Future Currently Bright at Mountain Laurel (we hope)

There will be plenty of time to criticize the abridged lineup the Mountain Laurel Pocono Mountains Performing Arts Center will be putting on this summer. Plenty of time.

does he still do the whole git r done schtick? aren't we all over that yet?

does he still do the whole git r done schtik? aren't we all over that yet?

But for now, let’s all just sit back and be completely thankful and grateful that someone, anyone, has enough balls to take a chance on what I’m sure they’ve been told is a losing proposition. What is probably the most troubled entertainment venue in recent Pennsylvania history now has another chance. What is that, like its fourth chance? Sixth? Have we hit double digits yet?

Trying to figure out that place is like trying to figure out advanced calculus. In the end, it just makes your head hurt. I covered all of its craziness for about three years, and that was plenty. I broke the final post-mortem of the center in 2008, wrote stories about the small resurgence later that year but hadn’t heard anything about the place in about two years or so. Nothing solid, at least. Just wild rumors that spanned everything from “There is going to be a bulldozer there tomorrow” to “Springsteen will be playing there to reopen it!” So I learned to just ignore the rumor mill up there.

But good for Record reporter Beth Brelje for sticking with it and finding out what’s going on up there, or at the very least, getting us the list of who’s playing when. Who cares that when you go on the venue’s Ticketmaster page — from a link on the center’s own page, mind you — the KISS show wasn’t even listed on Wednesday and the Larry the Cable Guy showactually came up as Frankie Valli and The Beach Boys? (It’s been corrected by Wednesday morning.) Or that the venue is still listed as the “Tom Ridge Pavilion.” Or that I entered my e-mail to get updates on their website a couple weeks ago, but didn’t hear a peep when they announced the schedule Wednesday.

We can solve those things later, right?

Umm, right?

For now, let’s just keep it (mostly) positive and be thankful another sucker management group wants to take a shot at bringing top-flight entertainment to the Poconos and wish them the best. The Larry the Cable Guy and Frankie Valli/Beach Boys shows go on sale Thursday morning, by the by.

Links, please:

the end is coming

the end is coming

We’re about to start seeing more stories like this, what it was like on Steve Carell’s last day on The Office. Whether people in the cast liked him or hated him, they should have been thanking him profusely. This was a cast of complete unknowns at the start of the show. Now no less than five cast members are bona fide stars another two or three now will have a career as character actors and everyone else in the cast has exposure they never would have. Steve Carell is going to be responsible for about 10 Hollywood careers.

If you liked Sunday’s premiere of Game of Thrones, you’re in luck — it’s already been renewed for a second season. That’s a good feeling as a viewer because you can easily watch a show, love it, but then always have it in the back of your head that it has the chance of being canceled. I thought Lone Star was a pretty good show after the pilot in September, but when I saw the ratings, I knew it was doomed so I stopped watching. Then again, you can be pleasantly surprised sometimes. Since it moved to Fridays, I had been watching Fringe under the assumption that it would be canceled, and that I should enjoy the end of the show. But then Fox went ahead and renewed it for a full season next year. It’s all part of the roller coaster ride of being a fan of good TV. If you enjoy the ride, get in line again. If it’s too much for you, watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or CSI. There really isn’t a wrong answer, but try and guess which one I respect more?

mister sunshine, yay

mister sunshine, yay

For those who like that roller coaster ride and enjoying the highs enough to deal with the lows, it’s probably time to start the low part and worry about whether your favorite show is coming back. 25 shows on this list, and there isn’t one I’d miss. When I get around to watching them, I enjoy, in this order, Nikita, Mr. Sunshine, Lie to Me and Chuck, but wouldn’t for one second miss any of them if they’re gone. To me, Mr. Sunshine is the safest on this list just because it seems like ABC wants to launch another night of comedy. Instead of just debuting four new comedies, it’s probably better to have a known comedy with a known comedy commodity than just to take another chance on something like Better With You. Plus, I’ve found myself lately at random times singing to myself, “Mister Sunshine, yay!” So maybe it’s like “Co-stanza” in the style of “By Mennen.” It just needs some time to sink around in your head before you realize you like it.

One show not on that list that I’ve been thinking is going to have a hard time making it to next season is The Good Wife. I’ve contended for a couple months now that the demo ratings are just too low to give it an easy renewal shot. But now comes the news that CBS could renew it not just for next year, but for the year after that too. Not that anyone at the show is saying, “In your face, Sadowski, you tool!” but if it’s renewed, I’ll be more than happy to admit I was wrong because it’s a good show and deserves to stay on the air.

But Chaos? That’s gone. Not that you’d even notice since its ratings were worse than bad and teetered on the side of “catastrophic.” Now I’m kind of angry that I had to waste a total of about an hour or two of my life seeing constant in-game chaos ads during the NCAA Tournament. Thanks a ton.

maybe if keri russell wasn't so unfunny, more people would have watched

maybe if keri russell wasn't so unfunny, more people would have watched

Running Wilde is coming back for a final stand, but won’t be coming back for next year. The show was pulled from Fox’s lineup last fall, bumped around into about five or six different time slots, then finally disappeared. Not saying it didn’t deserve it, since the ratings were terrible. but at least Fox sees the value in the show and is burning off the final four episodes on FX. Why not? FX right now has only two original shows playing, and when Archer ends this week, it will only have one (Justified, which is ending soon). Running Wilde takes the place of Archer on Thursdays, and fills in the comedy block. If you haven’t watched yet, don’t bother, you won’t get it and you probably don’t want to. For the three of us that watched and liked the show, this is pretty good news. I’ve actually wondered why Fox doesn’t do this more often, run its shows on FX when it needs to or when it can. It used to do that to promote shows like 24 and Prison Break, but it seems to have stopped that completely. FX has worked pretty hard to build an identity, so I can see why they wouldn’t want to just take Fox’s sloppy seconds.

It’s easy to be tired of the origin story on screen, but if you’re already tired of it, boy are you in for a tough couple years. We’ve got nothing but origin stories coming this summer for Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America and next year for The Avengers, Spider-Man and probably Superman. The only thing coming in the next two years that isn’t an comic book movie origin story is Dark Knight Rises next year.

might have to think about making plans to see it

might have to think about making plans to see it

Marvel is always pretty confident in its power to churn out blockbusters, and why shouldn’t it be? Since X-Men in 2000, only one of its comic book characters that have been turned into a movie skipped a sequel/reboot. Poor Daredevil! Although it’s getting a reboot anyway. So It’s not surprising in the slightest that both Thor and Captain America already are getting the sequel treatment. Marvel likes to get its sequels out in two years (like it did with Iron Man) so to make a good movie, you have to get cracking on that thing. Iron Man 2 almost got submarined by prolonged negotiations, so it probably didn’t want to go through that again. Get those scripts ready, and get the principals signed. Thor is a 90 on Rotten Tomatoes right now, btw.

Pfew! We made it! The robots haven’t taken over! It’s not exactly like looking outside at 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2000, and realizing planes aren’t falling out of the sky, but it’s comforting to know that James Cameron isn’t some kind of weird, Nostradamus-like sage.

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