Goo Goo Dolls and Selena Gomez Tickets up for Grabs

This is always the busiest day of the PopRox calendar, catching up with everything that happened at Comic-Con. Two quick reminders:

1. We’re getting in a lot of entries for the Selena Gomez tickets for Aug. 5 at Bethel Woods. Make sure you jump on this bandwagon pretty quickly, the deadline is Thursday to enter, here are all the details of how to do it. We’ll launch right into another ticket contest Friday (not saying who just yet, stay tuned!).

wanna see 'em? watch for your chance this week

wanna see 'em? watch for your chance this week

2. One I will announce: I’ll be giving away Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch tickets at Bethel Woods this week. The concert is on Saturday. I have four tickets, I’m going to be giving away two tickets each twice this week. But they’re only going to be available to PopRox Facebook friends. So if you want to be able to enter the contest, make sure you stop by the PopRox Facebook page and do the friend thing if you haven’t already. And if you’ve already won concert tickets this summer from me, you can’t win again. Sorry. I interviewed Robby Takac from the Goos a couple years ago when they played Mountain Laurel, he seemed like a good guy. He was more than willing to play along with anything I asked. I won’t be interviewing Michelle Branch before this show, but I hope whoever does asks her this question: Have you ever played anywhere as cool as The Bronze?

Good luck to everyone!

OK, we’ll try to keep these short to make sure we get to everything. Seemed like a pretty boring year, since I can’t click on anything Comic-Con related without hearing about Castle. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

good for kicks until mad men comes back

good for kicks until mad men comes back

Walking Dead will be coming back a couple weeks earlier than it started last year, on Oct. 16. Makes sense though. Last year was specifically tailored for a Halloween debut, but Halloween doesn’t fall on a Sunday this year and that’s when AMC debuts its shows. And if you count out 13 episodes of Breaking Bad, it takes you to Oct. 9, so Walking Dead will debut the next week. Now stay with me to get an even more important debut date. If you theorize, like I do, that AMC would want to keep the roll going, count out 13 weeks from Oct. 16 and you get to Jan. 15, 2012. That, my friends, would be the debut date for the fifth season of Mad Men. Did you just get goosebumps? I just got goosebumps. The only problem is that two of those Sundays in Walking Dead’s 13-week run are Dec. 25 and Jan. 1, not exactly the best time ratings-wise to be airing your biggest show. So there may be some scheduling changes. But fingers crossed, we could finally be getting Mad Men back in five months. Perhaps we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves since Breaking Bad just aired its second episode last night (A-, I love when people put Hank in his place). So let’s just enjoy the goodness of the five-minute Walking Dead trailer unveiled at Comic-Con. It’s worth the time:

Not enough Jon Hamm news for ya? In case the Hamm quota hasn’t been met yet, he’ll be a guest star in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, which seems like a perfect fit for his humor. The show comes back in January.

News we already assumed, but had to find out first-hand: The next villain in the Wolverine-goes-to-Japan movie will be Silver Samauri. That’s good, since it’s would have been pretty stupid for Wolverine to go to Japan and fight Magneto again or something. If you know the graphic novel, or even the Wolverine cartoon, this already was 99.9999999999 for sure.

More news we already knew (pretty much), Rhys Ifans will be playing the Lizard in Amazing Spider-Mannext fourth of July. Have we really not had confirmation on that until now? Yeesh. Seems like it was pretty much done and done back in November. Ifans celebrated by pushing around a lady security guard. So that’s how they do it in England.  

Pretty funny video of the re-casting of Peter Bishop since he “died” in the season finale of Fringe. Or something. Still not sure.

Soooooooo glad I got on the record last week that I didn’t really believe the three Glee kids would be leaving the show, that it was only a matter of money to get them back. No one’s saying it was or it wasn’t, but I’m going with it was. They were probably asking for a ton of bread, negotiations weren’t going very well, so all of a sudden we hear they’re gone. Posturing, leverage. Now that the agents know they’re expendable, the calls started coming in. “OK, Lea Michele doesn’t need $500,000 per episode, but let’s at least get her a raise, huh?” And now you have them coming back.

oh, right! avengers! that was close.

oh, right! avengers! that was close.

You may have head about this little movie called Avengers that’s coming out next year. Seems to be a pretty big one. The studio kept its promise and didn’t bring much from the movie other than some concept art (yawn). Director Joss Whedon was there, but not for any Avengers related news. Thank goodness, someone had the foresight to ask him about Avengers, however. Whew! That was a close one. Good to know someone was on the ball!

Mixed reviews for the new JJ Abrams show Alcatraz. Weird how people can say it’s the “same old JJ Abrams”? Oh really? So it’s a mishmash of Felicity, Lost, Fringe and Alias? Geez, if it is, I’m tuning in just to find out how that’s possible.

I’m not ready to trust any NBC serial yet, but Awake is seeming like a winner so far. Like Alcatraz, it’s another midseason replacement, you know, because NBC’s fall sked is just so chock-full of great stuff. Hooray for Playboy Club, hooray! Midseason is looking pretty busy already.

All the potential stuff people could bug Steven Spielberg about, and they choose to go ape shat over Jurassic Park? The same movie franchise that he’s only directed one-third of the installments? The same one that wasn’t all that good the first time, and was even worse the next two? The fourth sucky installment is a couple years away, he says. Vince Vaughn will not be available this time, fyi, he’ll be washing his hair that year. But Sam Neill? He’s booking hotels near every jungle in the world as we speak. You know, just in case.

Maybe people were too scared to even find out if another Indiana Jones would come around to further taint the legend, so they didn’t ask him about it to keep their hearts from being broken. Again.

Just when you think Comic-Con was boring enough that you’re already cashing in your plane ticket to San Diego for next year, the Always Sunny crowd comes through. Was there ever any doubt?

the sun goes down

the sun goes down

Off Comic-Con for the last link: Yet another member of the sad 27 Club, Amy Winehouse. It’s hard to even write about this since I jokingly predicted her death about a million times. I’ve heard all the tributes, seen all the stories, and it’s sad. It’s really, really sad when a talent like hers is gone way too early. But let’s not lose sight of what’s important here — DRUGS ARE BAD!!! How many times do we need to be reminded of this? Winehouse apparently smoked crack on a largely daily basis and showed no signs of wanting to quit. You know what happens to people who smoke crack and don’t want to quit? They die. I know it’s too early to start kicking the grave, but I’m not about to change everything I’ve written about her in the past just because she’s dead now instead of just walking dead like how she lived the last five years of her life. She did drugs, she did crazy amounts of drugs, and she died. all that said, Back to Black is probably in my top 10 albums of the 2000s. My favorite song from that album:

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