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TV Shows That May (Or May Not) Be Coming to a Theater Near You

We’re living in an age where just because a TV show gets canceled — or is about to be canceled — that doesn’t mean it’s dead. Shows can take the DirecTV route (Friday Night Lights, Damages), the canceled-but-resurrected road (Breaking In) or the ever-popular, hardly ever working online petition chance. None of those is more popular [...]

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The Most Beautiful Movie in the Room

Quick links today. Planned to do a TV-season-so-far thing but got sick yesterday and couldn’t watch Walking Dead or Once Upon a Time, so we’ll put that off til Wednesday or Thursday: The Muppets live! Despite some early bad publicity from the old-timers, The Muppets proved profitable, already making back its $40 million budget and positioning [...]

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Sorry Judd. No Oscar for You.

Remember when the WWF only had four pay-per-views a year, the ones that are still around and are still the major PPVs? Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series (in that order) — that’s the list. Everything else is gravy. Well with all the new days people find excuses to go out, drink and [...]

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The Family Movie Smackdown

Let’s hit the links: Happy Feet 2 might be the luckiest movie of the year. The movie bombed like silly, but no one even noticed because of Twilight’s major haul. So instead of having to answer questions like, “How many times can you make a kids movie disguised as environmental propaganda?” Warner Brothers gets to [...]

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Beer is on the Weekend Menu

We’re kinda light on local stuff this weekend, so I wanted to let you know about two live Tweeting events coming up. 1. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be trying to live Tweet from the Great Brews Classic Beer Festival at Split Rock Lodge on the PopRox Twitter page (more on that below). It’s going to be [...]

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The Unanswered Questions of Hoosiers

When someone asks me what my favorite movie is, I’ll usually roll off four or five movies — Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, Die Hard, Jedi, Real Genius — hoping I don’t have to narrow it down. When I do, my answer is always the movie I have watched more times than any other, a movie [...]

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Annie’s Boobs May Really Be Gone Forever

NBC is baffling. It’s half-heartedly been trying to hold on to its identity as the place for Thursday night comedy for then last six years, never fully committing to it. The network finally had the chance to get its four best comedies on, in a row, starting in January, but it instead made the decision to bump [...]

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When You Ruin a Chance at Zero Percent, You Get What You Deserve

Links today: The funniest thing I read over the weekend were the comments on Rotten Tomatoes over one reviewer’s positive review of Jack and Jill (very, very naughty language) because he screwed up what was looking like a 0% rating, which has only happened a couple times in the history of the site. Even the [...]

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The Weekend Fun Guide

Two things that really have been eating at me personally about the Penn State scandal separate from how sickening it is overall and how bad everyone feels for the victims: –My father-in-law and I don’t get to hang out much, but I always enjoy it when we do. So I was pretty happy when he [...]

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The Best Songs of the Last 15 Years

Saw this a couple weeks ago, the top 150 songs of the last 15 years, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get it into the blog since then. Twice I tried to get it in a links blog post, but it [...]

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