Green Lantern: Bomb or Success?

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I had some great links, but I’m only going to be able to get to a couple. I’m stupid busy today:

why am i defending this movie???

why am i defending this movie???

Maybe I shouldn’t give up on my summer box office bomb streak just yet since this week has seen nothing but “Why did Green Lantern screw up at the box office?” stories. I just can’t bring myself to call it a bomb. No movie that earns $53 million on an opening weekend should be called a bomb in this day and age. But I’m in this weird spot of wanting it to be a bomb and still chastising the people who are calling it a bomb. I love The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog, I read it almost daily. But I have to take issue with what it lists as one of the five things we should learn from the perceived failure, or least inability to hit meteoric numbers, of Green Lantern. Be more like Marvel? That’s just lazy. We should tell all movie studios to be more like Marvel. But when you talk about the movie studio itself, it’s only put out four movies — Iron Man 1 and 2, The Incredible Hulk and Thor. The first Iron Man was a ridiculously huge success. But Iron Man 2 made a shade less than its opener (not a good sign), Thor won’t crack $200 million in the states and The Incredible Hulk had basically the same kind of performance Green Lantern is having — lukewarm (Hulk opened at $55.4 million vs. Green Lantern’s $53 million). Just because Marvel characters overall have been monstrous hits — particularly the no-brainer franchises of Spider-Man and X-Men — doesn’t necessarily mean the studio is gangbusters. Even the overall stable of Marvel characters has its stinkers like Elektra and Punisher (twice). Even though Fantastic Four did good business ($619 million worldwide between the two), the quality was so bad the franchise was stopped when a third could have been another easy paycheck. The happiest people right now is still the Marvel family since X-Men: First Class opened just a tick better than Green Lantern, but hasn’t had nearly the bad publicity Lantern has. You probably couldn’t find a PR person at Marvel or Fox right now to give you a quote about Green Lantern if you promised them a star on Hollywood Boulevard. The less they talk right now, the better.

brian griffin might have a lawsuit on his hands

brian griffin might have a lawsuit on his hands

A couple new TV shows coming out last week and this week, and I’m gonna try to get some full reviews up pretty soon. One quick preview — the Wilfred pilot on FX last night was hys-ter-i-cal. It’s an interesting time for FX right now since AMC passed them out with The Walking Dead at the end of last year, then it looked like it really put some distance between the two with The Killing. Then The Killing nosedived uglier than the Truffle Shuffle and was so disappointing that people claim it could be a detriment to AMC’s brand. So there’s a window here for FX to get its title back as the ultimate place for quality basic cable television. With the incredible second season of Justified, this very promising Wilfred debut and the possibility of a big Rescue Me swan song, FX is showing some life.

It also bears mentioning that while Elijah Wood is doing a crazy, twisted FX sitcom, he’s also the star of one of the most aniticipated movies of the next few years. If FX can keep the show going, it should premiere a season the day that The Hobbit comes out.

By like 2015, the local network affiliates might not be showing anything other than news. After WNEP 16 went with a 4 p.m. news broadcast a couple years ago in addition to its 5-6:30 block and 7 p.m. half-hour, WBRE is jumping into the 4 p.m. fray now with the hour-long PA Live! on Sept. 12. It’s supposed to be focused on “local lifestyle,” whatever that means, but by Thanksgiving it might end up looking to same as the 5 p.m. hard-news broadcast. so in September, between WBRE (including the FOX 56 10 p.m. broadcast) and WNEP, there will be 7.5 hours of local news every night between 4 and 11:30 p.m. Too much.

Your love for this clip will depend on three things: 1. Your knowledge of the Phillies, or baseball in general. 2. Your love for the cult film The Room, generally agreed upon to be the worst movie of all time. 3. Your belief that the people on Daily News Live on Comcast Philly are talking monkeys. If you meet the qualifications, then this just may be the funniest thing you see all week.

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