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Been letting some links pile up too long, sorry. Especially this first one that could only be referred to as the greatest pop culture news of the year so far:

There are a couple things I’d like to see come back that I think can be successful if given the right opportunity. Willie Aames. Mike Schmidt. Quarter beer night. But of anything that could come back, the easiest success one with the best shot of success is this — Beavis and Butthead are coming back and there hasn’t been a Michael Scott approved win-win-win like this since Charlie Sheen decided to shut out the porn stars in his life.

Just look at all the people about to make out like the fattest rats on the planet:

and here's another thing bob ... i have 8 bosses!

and here's another thing bob ... i have 8 bosses! maybe that's why i can't get a movie to hit at the box office.

CREATOR MIKE JUDGE: He hasn’t had a non-B&B hit since the two metalheads left MTV. I’m not counting King of the Hill in there since Hank Hill kinda sorta came from B&B. Office Space became a cult hit, but it failed miserably at the theaters when it was released in the mid 90s. His two movies since then — Idiocracy and Extract — flopped. Maybe The Goode Family — a failed experiment of an ABC animated show — was the last straw before Judge said, “I know I said I never would, but if this tanks, I’m going back to Beavis and Butthead. I have a mortgage to pay, dammit!”

MTV: This was as much of a no-brainer as Jersey Shore season 4. The network is bleeding credibility and has been for years, it’s a complete and utter joke that it still holds the video awards when it doesn’t show videos. Problem is, no one watches videos. So when No Doubt comes to them with a new video asking for airplay, MTV has two questions: “Where?” and “Why?” Now they have answers to both of those questions: “We can put it on Beavis and Butthead and maybe they’ll decide to make fun of it.”

THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: It is dyyyyyiiiiinnnngggg a slow, painful, but not unforeseen death and needs exposure anywhere it can get it. Artists will have no problem with two cartoon degenerates making fun of their videos — just as long as those videos are getting on MTV again. Even better, now MTV will have the foresight to say, “If you want it on, we can play it on DVD.” That reminds me …

THE DVD INDUSTRY: Ever try to watch Beavis and Butthead on DVD? It’s brutal. I feel really, really sorry for the poor suckers who bought the DVDs without knowing MTV couldn’t pay the royalty costs each music video would have demanded. So they’re left with the cartoons and nothing else. Which sucks because about 90 percent of the time, the videos were the funniest part of the show. Even if the main action of the episode was funny, when you watch it without the videos it seems … off. Like it’s lost all its rhythm. Since DVD sales are in the bottom of the toilet looking up at a random floater, anything is an improvement. New episodes of Beavis and Butthead with the videos intact when they get to DVD could be a goldmine. Unless MTV is dumb enough to forget to have the artists sign off on DVD royalties. Since this is the network that continues to bring us From G’s to Gents, anything’s possible.

good luck topping the first vegas go-around

good luck topping the first vegas go-around

Frequent readers will know I Loathe — and that is a capital L — reality TV. It’s killing the creative TV medium. But there is one reality show I do watch every year — The Real World. I’ve seen at least parts of every season, but there are three that stick out for me as the very best — the first New York season, the Boston season and the Las Vegas season. The Las Vegas reunion didn’t work the way MTV would have liked, but it’s the city they should revisit probably once every five years. It’s a no-brainer. If you didn’t revisit cities, you’re a couples years away from Real World: Bushkill. Pretty sure no one wants to see that. So it came as a great comfort to me that MTV is going back to Las Vegas for this year’s Real World, starting March 9. Saaaaahhhhh-weeeeeettttttt!!! And from the trailer, it doesn’t disappoint, although there hasn’t been a disappointing Real World trailer since the failed experiment of having the show somewhere in Siberia.

More trailer talk! This doesn’t seem to be making much noise around the Web, but the first X-Men trailer is out. I’m a huge X-Men fan, loved the comic, loved the cartoons, loved the movies and I want to get excited for this one. But I just can’t seem to. I was hoping the trailer would do something for that, but it didn’t. It’s good enough, it just doesn’t seem to have much going for it. Seems like there’s just too much going on, with too many new characters and actors in those characters to get used to. That’s impossible to get around with the X-Men franchise. The original movie debuted 10 good and evil mutants — one of whom (Toad) barely spoke — and added more as the series progressed. I count 12 in this one, plus Cyclops and Jean Grey aren’t listed even though it seems like they’re in the trailer. Marvel was criticized for using too many new mutant characters in Wolverine, and I think there were about 10 major ones. Shouldn’t Marvel be learning its lesson?

c'mon, really? we're worried about this now?

c'mon, really? we're worried about this now?

Does it ever get tiring taking the moral high ground 100 percent of the time and telling people why something is offensive? It must, right? The Glee actors — who are all like 25 — keep getting picked on for their sexy spreads and poses when they’re off the show. The latest Lea Michele one is pretty tame, but people still keep giving them grief about these photo shoots. No oen seems to care that the show they’re on, in the last two episodes, has somewhat promoted promiscuity, obesity and, umm, shooting a cheerleader out of a human cannon. Which is all fine because it’s done to bring those things to light and use them as a joke to show how dumb they are. But after all that, someone is actually worried about  a grown woman showing a little cleave? If you go to any nightclub in New York City  Incredible. I actually feel sorry for people who worry about this stuff all the time.

For some reason I started thinking the other day, “What the heck happened to the Red Dawn remake?” It was supposed to come out for last Thanksgiving. That ever happened and I didn’t remember hearing a word about it. It’s tough to remember what I did with questions like this back in the stone age of 1996 did — wait for Entertainment Weekly to come out and hope it had something in there about it??? — but I Googled “red dawn remake” and got an instant answer. It’s coming out this year. Maybe. Kinda. Sorta. I didn’t realize it was an MGM movie, so all release bets were off when the studio went into bankruptcy last year. There is no date yet, and only a tentative 2011 date — it could be longer. The movie was filmed in 2009 for a spring 2010 release that didn’t pan out, so if it doesn’t come out til 2012, you could be talking about actors who don’t even remember what it’s about. I can only imagine the Thanksgiving release date was there to capitalize on the hype around star Chris Hensworth as Thor, Adrianne Palicki in the canceled Lone Star and Josh Hutcherson on the DVD release of The Kids Are Alright. So yeah, none of that worked out. Maybe if Thor completely kills at the box office, we’ll see Red Dawn in September around the Thor DVD release.

Mel Gibson has always been horribly overrated to me, so when he went off the deep end, it didn’t really do that much to his damage his credibility with me. He’s got 48 movies on his IMDB page, and I’m a fan of exactly two of them — Maverick and Braveheart. Everything else I can take or leave. But for some reason, The Beaver seems extremely interesting. Now if it can only get released, he’ll be just fine.

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