So Who Was That Lady?

As much as I try, I can’t watch everything. Oh, how I try.

But luckily, I have my trusty readers to back me up and the good ol’ Internet to prove them right. So special thanks go out to one East Stroudsburg reader (not sure if he wants me throwing out his name, but thanks!) who gave me the heads up about a special guest at the Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday. Wait, it’s actually a special mystery guest, because we don’t know her name, so we need even more help from the readers:

The woman on the right unwittingly gave the Poconos a big shout out on Thursday. But ... who is she?

The woman on the right unwittingly gave the Poconos a big shout out on Thursday. But ... who is she?

Does anyone know this woman on the right???

Anyway, here’s what went down. Apparently before the show, Letterman was chatting up some of the audience members and found our mystery Poconos woman in the audience who was depressed about the state of the region for whatever reason. So he said he had two goals on the show around the 10:50 mark of the show video, which won’t let me embed (boooooooo CBS). He wanted to entertain America and “We have to help this woman from the Poconos.”

This led to a disucussion about the Poconos, with the typical New York City stereotypes — Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge, heart-shaped tubs, romance and the like. Letterman kept on it trying to make this woman feel better about living in the Poconos, and his quick-thinking staff even added it to the top 10 list of the night, “Hozni Murbarak Future Plans.” Around the 15:35 mark, the #9 plan is “Look for a place in the Poconos,” which then led to a shot of our mystery woman … again.

I'm pretty sure I don't get paid enough to listen to 12 minutes of snooki talking

I'm pretty sure I don't get paid enough to listen to 12 minutes of snooki talking

But wait, there’s more! This is the one that took a lot of work because I actually had to watch the interview with Snooki. I would have rather sift through a half-hour interview with Bernie Madoff looking for a Poconos mention than keeping all the sharp objects away from me while trying to listen to the truly vapid Snooki talk about slippers, her arrest record, Italy and vibrators. How anyone can find anything she says even remotely interesting is completely beyond me. But good for her for somehow carving out a career from being annoying and ugly. Anyhoo, Letterman joked at the 22:40 mark of the video that she should get a place in the Poconos and she said, “I love the Poconos.” Who knows if she was kidding, if she’s ever been here or could even point out Pennsylvania on the map if you gave her 49 guesses. But let’s just say that’s not showing up on the next Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau brochure: “Come to the Poconos! Snooki-approved!”  or “Snooki loves it, you can too!” Get working on that over there!

Anyway, I’d love to try and find that woman, who even though I’ve never talked to her, already is infinitely more interesting than anything Snooki would ever say. So I’m putting out the call — anyone who knows this woman who got some unexpected face time on Letterman last Thursday, get in touch with me so I can give her some local mention. Thanks everyone!

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