Where to Try and Win Costume Contests This Weekend

It’s crept up overnight on us. Halloween has become the fourth biggest bar/party night of the year, behind the New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving Eve and St. Patrick’s Day. So we’ve got some Pocono parties this weekend. Just so you know, all of these invites were sent to the PopRox Facebook page. If you want to make sure your party/event/gathering gets promo’d here, that’s the best place to send it.

Oh, and don’t drink and drive this weekend!

One more reminder about the contest to win tickets to the VIP grand opening of the Cinemark Stroud Mall movie theater on Thursday. It’s invite only, but I’ve got five sets of four passes each to give out. Enter to win!

On to our local links for what looks like a sloppy weekend:

yes, ladies, it's ok to go out in a bra on saturday. no seriously, it is.

The Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg has two Halloween events for the weekend, and both of them involve one of my favorite things — women wearing small amounts of clothes. Yippee! That seems to have become what Halloween is all about these days. I’m not complaining, mind you, just saying. Anyway, tonight is “Boolesque” which is a weird name, but you get the idea. It’s a Halloween-themed burlesque show and is being done by the same people that do the burlesque shows in the Jim Thorpe area. The second event is the annual Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, which is usually a good time. They do a costume contest and pre-party at 10, then the show starts at midnight. I’m not a fan of the movie, it’s not exactly my cup of tea, and I don’t quite understand how it got a cult following. But I do know hanging out with 500 people watching the movie is a good time.

Barley Creek in Tannersville is doing a Halloween costume party tonight, beating the Saturday rush. So is Pocono Brewing Company in Swiftwater and Werry’s Pub in Marshalls Creek. Werry’s starts at 7, Barley Creek at 9, not sure about PBC, but theoretically, you might be able to make all three. Good idea on the parts of those three places. People with great costumes think they can win money for their costumes two nights in a row, guys like seeing hot chicks dressed in a bra and panties claiming to be dressed as a Victoria’s Secret model two nights in a row and people like having a good excuse to get drunk two nights in a row. Bars should just have Halloween parties on both weekend nights leading up to Halloween, it’s not like they’d have to justify it. First night can be a costume contest, second night can be a trick-or-treating night or something where you give free candy at the door. Why am I giving away these ides? I need to open a bar. You will also notice all three of those places are not on Main Street, gotta imagine the Saturday activity is going to be there and it will be harder on Saturday to get those people out of the ‘Burg. That’s what I call it.

Wait, never mind. Sarah Street has the idea of a multi-night Halloween celebration. Like, four nights. And I’m not even sure Halloween is one of them! $50 gift card each night to the best costume, it looks like.

It might be a good idea to get out to one of those Friday night parties since we’ve got this whole snow thing going. Although it’s gonna be pretty funny seeing girls squeezing into their barely there kitty cat outfits or whatever then walking into the bar covered in snow. That’s gonna make me laugh.

just so we're clear, i googled "slutty halloween costumes" and this was the second image. so be warned, ladies. this could be you next year.

Money? Who needs money? Siamsa is taking its costume contest to the next level Saturday, as the best costume wins a trip to Punta Cana, one of the few places you can truly say, “If you have a bad time, it’s your fault.” Or you can go to Mexico, depending on if you want to be taken hostage by a drug cartel or not. Up to you. It’s a WSGB party too, so some radio personalities will be out there. Although I’m not sure I know any of their names, let alone being able to recognize them in a police lineup. Jock and Jill’s is doing its costume contest on Saturday too.

Actually, I need money. So a $500 best costume prize like the one at The Lounge in Bartonsville is pretty enticing. And in case the snow is too much after you get there, the Comfort Inn hotel where The Lounge is located has Halloween discounts.

Now here’s some serious cash on the mountain — the Jubilee in Pocono Pines is giving away $1,000 for the best costume on Saturday night. Now we’re talkin’! I won a bar costume contest in 2006 when my wife and I went as Earl and Joy from My Name is Earl. Also the last time I dressed up for Halloween. Go out on top, right? Anyway, the prize for that was $100 and we thought that was crazy exorbitant. So we’re up to $1,000 in 2011? Where do we go from here? Will every bar in the Poconos have to offer $10,000 in 10 years for people to even think about going there? Yeesh. Maybe I shouldn’t open that bar after all. 

Not sure what the prize is at My Place in Marshalls Creek is going to be for its costume contest Saturday night, but we do know Flyin’ Blind is playing, and that automatically makes it fun.

What? Halloween is actually for kids? Pish posh. But in case you’re looking to get the kids out in their costumes and still looking for a beer or two, the new Pourhouse in Mountainhome has you covered. Right after the Barrett Township Halloween Parade (as long as they have it) former Great Weight Race contestant Joe O’Malley will be playing from about 3:30 to 7:30 for a post-parade celebration. I wouldn’t expect it to look like Parade Day, but it seems like it would be socially acceptable to drink in front of your kids there. You’re not going to get many of those kinds of days.

And remember, if your bar got left off this list, it’s probably because you didn’t let me know about it. So next time you have something going on, email me, send an invite to the PopRox Facebook page or follow PopRox on Twitter (that’s where I found the Jubilee’s party). do all three and you’re GUARANTEED to get in, because I’ll know you’re serious. Otherwise, I probably can’t help you out.

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