out. I’m not necessarily wowed, I just don’t think that’s possible in 30 seconds. But I will say I’m more interested in it than I was before. My big concern is that it looks a lot like War of the Worlds or Godzilla, and I wasn’t a fan of either of those. 

Might as well finish her off today with a sports rant, then I won’t even mention spring training starting in a week. A couple months ago, I was out with my brothers and when we went to a local place that is usually pretty quiet and accessible and sports-minded — three musts for me — we were told of the $5 cover because of the “fight.” I immediately thought I missed Tyson’s comeback announcement or something, but was told it was an MMA fight. So we left, but when the doorman said, “So you guys don’t care about the fight?” We said no, and he let us right in. Out of curiosity, I watched, waiting for the exciting part. And I waited. And I waited … never happened. Apparently it was dubbed the worst one ever, people were booing at the end. Couldn’t even begin to tell you which one it was, it was sometime like summer or fall. Then this weekend, I was in Virginia Beach with my brothers again. On Friday night, we were at a place that had everything we look for in a bar — good specials, plenty of room, NTN trivia and the NBA package so we could watch the Sixers game. Perfect! So we decided to go back Saturday night — without knowing that everyone and their brother would be there because of an MMA fight. They had the NTN trivia turned off, they soon turned off all the basketball games were watching, there were no places to sit and we couldn’t go anywhere else because our ride already left. Basically, it was a nightmare from start to finish. We tried to watch, but didn’t see anything nearly exciting, only more people pouring in to the bar wearing Tap Out gear, some of the ugliest clothes since Theo’s Gordon Gartrell. Damn you, MMA.

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