Oscar Changes, Local Reality Stars, Avengers and the Fate of Some Famous TV Shows

That’s right, it’s all here today. But before we get into it, don’t forget about the KISS ticket contest! We’re taking 100-word essays on why you’re the biggest KISS fan until June 22, a week from today.

Couple local notes:

good luck jj!

good luck jj!

Be sure to check out a Pocono Mountain grad on TV tonight on the premiere of Rocco’s Dinner Party at 11 p.m. on Bravo. Talked to JJ Johnson yesterday, seems like a really nice guy.

I’ve never seen more than a total of 5 minutes of Survivor in about 450 episodes — but even I think it’s cool that they’re doing a casting call for it at Mount Airy tomorrow. Good luck to anyone that wants to try out. I think I might go up there with a video camera seeing if I can get people to eat ants as practice for going on the show.

Got a note from Split Rock that they’ve changed the usual date for their Wine Fest. Usually it’s the last week of June, this year it’s going to be this weekend. Adjust your calendars thusly. Getting loaded on Father’s Day? I’m in. Though I think I’m still recovering from the beer fest I went to at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown a couple weeks ago.


there have been worse ideas

there have been worse ideas

Not that anyone saw it coming, but it seems like Oscar’s decision to only take “up to” 10 best picture nominationsis a pretty good one. We criticize other awards shows (*cough* Grammys *cough cough*) for not changing or just sticking with their long-standing awards process, but the Oscars are by far the stuffiest of all the entertainment awards and the people in charge there are totally cool saying, “Sorry, our bad” and changing a system that wasn’t working. Oscar nomination day is one of my favorite days of the year, but it was completely boring this year. I was mouthing the best picture nominations before they came on screen. It’s not that any of them weren’t deserving of being considered one of the 10 best movies of the year. They were just so vanilla and so predictable that it took all the fun out of it. No one should have felt snubbed, because it seemed like every movie that should have been there was there (though my list would have put in Blue Valentine, The Town and probably I Love You, Phillip Morris over Toy Story 3, The Kids Are All Right and King’s Speech). It would have been an interesting argument this year to see seven nominees named then hear the presenter say, “That is all” while something like Black Swan got shut out. If nothing else, it will be much more drama during the Oscar announcement. I’d like to see Angelina Jolie make the announcements next year and have Tree of Life not get nominated. Then she has to deal with her husband asking her, “What, it wasn’t good enough? You couldn’t just cheat and say it? What were they gonna take, take the nomination back? You chickens—!

The Green Lantern reviews are starting to come in and … they’re not good. I was afraid of that. On the bright side, even the bad reviews are saying how cool of a visual movie it is. So there’s that. It seems like there are a lot of people’s jobs on the line with this movie. Like, if it bombs, the head of the movie division at Warner Bros. is going to get fired or something a month away from the opening of the last Harry Potter and will forever be bitter at Ryan Reynolds. In like five years he’ll go on camera and do some kind of Pig Vomit/Virus routine like in the credits for Private Parts (which criminally isn’t on YouTube).

Seeing as next Christmas is probably the next time I’m going to be able to get to the theaters, it’s shaping up to be a pretty good little movie time. Add the next Quentin Tarantino movie to the pile of stuff coming out (also includes the last Twilight and the next James Bond movie in November). The next Superman was supposed to be another Holiday 2012 entrant, but you have to imagine that will move to at least Summer 2013 now.  

a little too much

a little too much

I speak for just about every net nerd when I say I’m all for wanting to know everything I can about Dark Knight Rises. But if this is how it’s gonna be for the next year, making big stories out of what the next Batsuit is going to look like, then I might stick my head in an oven before next July. Whadjaya think, they were gonna put nipples on it again? It won’t be that much different, and the majority of people aren’t going to know the difference if it is. So let’s bring it down a notch or two. thanks in advance.

Maybe the frustration comes out of the already-crazy amounts of minor leaks coming from Avengers, like getting a look at the so-called first poster. Seriously? You think this is the first poster? It’s a drawing! An effing drawing! It’s nothing more than glorified fan art! If you get turned on by a leather-clad Scarlett Johansson, that’s cool. Go watch Iron Man 2, drool all over your remote and tell yourself you have a chance since her and Ryan Reynolds are broken up. But if this poster does it for you, then you might as well watch Japanese anime porn or something.

hopefully there will be a new partner for her in season 2

hopefully there will be a new partner for her in season 2

AMC has decided to re-up with The Killing, even though I may be ready to check out. I completely get what they’re doing with it, I’m just not on board. When I used to beg people to come back to Mad Men after they dropped out, the response was always the same: “Nothing happens.” Holy poop if you think nothing happens in Mad Men, then I’d suggest building a 10-foot pole just so you can use it to stay away from The Killing. AMC got its shows backward this season. The Killing should have been a six-episode miniseries type thing, and Walking Dead should have been a 12-episode season. It’s tempting not to watch the finale because I’m scared and quite positive they’re going to figure out a way to drag the Rosie Larsen thing out for another year. Apparently there already weren’t enough red herrings of terrorism, missing children, basement sex tapes and organized crime to fit into one season, so AMC decided to draw them out for another one. C’mon, even Jack Bauer only fights one guy for a season. The Killing is the exact opposite of Burn Notice. Burn Notice spends about three minutes an episode with its ongoing storyline of clearing Michael Westen’s name and the remaining 45 minutes on its Innocent Person of the Week procedural routine. By the middle of any viewing cycle, I usually threaten to call uncle because a person’s brain can only take so much yapping about Michael getting back into the CIA. But you can always bet on Burn Notice to nail its cycle premiere and its final two episodes to pull you back in. The Killing is all serial exposition, and its final episodes have been completely boring. When I found out Sunday’s episode was the season penultimate, I did a double take. That was the episode that was supposed to get me excited for next week’s finale? I fell asleep! I really don’t like anyone in the show, even the long-underrated Michelle Forbesis getting on my nerves. When I experience all of the show’s twists, turns and moves, I don’t think, “Coooooooooollllll” I think The Killing is trying to mask a lack of comprehensive storytelling with sleight-of-hand parlor tricks. Well, I’m like My Cousin Vinny. “It’s in his hand! It’s under the table!”

What you think of Tosh.0 is pretty much based on how you feel about Daniel Tosh. Me? I’m pretty ambivalent, so I watch every now and then but not anything close to regularly. Apparently that puts me in the minority of American men, who have taken quite the shine to Tosh and Tosh.0. My problem is I don’t really see anything happening on Tosh.0 that isn’t happening on The Soup, and I like Joel McHale a whole heck of a lot better than Daniel Tosh. That’s not a dig at Tosh, I’m just a Joel McHale fan. Who knew E! was pioneering a whole genre of crazy one-person commentary shows when it debuted Talk Soup like 20 years ago? FF to the 2:37 mark if you want to see the classic Dustin Hoffman Hunger Strike sketch.

And a rousing round of apathy greets the mention that MTV has decided to cancel Skins. Weird, weird timing. Networks usually let you know pretty early, or at least when the show is airing, whether it will be back for another year. Skins hasn’t been on for a couple months. When it was on, it generated nothing but bad buzz from critics and from whatever We Don’t Want to See Kids on TV Do Anything But Say “Yes Sir” group started that week. Then its ratings tanked. This announcement seems like an afterthought, actually. Like, when the ratings got worse as the season went on, MTV just kinda assumed it was canceled. Then some snot-nose blogger cornered an MTV exec at a bar or something and asked whether Skins was coming back. The reaction in the exec’s head was “Holy crap, we forgot all about it!” but he kept cool and said something along the lines of “We’re still figuring it out.” The next day, there was a press release.

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