Last Chance for KISS Tickets!!!

(SADOWSKI NOTE: Oops! The deadline for KISS ticket entries is actually Thursday. Sorry for the confusion. I changed it in the blog post. My bad.)

The immortal Stanley Spadowski is my inspiration today.

“You’ve waited til the last minute … well, it’s the LAST MINUTE!!!” Then he twirled his mop around and fell on a banana peel or something.

Anyway, if you’ve waited until the last minute to enter the contest to see KISS on July 13 at the Mountain Laurel PAC, this is the last minute. The deadline is Thursday to send in your entries for the KISS ticket contest. Get them in, like, now. Good luck!

Video heavy links:

There seems to be this theory going around that because The Killing sucked rocks more and more as the season went on culminating with its poop-tastic finale, that now AMC has damaged its own reputation as the place to go for quality basic cable television. You know, kinda like I said a couple months ago. Anyhoo, I’m calling shenanigans on that. There isn’t a network out there that doesn’t lay a turd 50 percent of the time. Does that mean we stop watching that channel completely? Fox gave us a trillion failed reality shows before American Idol. Doesn’t seem like anyone boycotted AI. NBC had the balls to throw Perfect Couples and The Paul Reiser Show at us this year. So should we not give Whitney a try next year? There shouldn’t be any kind of double standard at play here, no matter how many less shows a cable channel produces. Give something a chance if you think you might like it, don’t if you don’t want to. But if you don’t for a silly reason like you didn’t get closure from a murder-mystery show, then it’s your fault when AMC gives us the next Mad Men.

Or the next Walking Dead, which is filming down Atlanta way right now. Hey, filming now? That means they probably gots one of dem dere promotional videos! You know, one of those videos that gets everyone hot and bothered looking for next season’s spoilers, but all it does is show stars of the show laughing and joking about nothing! You know, those videos? Yeah, Walking Dead has one of those.

Now before we get too crazy into reporting AMC’s demise, let’s all take a step back and remember it is the place where the current title holder of “best show on TV” resides. And it’s going to reside there for quite some time, with its star and main cog intact after Jon Hamm signed on through a seventh season of the show (that’s three more years). Let’s go ahead now and call that the final season for the show, shall we? Seven is a pretty round number, and after that, we’ll probably be just about ready to start looking for water skis. Don will probably be on wife #5 by then, Roger will have married and divorced Joan, Bert will have died of a stroke, Betty will have been sent to LA for acting lessons and Don and Betty’s poor kids will already be in rehab. Seven seasons sounds perfect for one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

if you tell me you don't want to see more of paul rudd and elizabeth banks doing this, you're a liar

if you tell me you don't want to see more of paul rudd and elizabeth banks doing this, you're a liar

Rarely do I try to tell local business people what to do. But every summer camp in the Poconos should be Goggling “David Wain contact” right now to get his attention in case he decides to make a prequel/sequel to Wet Hot American Summer. The first one filmed in and around Honesdale, so it’s not like they’re averse to coming to the Poconos. And even though the first one made less than a blip on the immediate cultural landscape, a sequel to the mega cult hit with that cast of then mostly unknowns coming back would be a pretty big deal. You’d have to go back pretty far to find a movie filmed in the Poconos that would have a bigger impact. Get on the phone, people. Make sure they know the Poconos is available again.

It’s not enough to know what Captain America, which is now exactly one month from release, would look like. Apparently we’re already past that and we want to know what Captain America 2 will be. Oh, and also, if someone can please get me information on what Amazing Spider-Man 2, Man of Steel 2, Men in Black 4 and the unwritten, unconceived, unplanned next Harry Potter movie would look like, that’d be great. We’re just a little too forward-looking here, me thinks.

Interesting discussion piece here. When exactly do you give up on a show if you know it’s going to be canceled? Normally when it comes to serial shows, a network won’t announce their cancellation until the show concludes. Why would you do that and cost yourself thousands of viewers? Doesn’t make any business sense. But it’s safe to say the writing was on the wall for recent shows like The Event and FlashForward. So do you give up on them being 99 percent sure you’ll be left with a season-ending cliffhanger that won’t be solved? Or do you just buckle up and enjoy the ride? My biggest cliffhanger ending that never got solved — never got solved on TV, at least — was Angel. Five seasons in, it wouldn’t have taken the Coast Guard to tear me away from that show. But it’s been seven years since the show wrapped up with Angel and the gang ready to fight the apocalypse, and I still want to know how it turned out. On screen, not in the comic book. Just thinking about it ticks me off, especially since I watched a particularly important episode this morning on the treadmill.

mmmmm hmmmm. no big glee guest stars like gwyneth paltrow next year, right. we'll see about that.

mmmmm hmmmm. no big glee guest stars like gwyneth paltrow next year, right. we'll see about that.

Hmmm, no big guest stars in Glee next year? How many times should I type “Yeah right” before people know which side of the fence I sit on here? Once? Is once enough? That all sounds well and good in June when Murphy is storyboarding and writing. He hasn’t sent the scripts to the network yet. Fox will immediately come back with notes like, “We have a pay-or-play deal with Kelsey Grammar, can’t he be the weird English teacher?” or “We’re trying to figure out a way to promote the 24 movie, can Kiefer Sutherland play a singing janitor or something?” And on it will go to the point that Madonna will be Will’s assistant Glee club adviser. Book it.

Somehow I forgot to mention the death of Clarence Clemons in yesterday’s blog. Shame on me. A goon with a strong Jersey accent came by my house last night and forcefully removed my Springsteen fan card from my wallet. What shocks me is that of all the tributes both written and played on radio, they all seem to be conveniently forgetting to list two things: His cameo as the future leader of the free world (of course!) in Bill and Ted and one of the biggest cheese classics of the 80s, his pairing with Jackson Browne in You’re a Friend of Mine. I loved the everlasting shat out of that song circa 1985, but am perfectly able to admit how much it sucks right now. And how the video breaks just about every rule of credibility long established in the music industry.

In no particular order, here are the weirdest things about the video, which I’d probably put in the top 10 “Where’s Your Brain?” videos of the 80s, a pretty tough list to crack:

–Big Man clearly and awkwardly sax-synching throughout the entire video.

–Jackson Browne doing everything but pulling out an AK-47 and shooting Big Man in the head to try and get some screen time.

–The two of them jacking up the fake-laugh levels to almost incomprehensible levels. It’s so bad and looks so fake that it borders on compensation and you think neither of them said a word to the other after they shot the video.

–The random appearance of an in-her-prime Daryl Hannah singing background lyrics (she was dating Browne at the time, I think). How does Hannah get off scott free in the list of big-ego movie stars of the 80s who made the mistake of trying to sing? Why are Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Don Johnson and Jack Wagner stuck out on the ledge by themselves? Oh, you don’t remember Bruce Willis making an album? Then by all means, allow me to remind you!

–Big Man nearly violating Hannah as she tries to film one of his sax solos. It would have been an awesome porn, but in this video it was just icky.

The lesson is this: When you’re in the biggest band in the world, don’t eff it up.

Anyway, RIP Big Man.

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