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this is the only picture of kiss i have on my computer

this is the only picture of kiss i have on my computer

We’ve got our finalists for the KISS tickets — now it’s up to you to determine who’s going to win them. Head on over to our entry page to vote on whatever you think your favorite essay is and who you think deserves those tickets the most. You can check out the essays in Sunday’s PopRox column.

Now here is the part where I whore myself out for a week of daily plugs to try and get some extra people around for the PopRox live chat on Friday at noon. If you haven’t hung out for one of our live chats, it’s pretty basic. I talk about pop culture stuff and you tell me how stupid I am. Easy! We actually have some events for Friday’s chat, like revealing the winner of the KISS tickets. I’m also going to give away two tickets to the 311 and Sublime with Rome show at the Bethel Woods Arts Center on July 25. I have no idea how I’ll do this, but I will do it. Probably with a trivia question of some sort. I have some other tickets too, I may just randomly decide to give them away during the chat. Mostly, the chat is a fun time waster at work, and a way for me to connect with readers. Be sure to stop by then! No pop culture questions will go ignored.

On to the links:

yeah, they're back.

yeah, they're back.

This is awesome, just awesome. Terrence Malick is one of the most boring directors ever, but that doesn’t stop people from going to his movies and being bored out of their minds. That’s not to say he’s not interesting — he’s just boring. Somehow, he even managed to make a war movie boring. A war movie! After Thin Red Line, there’s no way I’d spend money on a Malick movie in the theater. I’ll wait until the DVD, thanks, which is when I will watch Tree of Life. That sign? It was at an arthouse theater! I’d hope that people who go to see an indie movie at an indie theater know what they’re getting into, or at least who directed the movie. Hopefully some theater will see this, show Tranny 3 this week, and put up a sign along the lines of: “Dear patrons, it is with much disappointment that we are showing Transformers 3 since the majority of people seem to like this franchise for some reason. We’re going to make a lot of money off you this weekend. That’s money that you probably worked pretty hard for, or that your parents worked really hard for. Personally, we’re at a loss for why everyone likes it or why anyone would see it. But we’ll tell you right now, this movie sucks out loud underwater. There is a good chance it will kill brain cells quicker than a kilo of pot and a case of grain alcohol. Actually, we’ll guarantee it. Therefore, there will be no refunds when you fail your physics test in the fall because you’ve gotten 10 percent dumber as a direct result of watching this movie. Enter at your own risk.”

Yowza. This is like Sophie’s Choice or something. OK, it’s not nearly that hard because it doesn’t look like there’s a bad choice. But how do you even make a decision like this? You’re talking about five or six major actresses that haven’t been naked on screen yet, and you’re telling us one of them might be cast as a woman who goes on a major grief-ridden sex spree? These are one of the things I’m here for, to rank stuff like who should be in this role, based on hotness, anticipation for a nude scene and whether they’d ever do it again:

4. Elizabeth Banks. Wait, how has she not been naked yet? There seems to be some Internet question as to whether she was naked in a small movie called Sexual Life, and I can’t exactly check out videos of that at work. Got close in 40-Year-Old Virgin, but not close enough.

and she only came in third, people.

and she only came in third, people.

3. Blake Lively. If it weren’t for The Town, she’d be No. 1. But even though she didn’t get nekked in that movie, she got awful close and looked like she wouldn’t have a problem going further. There might even be a deleted scene hanging around somewhere. So if it doesn’t happen here, it’s probably going to happen somewhere.

2. Olivia Wilde. Up and comer.

1. Rachel McAdams. This is it, guys. If it doesn’t happen here, it ain’t happening. At least not in her prime. She certainly seems to be carving out a little niche as the next Meg Ryan. Remember Ryan’s first nude scene in In the Cut? Actually, I don’t because I went to the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind people to wipe it permanently from my memory. Apparently she was naked in some small movie from a zillion years ago (some people around here might know the #1 girl on that list), but that barely even counts anymore. At least we know she’s willing to do it.

The only major note when it comes to Fox’s network fall debut dates is that we’re going to have to wait until Sept. 26 for Terra Nova. It’s not terribly surprising. Fox already has started the huge Terra Nova marketing campaign that’s probably going to annoy the pee out of us by the middle of July. I was randomly watching an episode of Entourage yesterday on the local My Network TV WQMY last night — a station owned by the same company that owns Fox 56 — and they showed two Terra Nova commercials during the show’s three commercial breaks. And that’s on a non-Fox station. So yeah, they’re pushing it. The later start probably means they’re going to start the heavy, heavy marketing push for an eight-day period starting with the Emmys on Sept. 18. This could be the Fox network’s most important fall season ever with the premieres of Terra Nova and X-Factor, two very expensive, very important shows it wants to anchor its broadcasting for at least the next five years. Actually, there is one other note. Normally Fox waits until after the baseball playoffs to premiere its Animation Domination Sunday lineup, but it’s starting Sept. 25 now. So we’ll get one new episode that week, then not get anymore until Oct. 30. Great.

ABC isn’t really throwing any curve balls either, expect for one — the premiere of Once Upon a Time won’t be until Oct. 23. Not quite sure how this makes sense. If you’re going late to avoid going against baseball playoffs, that’s fine and acceptable and probably smart. Sooooo … why would you debut it during Game 4 of the series? Makes no sense. I’m especially angry since I’ll be watching the Phillies sweep the Red Sox that night. Sheesh.

soudtracks used to be her playground. get it?

soudtracks used to be her playground. get it?

Someday I’m going to write a book about the evolution of the movie soundtrack from 60s art form to 80s staple to 90s marketing ploy to current memory. The early 90s is when it all changed, man. This blog post from the Houston Chronicle is really, really light, but it starts to give some evidence of how soundtracks went downhill. In 1991 and 1992, we had Madonna and Red Hot Chili Peppers. By 1999, it was Tonic. Yeah, Tonic. In the top 30 Billboard songs of 1999, I count two soundtrack songs in the top 30 (All-Star by Smash Mouth from Mystery Men and Angel by Sarah McLaughlin from City of Angels). Not exactly memorable.

Boardwalk Empire premiered its new teaser trailer for season 2, though I’m only now waiting to find out when the season 1 DVD will release. With the summer TV season light, my wife getting maternity leave soon, me ready to bail on Burn Notice and the Phils boring, I have some TV time to use this summer and I’m going to try and catch up on some shows on DVD. My schedule: Breaking Bad, all three seasons (I just got through season 1 this weekend). Being Human, season 3 (missed it over the winter, it’s arriving at my doorstep tomorrow). Entourage season 7. Dexter season 5. Boardwalk Empire season 1 (still no release date). And that should get me to the new fall season.

In what is now becoming the age of second-tier comic book characters making it to the big screen, the only top-tier guy that hasn’t (really) gotten to the movies is Captain America. It’s being reconciled, which is great. And the second trailer is better than the first, which is even greater. The one drawback of this second trailer that debuted last week is that Marvel trailers are starting to all look alike. If I put this trailer next to the Thor trailer or the Iron Man trailers, they just wouldn’t look that different. Quick back story, life-changing experience, super powers, explosions, action, girl, comic relief, action, action and action, quick comic relief, tag line. And … scene! They all go in that exact order. Someone should do an analysis of the actual timing on those particular components to see they all go exactly like that. Anyway, I really like the second trailer. It just seems like I’ve seen it before. Because I probably have. TRAILER GRADE: B

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