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How Long Does Jon Hamm Put up with This?

Wednesday links: It’s official — Mad Men isn’t coming back til next year. This should surprise exactly no one, it was the worst-kept secret of the last few weeks. The problem with this won’t have anything to do with the quality of the show next season or how the product is delivered overall. The problem [...]

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TV’s Most Influential

You won’t see many more subjective lists than this, Adweek’s 100 most influential shows of all time. It’s a decent list for the most part, but a frustrating one nonetheless. I feel for Adweek, they probably took months to put this list together and justify each pick, just like I had to do over the [...]

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Later, Lights

 Some links to get you to the weekend … The deck was stacked against Lights Out from the get-go. Boxing show. Starless. Slow-moving. TV shows like that just don’t have much success — and Lights Out never did. It’s a good show, better than most on TV now, but ultimately, just not good enough to [...]

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Sorry I Don’t Have More to Say About Elizabeth Taylor

Snowy Wednesday links: RIP Elizabeth Taylor. If you were born later than like 1970, you have to be a film buff to have seen her in anything because she fell off the acting map in the early 70s. FX isn’t exactly playing Cat on a Hot Tin roof twice a day like it shows Iron Man. The [...]

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If C. Thomas Howell’s Part Gets Cut, You Know Why

Straight links, and they’re long today to catch up with some big news of the weekend:  It’s an interesting phenomenon. We hear rumors so much and so often that we just tend to believe them. Like hearing about the villain in next year’s Spider-Man movie. For months, we’ve just assumed it’s going to be the [...]

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Finally, a Big News Day

Well it’s about time! There hasn’t been any good non-Charlie Sheen news around here in a while. We’re loaded today, right to it: The only news that could have been worse for the next Wolverine movie would be if Hugh Jackman got pinched for DUI then started popping middle fingers, shouting racial slurs at the officers and [...]

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Super 8 Gets a Trailer. A Real Trailer.

Wednesday morning links: See, was this so hard? JJ Abrams finally has released a full-length, full-disclosure kind of trailer for the summer event movie Super 8. That’s about eight months since the original WTF teaser trailer turned people against the movie and started the Internet buzzing about it. OK, turned me against the movie. It’s already got [...]

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The Short Road to Obscurity

You can’t watch an episode of Dukes of Hazzard anymore. It’s impossible to enjoy an old Love Boat episode. It looks like NBC made Miami Vice in some kind of Miami-based time warp. At the time, we watched those TV shows like the networks were crack dealers and we needed our fix. They gave us whatever we [...]

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Make It Your Best Parade Day

Every year I write this blog post, and every year I start it with one of my favorite movie quotes. It’s Tom Sizemore from Striking Distance making a sarcastic dig at the Pittsburgh policeman’s ball after getting his face kicked in by his cousin’s cousins as fireworks explode in the background: “Best day of the year! Better than [...]

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Who Benefits from Charlie Sheen?

Just so everyone knows, coming Friday will be my annual primer for Scranton’s Parade Day, which has now become one of the biggest days in Northeast Pennsylvania. Judging by what I see every year, people still need a cheat sheet for how to go about the whole thing. To the links: Looking for someone who will [...]

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