Concerts for Causes, ZZ Top and Chris Robinson

A new personal record! Three straight weeks sticking to the all-local theme!

Quick programming note — I’m on vacation next week, so no blogging, and no column Sunday, Aug. 28. Enjoy your week everyone! I’m gonna try and pack in a church picnic, Claws and Paws, Knobels, a round of golf and my brother’s wedding into nine days. I’m pretty sure work would be less hectic.

Links time! And as always, if you want something publicized here every Friday, email the event to me, or send the PopRox Facebook page (over 1,000 friends this week, finally) an invite:

kinda reminds me of "steve holt!" just kidding, tom

kinda reminds me of "steve holt!" just kidding, tom

You know what’s awesome? All-day music parties at bars. You know what’s even more awesome? When they’re outside. That means Sunday’s all-day local music festival at Sarah Street Grill is, by all logic, going to be awesome. Well, it will be awesome for everyone except for the people that live within 50 feet of the bar. Then it’s probably going to be annoying. but for the rest of us? Awesome. The event is Mady’s Snow Day, a benefit for a scholarship fund in the name of 13-year-old Madyson Law, who died recently. There are 10 bands on the bill, including the usual suspects (in a good way) like Tom Graham, Zac Lawless and The Maybabies. Would it be bad if I went to it and just played NTN all day and didn’t go outside for the music? It probably would. At that point we’re probably talking full-blown social misfit, instead of just half-way like now. Although with everything going on Saturday, some people might find it tough to get things going on Sunday …

Like the Operation Touch of Home fundraiser at Pocono Pub in Bartonsville on Saturday afternoon and night. The fourth annual Rock for Our Troops is always one of the biggest events of the summer, for one of the best causes you’re going to find. The night raises money for Operation Touch of Home, the local organization that sends care packages to military overseas and doubles as the Original Pocono Pub’s anniversary. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door. So go out tonight and buy the tickets, and then delude yourself into thinking you got a good deal by saving $3 even though you got drunk tonight for like $30. Either way — good cause! 3 is playing, and so is Gary Dillon and the SC Project. The Facebook invite says there are 22 attending right now. That’s not enough, people. Let’s get that number higher.

The Liquid Pool Party at Camelbeach was postponed last weekend because of the crappy weather, but it’s on for Saturday. We went over this last week, but it seems like a pretty darn cool way to spend a Saturday night for us old people. You know, like those of us over 30. Although the weather outlook isn’t great for Saturday night, more scattered thunderstorms. That’s what it said last night when we saw about 8 trillion lightning bolts. Maybe if it rains Saturday it’s someone trying to tell us we should be home with our kids or something. So let’s hope it doesn’t rain and we’re not forced to mentally choose between beers and our kids!

oh my god, i was wrong/it was earth, all along/you've finally made a monkey out of me ...

oh my god, i was wrong/it was earth, all along/you've finally made a monkey out of me ...

The revival film series at Pocono Community Theater on South Courtland Street in East Stroudsburg is continuing on Saturday with a showing of the original Planet of the Apes. Seeing as there have now been two reboots, it’s tough to tell what’s original anymore. But we’re talking the Charlton Heston version. That’s one of those movies that I’ve never seen, but I have a working knowledge of it enough that if you’re quoting it, I recognize you’re quoting it. Like in Jay and Silent Bob, when they made a joke about monkeys taking over the world and Jay found himself on a beach staring at the Statue of Liberty? I know what they were doing there. Now if you started quoting Planet of the Apes in Space or whatever the other ones were, I’d probably have a hard time keeping up. So if anyone is looking for a refresher on how the franchise started, Saturday night at 10 p.m. at PCT is your chance. As a bonus, the theater is also having a public screening of Jaws 2 at noon Saturday. Far cry from the first, but still pretty scary.

It probably makes me tragically un-hip locally that I’ve never heard of any of the bands that will be playing at Vintage Karma in Stroudsburg on Saturday other than Billy Mack Collector. It’s probably even worse that I’ve never heard of any of the music. But you know what? I’m sold from the Facebook invite peppered with so much weirdness that I’m intrigued.

the scott weis band is opening up for zz top at mountain laurel on saturday

the scott weis band is opening up for zz top at mountain laurel on saturday

This sounds contrived, because I say it a lot on these local Friday things. But as I’m going through all the stuff that’s just happening on Saturday, really, if you can’t find something to do, you’re just not trying. Because I just realized I almost forgot about ZZ Top at Mountain Laurel on Saturday. (Congrats to Susan Turner of Tannersville who won the tickets I gave away this week!) My knowledge of ZZ top starts and ends with Rough Boy — yeah, I like Rough Boy — but if you haven’t been up there yet, the new management has really done a good job with keeping the place and clean and enticing. They’re having a hot rod car showprior to the concert, too. One suggestion I’ll make — tailgating. The beers were like $7.50 for Larry the Cable Guy, and that’s just too much. I have a lot of trouble spending $6.50 at a Phillies game, but I’ve grown accustomed to it over the years, I guess. Although I literally salivate for the days in 2001 when my buddies and I used to raise hell over the $4 beers at The Vet. No really, it used to drive us crazy. We would torment every vendor about it. We would spend half and hour each week justifying why it’s OK to spend $20 a game on beer, even though we just polished off a case in the parking lot. Some of my favorites: “I really don’t spend money on anything else. This is the one thing I do that’s expensive. I enjoy it, you can’t put a price on that.” Now? If we drank the way we did then, it would be $60 a game, easy, because we’re all bringing our wives to the games too. This is why I go to one Phillies game a year anymore instead of the 20 I used to go to. Where was I? Oh, right, Mountain Laurel. It’s OK to go back again, people. Hopefully the guys managing it now will be there next year with a better slate of concerts, but so far, so good. And this looks like the first time we’ll get a local opening act — the Scott Weis Band from Milford is warming up for ZZ Top. Get a ticket discount by using SCOTT WEIS at Ticketmaster checkout.

so do they do originals or black crowes tunes? i'm confused.

so do they do originals or black crowes tunes? i'm confused.

It’s safe to say I lost track of Chris Robinson in the mid-90s, probably the day after I showed up at a bar in Elizabethtown because I had heard there was supposed to be a surprise Black Crowes concert there. When the band playing that night walked in, I figured out how the rumor started because the lead singer looked exactly like Chris Robinson. Dead ringer. Gotta love college rumors. Anyway, the actual Chris Robinson has a new band, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, which if you know the history of the Black Crowes, is pretty ironic. That new band is playing the Sherman Theater on Oct. 16, and tickets are going on sale at noon today. I tried to find out what the band is playing and who’s in it, but the website has nothing but merch and tour dates. Dolla dolla bills y’all!

One thing this area is still seriously lacking in after several places have tried and failed — dance clubs. Blue Tequila in Minisink Hills is taking their shot at it now with a new slate of DJs every weekend. Tonight is DJ Penn presenting something called NEPACHA, although your going to have to excuse my ignorance because I don’t know what that means. Like a cha-cha dance? Probably not. Anyway, DJ Penn is a house/techno guy.

Know what else is missing around here? A good Latin presence, but Sticks and Stones in Marshalls Creek is looking to change that up. The bar is having a Latin Night on Saturday with DJ Jess MixGoddess.

Another thing this area is missing? Music festivals. Like, out-in-a-field-for-no-reason music festivals. I know of a couple private ones that have pretty good crowds, but I’m talking about two-day camping, drinking, smoking, sexing festivals. Every out of the way place in the world seems to have one, except for Monroe County. How is that even possible? The Mountain Laurel people are trying to put one on for next year, but it’s surprising there isn’t one closer. Here’s about the closest we get — Equifunk in Equinunk, up in Wayne County on the Delaware River. It’s a decent haul from Monroe County, but at least it’s straight up 191.

A call for volunteers — the Black Bear Film Festival is looking for them on Saturday. The festival is under a new board and new direction, but hopefully it’s able to keep the momentum it gained last year when Philip Seymour Hoffman was there to screen his directorial debut, Jack Goes Boating. Anyone who’s interested in volunteering in any aspect of the festival should be at the Milford Theater on Catherine Street at 2 p.m. Saturday.

The first of a whole bunch of running/racing/endurance events is tomorrow with the Shawnee Mud Run. It’s just running around Shawnee’s property, which actually sounds kinda cool to me. There will be similar events at Camelback and Blue Mountain in the coming weeks, and a couple other races will be happening too. I did a story about all these new races a couple months ago, and I’m gonna do a rundown again in the coming weeks because it is pretty impressive how all of a sudden this place seems to be the endurance racing capital of the world. How the heck did that happen? If you haven’t signed up to run yet, too bad — it’s sold out. But there is a party after that anyone can go to.

I just gave you a dozen things to do without even trying to look for stuff, those are all events that have been emailed in to me or ones the PopRox Facebook page got an invite too. I’m sure I’m missing stuff, but I’m already packed up with stuff.

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