Previewing the Fall TV Season, Sunday-Tuesday

I’ve been doing this little gimmick to preview the Fall TV season for a couple years now. And even though my viewing habits have changed, the premise hasn’t. We have three stages of viewing:

Watch it live: The first priority. These are the shows I cannot, will not miss.

DVR: I’ll catch up on these shows if I can manage to stay awake past 11 or on the weekend.

OnDemand: Strictly an “if I can get to it” kinda thing. I don’t want it clogging up my DVR, and if it disappears in four weeks and I haven’t gotten to it yet, then I’m not getting to it at all and I’m OK with letting it slip away.

Anything else, I’m skipping.

With that in mind, this is how I’m planning my TV time for the fall season, part 1:


not as gung ho as everyone else, but worth another season of my time

not as gung ho as everyone else, but worth another season of my time

Watch it live: Once Upon a Time (8 p.m. ABC). It doesn’t start until Oct. 23, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ll give it a couple episodes and see where it’s going, but I like the premise. Breaking Bad (10 p.m. AMC) will be replaced with Walking Dead later in October.

DVR: Pan Am (10 p.m. ABC). Interested, but not nearly enough to replace Breaking Bad or Walking Dead. I don’t see giving this more than about four episodes of a tryout, and you can probably expect a review mid-October about how it’s ripping off Mad Men. But I’m keeping an open mind.

OnDemand: Simpsons, Good Wife, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, Allen Gregory (in that order). I hate to say this, but this is where Simpsons and Family Guy fall these days. I’ve been putting them on my DVR for a couple years now, and never watch them. Like, ever. But when Fox put them both on Comcast’s OnDemand earlier this year, I saw just about every episode, especially the Simpsons since my 2-year-old is way into it now. This is what my relationship with Simpsons and Family Guy has come to. Same for Good Wife. I never watched it when I DVR’d it, but caught up whenever I could OnDemand. If it stays as good as it was last year, I might have to put it into my rotation. It stands a much better chance of it here than it did at 10 p.m. Tuesdays. If/when I drop Pan Am or Once Upon a Time, Good Wife gets the first nod in.

Biggest timeslot battle: Simpsons/Allen Gregory vs. Once Upon a Time vs. Amazing Race vs. NFL football


Watch it live: Terra Nova (8 p.m. FOX). Yeesh, what happened to Mondays? The last couple years, this always seemed crowded. Not so much anymore. I guess other people would see it as crowded with House, Dancing with the Stars and the CBS comedy lineup, but none of that interests me …

severely underrated

severely underrated

DVR: … except for 2 Broke Girls (8:30 p.m. CBS), because I’m a Kat Dennings fan. I have no idea how she doesn’t get more attention. It’s probably going to make me angry for every second that I watch it, but whatever.

OnDemand: The Playboy Club. Move over, In Plain Sight. We have a new “quintessential OnDemand show” champion. And I haven’t even seen it yet. But it just looks like something you can come in and out of whenever you want and not miss much. I’m curious, but not crazy to see it.

Skip: I was pretty comfortable leaving Hart of Dixie off my schedule entirely until randomly I saw a commercial for it with my 2-year-old. Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Ooooohhhhh maaaaannnnn!

2yo: Why did you say “Ooooohhhhh maaaaannnnn!”?

Me: Because I didn’t want to watch this show, but now I know that Jason Street is in it.

2yo: Who’s (pausing to figure out how to pronounce it) Jason Street?

Me: He was on Friday Night Lights. It was my favorite show.

2yo: (Trying to figure out what to say next) My favorite show is Diego!

Did I ever mention how much I love having conversations with a 2-year-old? I owe Scott Porter enough to watch the pilot. But I feel like I’ll be regretting it almost instantly.

Skip: Two and a Half Men could replace Charlie Sheen with my dad and I wouldn’t watch. I guess The Sing Off and The Voice are two different shows, but I’m not sure how.

Biggest timeslot battle: 9 p.m.: House vs. Dancing with the Stars vs. 2.5 Men vs. The Sing Off. Otherwise known in the industry as “Mike catches up on his DVR hour.”


Watch it live: Glee (8 p.m. Fox), The New Girl (9 p.m. Fox), Raising Hope (9:30 p.m. Fox), Sons of Anarchy (10 p.m. FX).

DVRRinger (9 p.m. CW). There’s a catch here. I never feel the need to watch sitcoms live, I’m perfectly fine catching them a day or two later. Community is probably my favorite comedy on TV right now, but I usually catch it over the weekend. There just isn’t the kind of immediacy there is for the serialized dramas I watch. So I may end up watching Ringer live and pushing The New Girl/Raising Hope combo to the DVR or OnDemand. That’s not a slight against them because Raising Hope is the one new network show from last year that makes this year’s rotation, and I’m going with New Girl for most promising comedy of the season.

OnDemand: Parenthood (10 p.m. NBC). Another of the perfect “catch it when I can shows.” I never pine for it, and I usually enjoy it when I watch it.


oh, excuse me, nancy travis is in it too. then by all means, watch it.

oh, excuse me, nancy travis is in it too. then by all means, watch it.

Skip: Unforgettable should have been called Unwatchable. Thanks, I’ll be here all week! Although if it was, then it would have conflicted with the reviews for the new Tim Allen show Last Man Standing. When you’ve been away from TV for 10 years and you’re looking to make a big splash with a big comeback, why would you make something so inept, pointless and uninspired? It doesn’t make sense. Allen fires his manager by Thanksgiving.


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