Live Chat Coming Friday, Now with More Giveaways!

OK, so here’s the incentive coming for the PopRox live chat at noon Friday: I’ll be giving away two tickets to see 311 and Sublime with Rome at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in New York. I’ve been recently informed that it’s a one hour, 50 minute drive from East Stroudsburg, so it’s kinda like going to Philly for a show.

(UPDATE: Just found out we’re also going to be giving away two tickets to the revival showing of Independence Day at the Pocono Community Theater on Saturday night. More details coming Wednesday.)

know that we have always been down, down with poprox live chats

know that we have always been down, down with poprox live chats

If you haven’t hung out at one of the live chats, it’s pretty basic and laid back. You ask pop culture questions, I answer them. I’m interested to get a pulse of what everyone is watching/listening to/talking about, so make sure you come by armed with anything from questions to stray observations. I really enjoy doing the chats, because it’s an easy way to interact with readers.

And if you have a Fourth of July event/happening you wanna plug, feel free to stop by and throw that into the mix too. It’s the biggest weekend of the year in the Poconos, so I’m sure everyone has plenty going on. Friday at noon at, stop on by and enjoy the chatty goodness!


Earlier this month I theorized that a couple of things might have happened with finding a new boss for The Office. From June 8: Either they wanted to drag it out over the summer to build up a little extra buzz, the show’s production team doesn’t have a clear idea who they want or they’ve been turned down by their top five choices and now they’re kinda stuck. We were hoping it was the first — but there are now indications it could have been the third, or as I liked to call it, “The Worst Case Scenario That Could Theoretically Kill the Show.” James Gandolfini apparently gave the “thanks but no thanks” routine and now the show might be stuck with James Spader. Granted, he was probably the best and funniest of the candidates in the finale, but just thinking about James Spader on The Office makes my stomach turn. He has the stink of “Choice #10” all over him. I can smell it from here.

the reviews, unsurprisingly, are not being kind to poor rosie for tranny 3

the reviews, unsurprisingly, are not being kind to poor rosie for tranny 3

Let’s make this Day 2 of the “Rip on Michael Bay” week. Normally I’d try to avoid bringing any attention whatsoever to Transformers 3 opening this week. But who am I kidding? You already know. So instead of ignoring it, let’s all embrace it and go with the anti-Bay news. Bay, or as I like to call him, “Uwe Boll with a budget,” has implored movie theater owners to dig into their pocketbooks and buy projection bulbs in bulk for the next couple weeks because Tranny 3 is brighter and makes the bulbs burn out quicker. OK, let’s just say for a second he’s right and the viability of the movie world hinges on 3-D. It doesn’t, but let’s just say. If he is right, then wouldn’t it behoove him, if he wanted to save 3-D, to make a movie that’s more adaptable to the current projections? But no, he somehow considers himself an artist, despite the fact that he’s proudly left his name attached to both editions of Bad Boys. So he decides to make a brighter version of the movie then strong-arm theater owners — who are bleeding money already from upgrading their theaters to convert to 3-D, a medium that already may be dying — into showing the brighter print. Repeat: Theater owners are losing money left and right. They’re trying to figure out how they’ll be in business next week, let alone how they’ll survive to next year. I have no idea how much projection bulbs cost, but I imagine they’re a tad more than the 40 watters I put above my stove. It’s the height of douchery to tell these theater who you’re “in it together” with to spend that much more money to show your movie. The balls on this guy.

This is Day “I Lost Count” of ripping on Green Lantern, so let’s make this the last one. Despite the movie fizzling here and overseas, Warner Bros. is still considering a sequel. It was supposedly announced Monday, but the studio refuted that report and says it is only considering it. The fact that they’re even considering it is mind-boggling. There is no doubt Warner Bros. is dying to build the next franchise, and comic book characters are the way to go at that right now. It also has a Flash movie in the works, even though that would go over worse than a Green Lantern movie. Isn’t a Green Lantern sequel just throwing good money away? It’s failed. It’s over. Why would anyone consider tossing more money straight into the trash? Doesn’t make any sense. Maybe there is some weird, Hollywood way it can still make money, but it doesn’t seem like an idea that should be mined.

Has there ever been a movie in more need of a remake than War Games? Watching that thing in 1983, you, me and every other kid on the planet were blown away by what computers in this movie were doing. “Holy s—, he just changed his grade!” Then three years later, Matthew Broderick did the same stupid thing in Ferris Bueller and we were all like, “Ba ha, I did that last week too.” So if it was that outdated in 1986 — just three years later — imagine how outdated it is now. Sadly, that was the end of the “Matthew Broderick Changes His Grade” series before the trilogy completed. I have no inclination to watch War Games again unless Ally Sheedy gets naked this time (I sincerely doubt she will), so I can’t give the top 20 ways War Games could never happen now. But how’s this one? A password that can start World War III because a high school kid read some old newspaper clippings in the library. Apparently they didn’t hear of a firewall back then or something. Yeah, that part needs some updating. Just as long as they keep those five magical words in the script:

Normally I’m a big fan of anything Random Roles does. But the interview with John Tuturro seems … incomplete. He did Collateral Damage with Arnie … how do you not ask him about The Governator right now? (Can you tell I’m trying to avoid having to look up his last name?) How do you not ask him about Rounders, one of the biggest sports-cult movies of all time? How do you not press him more on Lebowski after he says how much he hates people asking him about it? When I’m interviewing someone and they tell me how much they hate a question, I ask it five more times to get some kind of honest reaction. Too bad this interview didn’t go further.

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