Weekend Fun Guide and Someone Needs to Explain Further Punisher Adaptations

If you missed it yesterday, I’ve got five sets of four VIP movie passes to give away. It’s for the pre-grand opening of the Cinemark Stroud Mall on Nov. 3. Check out yesterday’s entry to find out how to enter. Good luck to all who enter!

For the first time in the three months since Friday local links have made their comeback, we’re kinda short on local links. But let’s make sure to plug the ones we know about. And feel free to email me to let me know if there is anything big going on around Main Street on Saturday night since it looks like I might be having my first Main Street night in three years. In related news, my oldest daughter just turned 3.

coming to esu next week

As always — if you have an event going on in the Poconos you want me to plug on Fridays, email it to me or send an invite to the PopRox Facebook page. I’ll do everything I can to get it in. I wanna go with an all-Halloween party theme next Friday, so make sure you get me your notices ASAP. Well, all Halloween events and Gym Class Heroes. You might wanna get tickets for that now, just in case it sells out.

excuse me, robert townsend. can you pass the butter?

Just a quick mention that the Pocono Mountains Film Festival is tonight and Saturday. Tonight is the student film competition at East Stroudsburg University, tomorrow is the regular sessions, screenings and workshops at the Pocono Community Theater in East Stroudsburg. Then there’s an awards dinner Saturday night, which I hear has a pretty impressive list of honorees. Hmmmm. How can I work it so that I sit next to Robert Townsend?

Not sure how these two projects didn’t get together in some way, but the world premiere of the locally filmed horror movie The Fields is 7 p.m. tonight at the Sherman Theater. The stars are Tara Reid and Chloris Leachman, who will appear via Skype, as long as the technology holds. Does it ever? Hoepfully someone calls her Maw-Maw. Some of the other actors will be there for the show after it was filmed around Kunkletown two years ago. It won best picture at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival a couple weeks ago, now it’s showing here. Tickets are $10, and all the proceeds go to the United Way. The movie was written by Pleasant Valley teacher Harrison Smith.

if pressed, i'd say my favorite elvis song is suspiscious minds

Shouldn’t everyone’s bucket list include “Go to an Elvis festival?” If yours does and you’re too lazy to travel to Memphis to see Jason Lee lip sync his way through it, then you are in some serious luck. The second annual Pocono Mountains Elvis Festival starts tonight and runs through Sunday at Fernwood in Bushkill. There are 20 Elvis impersonators that will be performing through the weekend looking to take home the title of … wait, is there a title? Pocono Elvis? The King of the Poconos? Pocono Presley? Someone should probably figure that out.

May have missed the RSVP date on this. But the Gallary at Local Flair in Cresco is holding an opening reception for some Halloween-themed art from local artists Shane Izykowski and Sue Tatterson. Izykowski is a former friend of former Sharp, for those of you that have been coming ’round here for a while. He’s been doing the zombie makeup thing for a while now, and it looks like it’s paying off. Just remember where you showed it off first! I’m not even sure if Sharp was first, but I like taking credit for things I have no business taking credit for. That’s just how I roll.

And here’s another former friend of former Sharp! Tom Riccobono supplied the music for the launch party nearly four years ago, and he’s still out on the local scene. He’s playing at Pub 570 in Marshalls Creek tomorrow night at 9.

We actually scratched out some decent stuff there.

On to a couple quickies from rest of the world:

how i'd rather remember the punisher

What’s it going to take to kill The Punisher? Not the actual guy, but the franchise, such as it is. It failed once at the theater, then failed miserably when Marvel tried to reboot it, so what makes anyone think it’s going to succeed as a TV series? First of all, it’s too dark for network TV. At least The Punisher I know is too dark for network TV. Maybe by the time he makes it to TV, Frank Castle’s wife and family will still be alive and cheering him on as he saves cute little kitties stuck in trees. OK, that’s probably a little too far. The Punisher series is actually perfect to make into a graphic TV series, but it seems like something more suited for HBO or maybe Spike than Fox. It just doesn’t seem like this will end well at all.

How come it took me so long to find Hitfix’s Movie Power Rankings? I like it a lot and am kicking myself for not thinking of it. I may just steal it, and, again, take credit for it. OK, I’m not doing that. But it is pretty cool and will probably be linked here somehow for the foreseeable future. Although I’d probably like it a lot more if Tranny 4 and 5 weren’t on top. Another idea I thought about stealing but can’t. AVClub’s awesome suggestion to make the next two Tranny movies interesting to someone like me — you know, someone who would rather walk through a fire pit than spend five minutes in a Tranny movie — by not giving Jason Statham a new role. Just make him Sam Wicknicky or whatever his name was, and not explain anything. That would be in the category of weird with Jeff Bridges’s Boston/Irish accent in Blown Away or Joe Pesci going from Goodfellas to Home Alone back-to-back in the same year.

If you just can’t wait until Sunday — or if you’re planning on watching the World Series or something — than maybe you’ll want to check out IMDB’s preview stream of Once Upon a Time. A weird place to debut a new show, I know. But what the heck, why not? After the success New Girl has seen this year when it debuted online two weeks early, we’re probably going to see more of these types of deals coming where you can watch something online before you can watch it on TV. It generates good word of mouth and gives extra lead time for you to catch up on it. It’s hard enough to get through my weekly DVR. So if I have an extra couple days, maybe that means I will check out an early premiere. That’s actually how I watched New Girl the first time, OnDemand after my wife and I had banged out the DVR for the week. Previewing it online could become much more popular as TV streaming devices get more popular, too. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get one for Christmas to enter the 21st century of TV technology.

what, you're not scared of this guy?

Ever feel like you’re just hanging out, watching a movie that’s supposed to be pretty enjoyable, and then BAM! You’re jumping out of your seat and checking to make sure you didn’t pee your pants? This is a good list of those movies, especially Kids and Jesus Camp. Especially, especially, ESPECIALLY Jesus Camp. I was naive enough to think the stuff in that movie didn’t really happen, but now I know more than I ever wanted to know because it freaked me out so much I started researching it. We should also add just about any Harry Potter movie to this list, especially the second, third and seventh ones. I have no idea what their names were, sorry. I just know where they came in the sequence. They scared the crap out of me. I mentioned the other day that Wall Street also scared me silly back in the 80s, so much so that I changed my desired professional from stock broker to lawyer. See how well that’s worked out?

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