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I’m prefectly OK that this new Criticis Choice Television Awards thing pretty much reads like my weekly viewing calendar. If that makes me snooty, so be it.

fringe deserves and demands your respect

fringe deserves and demands your respect

Sixteen of the 20 nominated shows are in my rotation — even if I really soured on Louie by the end of the first season and am still debating whether I’ll watch this year. And I’m a season behind on Dexter because I don’t have Showtime. I’m especially happy for The Middle and Fringe. For whatever reason, neither of them get the kind of praise I think they deserve. But instead of talk about how awesome the listed shows are with the same kinds of praise I’ve heaped on them 1000 times over, here are five shows that didn’t get best show nominations but warrant mention:

South Park: It is no longer the funniest show on TV. That’s obvious. And after 16 years, maybe we have seen enough of it. But if you watch an episode of South Park and an episode of Big Bang Theory back-to-back and you’re laughing more at Big Bang Theory than you are at South Park, there is probably something wrong with you. Like, go to a doctor wrong.

Simpsons: Ditto. I’m rediscovering The Simpsons lately because my 2-year-old has become a big fan. She’s learned that questions like, “Can I watch Wonder Pets?” will get a hesitant and an annoyed, “Maybe later.” She wisely has deciphered into a big fat no. But when she asks, “Can I watch a Simpsons episode?” I can’t turn the DVD player on fast enough. The other day she asked me who gave me hair on my chest and I said, “God.” She looked at me weird for a second and said, “Sideshow Bob?” So either we’re watching too much Simpsons, not going to Mass enough or a little bit of both.

let's get them some parts, huh?

let's get them some parts, huh?

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Down season, but it’s interesting to note how after six seasons, supporting actor nominee Charlie Day has become the breakout guy of the show’s four stars. He’s been the Fonz/Urkel/Balki character of the show since day 1, so it’s easy to see why he would have broken out. But why did it take six years? Just in the last year he got his first major supporting movie role (Going the Distance) and has his second, more high-profile movie role next month (Horrible Bosses). And why exactly did the other four not break out? They’re not the greatest actors in the world, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t be getting offers to be a third or fourth banana comic relief roles in some stupid Amanda Seyfried romantic comedy. Like, Dennis surely could have pulled off the “funny but insanely weird guy at the office” role in The Dilemma. Maybe they need to fire their agents and hit up O’Day’s.

Sons of Anarchy: Katey Sagal gets a nomination, but not the show. I’m fine with that since season 3 was completely uneven and drawn out. It would have been a really good seven-episode year, but at 13 was too much.

Breaking Bad: One of these kids is doing his own thing … but I think there’s a reason for this. It looks like we’re talking about eligibility from the end of May 2010 to the end of May 2011 and Breaking Bad’s third season was pretty much over by then. So if you’re wondering why it didn’t get nominated, I would imagine that’s why. This seems like a good a place as any to say season 1 of Breaking Bad is officially in my Blockbuster queue and I’m planning on blowing through it before season 4 starts on July 17. So there, Phelps. This will be helped by an early July stay in the hospital with my wife after daughter #2 is scheduled to arrive on July 9.

a trailer champ

a trailer champ

But when it comes to the Emmys, it’s going to be tough to crack the top three of Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men and The Walking Dead. The Good Wife is a pretty good bet, and maybe, possibly, hopefully Friday Night Lights gets a farewell nomination. As much as I hate Vince’s dad and hope only bad things for him, this season has been (was) simply incredible.

Pretty good list of best use of music in trailers, with two glaring omissions: the Creep cover sung by a boys choir from the Social Network trailer and the jarring score of the Inception trailer. Maybe even the John Williams score from Phantom Menace, which was so good they turned it into a video. Essentially, it was an extra trailer, but it was #1 on MTV’s TRL for a week or so, if I remember correctly. I’ve said it before, but when I open the Movie Trailer Hall of Fame, Social Network and Inception are unanimous first-ballot entrants like Ty Cobb and Walter Johnson. It’s indisputable. And the reason they’re so good is because of the music.

The reason all that trailer music talk got started in the first place is because of the recent release of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trailer. That’s because it’s incredibly awesome. It’s a different vision and version of the Social Network trailer’s music, an amazing cover of a great song setting up the movie. So maybe this is how David Fincher is going to put all his trailers together. My knowledge of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs starts and ends with Gold Lion, but on the strength of Karen O’s Immigrant Song cover, I’m thinking of buying up their entire catalogue. there should be some kind of Constitutional amendment stating that Fincher and Trent Reznor must work together for the rest of their lives. The beauty of this trailer is that even though it’s about 500 split-second movie stills and nothing more, it gives fans of the book trilogy and the original Swedish movies exactly what they need to see: That Daniel Craig is a completely different person than James Bond, that the setting is just as cold, dreary and depressing as it should be, and that the rape scene is in there. How graphic said rape scene will be, we’re not sure. But I was definitely worried it would be toned down for American audiences. I’m sure it will, but at least it’s in there. TRAILER GRADE: A

I don’t care if Christian Bale did win his Oscar for The Fighter — I don’t see him coming back for Fighter 2. Maybe I’m off base, but it seems like he’s had his fill of sequels and franchises, right? He’s already said he’s not really planning on coming back for a Batman 4, and the Terminator failure had to leave a somewhat bad taste in his mouth. He’s more of a thesp, not a money grabber, right? Then again, I’m pretty sure everyone is a money grabber until I’m proven wrong. So maybe he’s already signed for Fighter 2, who knows. But without Bale, I’m not very excited for a sequel. Not sure how he got a supporting nomination, he was the movie. Bale and director David O. Russell, two of Hollywood’s most volatile personalities, made it through one movie together seemingly unscathed. Why would anyone want to push their luck with a second?

Let’s all just prepare for another Indiana Jones movie. Let’s all just ready ourselves, temper our expectations and head to the theater whenever we damn well please. Then we won’t blow a night’s rest to go to the midnight show and then not be able to fall asleep until 5:30 because you’re trying to figure out if it’s better to picket theaters or firebomb Skywalker Ranch as the best way to show your disgust for the movie (Wait, who did that? Oh right, me.).

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