Welcome Back, Beavis and Butthead and a New Contest Announcement

The Cinemark Stroud Mall opens Nov. 4, but I’ve got tickets to get you in there a day early for a VIP party.

probably won't look like this, but you get the idea

I’ve got five sets of four tickets each to give away to the Thursday, Nov. 3 VIP party. Five lucky winners will be able to take three of their friends and family to the new Cinemark movie theater at the Stroud Mall a day before everyone else gets in there.

The VIP party starts at 6 p.m., and includes free popcorn and drinks. After a 6:45 ribbong cutting, you’ll get to see your choice of movies at the theater, though the movies that will be showing haven’t been listed yet.

Normal PopRox contest rules apply:

–Entries are accepted electronically only, so you’ll have to email your entry in to me, Facebook message me or DM me on Twitter. Just include your name, town, age and your daytime contact information. Deadline to enter is Halloween, Oct. 31, at 2 p.m. Feel free to share the Facebook link with your friends, the more entries I get, the better.

–One entry per person, per e-mail address. If I get two entries from the same e-mail, I’m deleting them both. 

–If you enter by messaging the PopRox account on Facebook or DM-ing on Twitter, it counts twice. Almost all of the recent winners have randomly come from Facebook entries, fyi.

–Whichever message method you choose is the only way you can enter. If you email your entry in, you cannot Facebook it in too. If I get an email entry and a Facebook entry, I’ll be deleting the Facebook entry. That means instead of getting two entries through Facebook, you’ll only get one entry through email. 

–Please know that you can go if you enter. And you’ll have to be able to get to the Pocono Record office to pick them up sometime between Oct. 31 and Nov. 3.

Here’s the weekly extended look at what will be going in the Sunday PopRox column:

In 1992, I remember watching the animated showcase show Liquid Television on MTV and seeing some cartoon about two degenerate teens playing baseball with a frog. It was crude, mean, weird … and awesome. A year later, full episodes featuring those two morons — now called Beavis and Butthead — hit MTV and changed the boundaries of decency and animated TV comedy forever.

If it weren’t for Beavis and Butthead, there would be no South Park. No Family Guy. You could say there would be no Beavis and Butthead without The Simpsons, but those really are two different shows. Beavis and Butthead was a pioneering TV show, for better or worse.

I say better. Now it’s back, with completely new episodes starting at 10 p.m. Thursday, likely making a whole new generation of kids say things like, “Heh heh, you said duty.”

Here are five reasons why bringing the show back is the best idea of the new TV season even though one reboot (Charlie’s Angels) already died:

i hate, hate, hate when you see pics of these guys without the real bands on their shirts. seems like a waste.

It’s still Mike Judge. When you see reboots and remakes of 80s and 90s titles, usually the original creators have zero to do with the production. But with Beavis and Butthead, Mike Judge, the man who started, voiced and wrote the show, is back at the helm to protect the property that made him one of the tuned-in minds of the 90s. It was only a matter of time before MTV or someone else decided to bring back the pair with or without Judge. Doesn’t it already feel better with him there?

MTV needs me. Well, not necessarily me. But the network needs to reconnect with people over the age of 25 that wax poetic about MTV’s Golden Age (1987-1995, by my estimation). We want to come back, we really do. But it’s hard to when we’re scrolling through the channels and see a Teen Mom marathon taking over the afternoon. Beavis and Butthead are a safe way to bring the children of the 80s and 90s back to the fold so that not every commercial on MTV has to be a Proactiv mini-infomercial.

It’s funny. When the media attacks on B&B started in 1993, it brought attention to the show for all the wrong reasons. The “Fire, fire, fire!” stuff, the naughty language, the general disregard for human decency … you know, the stuff the show was based on. What it failed to mention is how funny the show really was. If you watched and paid attention, you’d get at least 10 really good, smart laughs in every episode. With Judge still taking the lead on this, why should we expect that to change?

not the butt of nearly enough jokes

Reality TV needs to be made fun of more. Non-scripted TV isn’t made fun of as much as it should be, mostly because its sheer existence is funny enough. The reality TV of MTV and VH1 is designed to be so silly and dumb, the shows are already making fun of themselves. Too bad there are too many people that actually take it seriously. How did that happen? The show’s producers make it so overtly obvious that you’re supposed to be making fun of these people, not agreeing with them. When videos got so outrageously silly that you couldn’t watch them without questioning the very fabric of society, Beavis and Butthead were there to make fun of them and almost force people to make better videos and better music. Now they’re back to do the same to reality TV — not a second too soon.

There’s still an air of mystery to it. Teens in the 90s were either fans of Beavis and Butthead or their parents told them they couldn’t watch it. There was no in between. Now that it’s 20 years later, when just about every TV show ever made is on DVD, the funniest parts of Beavis and Butthead still aren’t. MTV didn’t have the foresight to secure the rights of the videos the pair made fun of for future DVD use, so it would have cost tens of millions of dollars in manpower and licensing fees to reproduce them on DVD. MTV opted to sell the DVDs just with the non-video plot portion of the show — and it rightfully tanked. Something feels off when you watch Beavis and Butthead without the videos, kinda like it feels off when you watch the YouTube clips of Friends without the laugh track. So unless kids today catch a random MTV2 showing at 2 a.m., they’ve more than likely never been exposed to the real B&B experience. It’s not like you have to tape trade to find the originals — there are some on YouTube — MTV won’t have that problem again going with making fun of its own reality shows. It owns the rights to those already, so it can put these full episodes out on DVD in the future.

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