One More Season for Breaking Bad but the End of In Plain Sight

ZZ Top ticket winner getting pulled at 2 p.m., if you want in, you better enter before then. On to the links:

if you have the chance to get more mike in your life, you take it.

if you get the chance to have more mike in your life, take it.

Finally, some good news for AMC. It finally got a deal in place to run one final season of Breaking Bad, a 16-episode one to boot. That’s probably a good compromise since Sony wanted two more 13-episode seasons and AMC wanted one more eight-episode season, and an even better compromise since the show seems to have tailed off the second I started watching it this year. Not quite sure how that happened, but if Skylar intrudes on the continuity of the season one more time, I’m … I’ll … I won’t do anything other than watch the rest of the show. But I’ll be angry.

Children’s Hospital is something I’ve always meant to watch, but just never got around to it. There’s no way it could fit into my TV catch-up since I’m about to dive head-first into Dexter’s season 5. But since it’s a bunch of funny people trying to do weirdly funny things, I’m gonna go ahead and be happy in absentia that the show will be back for another season. If anyone does watch it, throw something in the comments about whether I should catch up or not.

enough with the voiceovers. it's lazy.

enough with the voiceovers. it's lazy.

I lost In Plain Sight last year, even though I occasionally watched OnDemand. It’s just pretty standard USA crime-of-the-week stuff that I don’t have time for. But even more, I got really, really tired of the Mary voiceover at the end of every episode. It was such a hacky thing to do a weekly basis, and it got more and more pretentious as the show progressed. Like, the first season it was, “Family is something you can’t get rid of …” and she went on to talk normally about her crazy mom and nutjob sister. Fine. But lately she was quoting Shakespeare or Dostoyevsky doing her best Dexter impersonation and spending two time-killing minutes doing it instead of 30 seconds. Not very sorry to see it go.

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. It’s a movie’s 25th anniversary celebration that doesn’t make me feel old! That’s just because I didn’t see She’s Gotta Have It until I was in college in the mid-90s, and didn’t enjoy it that much when I saw it. Yeah, yeah, Spike Lee’s first film and all, sure, it gave the remarkably and shockingly white Hollywood of the mid-80s a much-needed shake-up, I got all that. But Spike Lee’s early film career is very close to Quentin Tarantino’s. Both of their first films (She’s Gotta Have It vs. Reservoir Dogs) were little-seen cult films that did little other than increase the legends of their writer/directors. But it took a while before anyone actually listened to their voices — Lee with Do the Right Thing and Tarantino with Pulp Fiction. Their early films certainly aren’t forgotten, especially since IFC plays Reservoir Dogs about 14 times a week, but they’re not as respected as their later works. The biggest thing to come from She’s Gotta Have It — Mars Blackmon. I can still recite every single Mars Blackmon-Michael Jordan Nike commercial to this day, it was some of the best advertising Nike ever did. And that’s a pretty big list.

You know, I think I was better off just leaving the Marty McFly-Doc Brown relationship as the second-weirdest and possibly scandalous mentor-mentee relationship of 80s movies. And no, there was no way they were ever going to ascend to the top spot and knock off Daniel-San and Mr. Miyagi. Not a chance. Now that it may just be a curious kid forging a bond with an older smart guy? I’m not as interested. I’m glad someone else actually wondered about this other than me though. Marty seemed like a popular kid. He had a hot girlfriend, he was in a band, he was a skateboard champ who fancied himself a daredevil — why would he spend time hanging around a crazy 65-year-old inventor all the time? And am I the only one that wanted to be a fly on the wall the first time he tried to explain this relationship to Jennifer?

what ... i didn't tell you about doc? oh, you'll love him. he's 65, he lives by himself, never been married, and he likes hanging around teenaged boys. What's not to like?

what ... i didn't tell you about doc? oh, you'll love him. he's 65, he lives by himself, never been married, and he likes hanging around teenaged boys. What's not to like?

Marty: Now that we’ve been dating for a couple months, there’s someone I want you to meet.

Jennifer: Your parents? Great, I was wondering why we hadn’t had dinner or something with them yet.

Marty: Parents? Yeah, right. They’ll just keep talking about my Uncle Jailbird Joey all night. Then Biff will just come by and give my old man noogies. And my sister looks like the chubby girl from Bosom Buddies and Bachelor Party. No, no, no, it’s Doc Brown.

Jennifer: Didn’t I see in the paper he was committed?

Marty: Look who’s got their own time machine! No, that didn’t happen … yet. But you probably did see how he squandered his family fortune trying to invent mind-reading devices and other crazy stuff. He’s got this killer sound system in his garage though and the cutest dog ever.

Jennifer: So, you hang out with him because of his sound system and his cute dog?

Marty: You bet! You’ll love him! So just set your alarm, sneak out of your house and meet me at 1:15 a.m. out at the Twin Pine … I mean the Lone Pine Mall and you can meet him!

There are rules in movie theaters. There just are. If you’re not going to follow them, you’re a jerk. Officially. You probably thought that already, but when you break the movie theater rules, there is no debating it. I was always a big proponent of not talking during a movie, ever, under any circumstances. Then my wife and I found that our movie time became the only time we were seeing each other. So we end up talking a little more than either of us would like, but it’s not like we’re disturbing anyone. And we’re only talking about the movie, we weren’t chit-chatting about what was for dinner. If you’re planning on being a jerkoff and breaking any of those rules, or if you know you’re one of the people that always breaks these rules, then there is one simple solution — don’t go to a big movie on opening weekend. Wait a couple weeks when you’re only disturbing 50 people instead of 500. I understand when you’re young, you don’t think your actions affect anyone, so I usually give kids a pass as long as it’s only mildly annoying. But once you hit 25, you better stop being a certified snothead at the movie theater. I’d like to also add to the rules, “Get there early.” If you’re five minutes late for a movie, go see a different one, lest the penalty be a group pelting of Gummi Bears. There are few things that p!ss me off more than having a perfect seat once the movie starts, but then some 350-pound societal plague comes and plops down right in front of me, blocking my view and preventing me from putting my feet up. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

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