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Last week I promised some trailer reviews:


surprised we didn't get this image in the trailer since it already was released

surprised we didn't get this image in the trailer since it already was released

We’ve entered this era where you need to churn out a trailer for a movie about a year in advance. It’s kinda like a status symbol or something, kinda like it used to be a status thing to have a midnight premiere. But getting the trailer out that early creates a number of problems, not the least of which is that there is a good chance the movie hasn’t finished filming yet. So instead of show rushed footage, trailers get filled with words and computer images to distract us from the fact that in reality, there is no trailer. If you’re a sequel, you’re lucky. You can just intersperse in some scenes from the previous installments and no one complains because, in theory, everyone loved the first one. Sequel movie trailers used to do this all the time because 1. they were lazy and 2. they wanted to make absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt sure you knew exactly what this was a sequel to. Who cares if it’s called Back to the Future 2? Just to make sure you know it’s a sequel to Back to the Future, we’re gonna go ahead and just take up half the trailer time with highlights from the first movie. Which brings us to the anticipated first trailer for DKR. It’s half scenes from the first two, half Commissioner Gordon sitting in a hospital bed. Well what did you expect? It just started filming in June, but had to make sure it was attached to the July 15 premiere of Harry Pott-ah. So what did that allow for, a couple weeks of preparation? Days? Hours? We should never, ever get excited about a first trailer. TRAILER GRADE: D


ok that's a pretty good peter parker look

ok that's a pretty good peter parker look

Wait, my bad, maybe there are exceptions — and The Amazing Spider-Man is one of them. Not because the trailer is good, mind you. But because it’s, you know, an actual trailer. It’s got people and everything. We actually see what the movie is going to look like! We can clearly see the actors in it! What a concept! The movie has been filming since December so it’s way way further along than DKR in the production process. I just … I just can’t get on board yet. I’m very aware that part (most) of it is because I’m just ready to erase the memory of what I believe is the best superhero franchise so far. I admit that. But the other part is because it kinda looks like the original Spider-Man too, what with the first-person web-slinging and all. If you’re rebooting a popular franchise and want to make people forget about the original one so that you can have a fresh start, shouldn’t you go out of your way to make that happen? I watched the X-Men: First Class trailers and never once thought of the original trilogy. That’s a good thing. The webslinging stuff is a direct ripoff of the final scene of Spider-Man. It may be a necessary ripoff — but why would you show it in the trailer? I can’t get by that. Not yet, at least. And the origin story seems to be almost exactly the same. Batman Begins was a thoroughly successful reboot because it was a completely different Batman/Bruce Wayne story. If you held the two up next to each other, they didn’t look anything alike. That doesn’t seem to be the cased here. I like that the movie looks to be based more on Ultimate Spider-Man, which itself was a reboot of the original Spider-Man comics. So that seems like a good place to start a new franchise. But if you’re making the same movie, why are you bothering? Just shell out the money to the original guys to make a Spider-Man 4. Yeah, I’m still bitter. TRAILER GRADE: C-


Hey look everybody, it’s not just movies that are lazy! TV trailers can be lazy too. I wish people didn’t feel like they “needed” to be at Comic-Con. Then they wouldn’t mail in such crappy previews like the Vampire Diaries with its season 3 preview being almost 99 percent of season 2 material. Honestly, I wonder if they got to Comic-Con and lost the original trailer that was going to have all new stuff and scenes of Damon rampaging through Europe. But it got lost in the plane’s luggage, so someone had to edit a season 3 trailer on his iPhone or something to get it to the panel on time and all they had was season 2 episodes to draw from. Otherwise, this trailer in un-friggin’-acceptable. I feel like the Soup Nazi watching this. “Please, you’re wasting everyone’s time.” TRAILER GRADE: F



Ba ha, you thought the first trailer for Dark Knight was lame? Then ladies and gentlemen, I give you the teaser trailer for Avengers. It’s the same thing Disney ripped down from the Web last week, making sure it could debut behind the Captain America credits over the weekend and everyone would wet themselves when they saw it. It’s a good thing they waited, otherwise we would have heard Sam Jackson talk for about 20 seconds! THE HORROR!!! Is it too early to start getting down on this movie? They’ve been filming for about three months, but decided not to have a panel at Comic-Con this year. Which is fine, except for two things: 1. It’s arguably the biggest and most anticipated comic book movie ever and 2. It already established a presence at Comic-Con last year when it unveiled the cast there. I don’t care that Dark Knight Rises wasn’t there, Chris Nolan and Christian Bale just don’t scream “Comic-Con guys.” But The Avengers people — Jackson, Joss Whedon and Robert Downey in particular — have made the last five years of their careers possible by being there. Their attendance is almost mandatory. So to not show up and then to ship this crappy, insulting “trailer” to their fans who may have bought tickets to Comic-Con six months ago under the safe assumption Avengers would be there just sucks. To me, it’s a sign they don’t have anything ready. Yeah I’m gonna move my worry level up to Defcon 4. TRAILER GRADE: F-



Hey, look at that! It’s a normal trailer that comes out at the right time (six months before it’s released), has a stylized, finished product to show off, and sends a clear message: If you liked the first one, you’ll love this one. That’s the problem — I didn’t like the first one. It was a nice enough diversion, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. I’m more of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes — conceited, brilliant, quiet — than a Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes — loud, fierce, action star. It’s a re-imaging that needed to happen for Holmes to get back to the big screen, but being a fan of the stories, I just can’t get on board. Sorry. It’s too bad, because the Holmes-Moriarity rivalry is one of my favorites. Not sure Lane Pryce from Mad Men is the guy to be taking on Moriarity, but I’m not going to bother critiquing this franchise because it’s obviously not for me. None of this means the trailer isn’t good, if not formulaic. It looks almost exactly like the first one in every way, which is probably the point. Interesting that Rachel McAdams is barely seen, which jives with the reports that her role is reduced. There’s more shots of Holmes in drag than McAdams. Oh, and Holmes in drag? He’d never, ever do that in the stories. Unless I missed the “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Crossdresser” story. TRAILER GRADE: B

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