Larry the Cable Guy Tickets and Your Poconos Weekend

This week, we’ve been able to give away four tickets to see Selena Gomez on Aug. 5 and two sets of tickets to see Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch on Saturday.

And now, we’ve got another ticket giveaway.

a man, a couple jokes and a catchphrase. that's america for you.

a man, a couple jokes and a catchphrase. that's america.

We’re now taking entries for two tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy on Aug. 6 at Mountain Laurel Center in Bushkill. At no point will you ever hear me saying his little catchphrase — I’d rather try a Triple Lindy into an empty pool — but the tickets are out there for the taking to one lucky winner.

Normal PopRox rules apply, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, here they are:

–Entries are accepted electronically only, so you’ll have to email your entry in to me, Facebook message me or DM me on Twitter. Just include your name, town, age and your daytime contact information. Deadline to enter is Thursday, Aug. 4, at 2 p.m.

–One entry per person, per e-mail address. If I get two entries from the same e-mail, I’m deleting them both. 

–If you enter by messaging the PopRox account on Facebook or DM-ing on Twitter, it counts twice. Almost all of the recent winners have randomly come from Facebook entries, fyi.

–Whichever message method you choose is the only way you can enter. If you email your entry in, you cannot Facebook it in too. If I get an email entry and a Facebookentry, I’ll be deleting the Facebookentry. That means instead of getting two entries through Facebook, you’ll only get one entry through email. 

–Please know that you can go if you enter.

I’ve said this before about 10 times over the last three years, but I’m going to try and make Fridays completely local. Local events, local happenings, local everything. If you have a cool event you want me to plug, shoot it over to me and I’ll try to mention it.

So let’s go all local today:

coming this weekend

coming this weekend

The not-so-new Pennsylvania Blues Festival officially starts tomorrow afternoon at its new location, Blue Mountain Ski Areajust over the county line. Don’t let the name throw you. This is essentially the Pocono Blues Festival that had been at Big Boulder at Lake Harmony since 1992. But Big Boulder decided to do exactly the opposite of what every other local ski resort is doing and 86 all of its summer/fall activities. No idea why. Shawnee, Camelback, Blue Mountain, Alpine — everyone is trying to do more things in the summer, but Blue Mountain got rid of the two offseason festivals it holds (along with a craft fair in October). Anyhoo, sounds like someone else owned the name “Pocono Blues Festival,” so here we are with the Pennsylvania Blues Festival. It gets underway Saturday, but there is a kickoff event tonight featuring Studebaker John, who apparently lost the memo that you don’t need to be named after a car to be a blues man anymore. There is also going to be camping allowed — a must for a two-day music festival like this — that was never allowed before at Big Boulder.

It’s not the only blues festival this weekend, there’s another one in Bushkill on Sunday too.

don't say there's nothing cool around here

don't say there's nothing cool around here

Blood. Guts. Disturbing images. Yup, that sounds like every beauty pageant I know of! Severed Sinema, the monthly gross-out cult film series at the Sherman Theater, is holding its first Miss Severed Sinema Putrid Pageant tonight at the Sherman. Somethingtells me this isn’t something anyone can adequatelydescribe, it’s something you have to experience. It’s their first such pageant, so that would be one heck of a distinction to be the first Miss Severed Sinema. I think. Gotta be worth the price of admission though.

If you read this blog enough, you know I’m no fan of reality TV. It’s a pimple on the butt of the television landscape no matter how compelling it may be. But I like it when it comes local, or when it gives local people a chance to participate. Like when Pocono Mountain grad Chef JJ Johnson won 20 grand a couple weeks ago on Rocco’s Dinner Party. Then, and only then, is reality TV in any way, shape or form useful. So here’s another chance to make some money, and everyone can get involved. The stunningly successful History Channel show Pawn Stars — which I’ve never seen 20 seconds of, I’m too busy watching shows that actually are imaginative and creatively stimulating — is coming to Mt. Airy this weekend for a live show. Apparently, there pawn shops are a big part of American history. Never knew that. Anyway, you can take your junk to them and they’ll tell you how much it’s worth. Sounds like an organized garage sale to me, but since Pawn Stars is History Channel’s most popular show, that seems to be what people like. Tickets are $15 to be a participant, and $10 for lookie-loos.

Now this is pretty cool. Over at The Lounge in Bartonsville and through the rest of the summer, they’re starting a Friday summer tradition of opening up the pool to its bar guests. So now they’ve got a sand volleyball court, an outdoor tiki bar and they’re opening up the pool. That includes the jacuzzi, by the way. Seems like a pretty nice Friday night deal. I’ve always wondered why more hotels/resorts don’t do this. Some of the best bars in the Poconos are actually in hotels, and all of them have pools. So why not open the pool up and put a bar out there? It’s not unheard of in the region — the Woodlands outside Wilkes-Barre has done this for a couple years on Sunday afternoons. They used to call it “Rehab” but that was probably a bad name since half the people that went there may actually have escaped from rehab that morning. So now it’s just “Poolside Sundays.”

Next door at Big Daddy’s, they’re starting a new promotion on Saturday. They’re offering anyone the chance to join in the Heart Clogger Challenge — eating a 3.5 pound concoction of food, including pulled pork, turkey, mashed potatoes, smoked sausage … there’s a lot of food. Sounds like something that would be on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food show (more reality TV!!!). The whole thing costs $20, and if you can eat it in 15 minutes, you get your face on the LED sign board outside the restaurant, a free T-shirt and a complimentary ride to the ER. Here’s what you’re in for if you want to try it:

Bit of bad news straight from the Twitter world — Camelbeach’s Beach Bash party, an under-21 nighttime event at the waterpark — has been postponed for tonight. Don’t worry, it’s already been rescheduled for next Friday and you can use the tickets you bought for tonight, if you already did. It’s the second in the series of under-21 Beach Bash events at the park, a cool thing for the youngins who love to gripe that there is nothing to do around here. Hey, I used to be one of them, I know what I’m talking about. I would have killed for something like this back in good ol’ 1995 when I was counting down the days that I could (legally) hit the bars with my older friends. Wait, did I say 1995? I meant 2005. Yeah, that’s when I was 20. Really. I mean it. Forget it, I’m old.

Toby Keith tickets went on sale this morning for the Sept. 15 show at Montage if you’re interested in that kind of thing. Which I am not.

And what more can you say other than “Stryper”? Not much, actually. Good luck trying to make it through more than a minute of this video without falling out of your chair laughing. The 80s friggin’ ruled. My favorite moment is at the 1:40 mark when the limo tries to leave without one of the guys in the band and he proceeds to put his hands on his hips. You know, because he’s mad and all. Just classic, classic 80s cheese. If they sang this song while showing the video in the background, I’d buy tickets for the show in a heartbeat.

And really, if you have anything going on, or you want your favorite bar special to be publicized, or your favorite band is playing somewhere, shoot me an email so I can make sure to mention it every Friday. I just can’t scour every bar’s Facebook page finding out what’s going on around here. I’m tuned in, but I’m not that tuned in.

Regular links coming back Monday, although I need to post this, which I thought was pretty funny on Jimmy Kimmel the other night.

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