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Larry the Cable Guy Tickets and Your Poconos Weekend

This week, we’ve been able to give away four tickets to see Selena Gomez on Aug. 5 and two sets of tickets to see Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch on Saturday. And now, we’ve got another ticket giveaway. We’re now taking entries for two tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy on Aug. 6 [...]

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How to Eff Up a Trailer

Don’t forget — we’ve got Selena Gomez tickets to give away. The deadline to enter is tomorrow. I’m not sure how I can make this much clearer, but entering through Facebook is the way to go. Your entry is counted twice if you enter through Facebook or Twitter. Two is more than one. So you [...]

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Goo Goo Dolls and Selena Gomez Tickets up for Grabs

This is always the busiest day of the PopRox calendar, catching up with everything that happened at Comic-Con. Two quick reminders: 1. We’re getting in a lot of entries for the Selena Gomez tickets for Aug. 5 at Bethel Woods. Make sure you jump on this bandwagon pretty quickly, the deadline is Thursday to enter, here [...]

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Win Selena Gomez Tickets Now!

If you followed along on the PopRox Facebook page yesterday, you know two things: 1. That I gave away a pair of tickets to see 311 and Sublime at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts on Monday(congrats Kim Kreseski of Mount Pocono!). 2. That I’ve got another concert ticket giveaway announcement coming today, like [...]

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Comic-Con, Captain America, Glee and the Emmys

Tons to get to playing catch-up from my vacation last week, let’s hit it: It’s a waste of time to get in to how geeks became the rulers of the Hollywood world, but this weekend is our Christmas — Comic-Con. I’ve never been and never will, not because I’ve got two kids and it’s 4,000 [...]

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Shutting Down the Night Lights

Got a ton of links from the week I missed, but we had three major TV episode events in the week I missed, some of which are from shows that have been PopRox staples for the last four years. So let’s run ‘em down, and tomorrow I’ll be back with catch-up links: RESCUE ME: At [...]

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Spader or No Spader?

(Programming note: There’s a good chance this is my last blog until July 18 or 19, I’m on vacation next week. If I get the chance, I may blog Thursday morning about the Emmy nominees, but can’t guarantee it. Have a good week everyone!) Right now all we can do is blindly speculate as to [...]

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Give ‘Em Some Emmy Love

Back with links tomorrow, but this is your weekly, extended look at the PopRox Sunday column: The Emmys had a hard job narrowing down the nominees back in the 80s when there were only three networks and scant original programming on any of the 10 or so other channels. Now? There are two new over-the-air networks, [...]

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Tranny 3 Rules the World as Smart People Plan for Forthcoming Apocalypse

Hope everyone had a great 4th! Just a word of thanks to anyone that stopped by the live chat on Friday, much appreciated! I’d love to do more, I’m thinking another one for the start of the TV season. We’ll see how it goes. Links: LATE BREAKING UPDATE, 1:38 p.m.: James Spader will be the [...]

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Live Chat Starting … Soon!

Just wanted to remind everyone there won’t be a blog today, instead I’ll be chatting live at noon with anyone that wants to stop by. We’ll be talking all things pop culture. Anyone that wants to ask a question or vent something that’s ticking them off or just comment on the state of the pop [...]

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