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Some local happenings this weekend before we hit the links. As always, when you want something Poconos-related listed here on Fridays, email me or send an invite to the PopRox Facebook page. We’re pretty video-heavy today, enjoy!

So what exactly is a Bovine Social Club, you ask? It’s a “grassy, funky, punky, twangy, dancy, fancy breed of sounds sure to get you mooing” (from its website) band from Delaware Water Gap, actually. Whether the guys meant to type “moving” instead of “mooing” is anyone’s guess. Apparently, this band needs money so you can hear its music on an album. Whether or not you want to donate, that’s up to you. I don’t tell anyone what to do with their money. But if Springsteen came to me in 1971 and said, “Look, I’m pretty good. You’ve seen me at the Stone Pony a bunch. I’m getting my first album together, but I’m a little short on bread (because I’d imagine he’d say bread in 1971). All it’s gonna take is 50 bucks for me to get this done. Can you help me out?” I’d probably treat him the same way I treat most non-charity people when they ask me for money, I’d pat my pockets like I’m looking for something, then say, “Sorry man, I got nothing” and walk away. I’d avoid coming out and saying “pound sand” because I’d be trying to be nice. That just goes to show you what a rough time bands are having these days, they’re actually cool going person to person, hand in hat, to say something like, “You gotta pay the troll toll if you wanna hear our music.” You know what I would do though to help out? I’d go to a potentially entertaining benefit show where I actually get something in return, like a nice night out. So they got that going for them Sunday at the Deer Head with a nice lineup of other performers. Maybe Darryl from The Office will be there. Maybe this will help you decide if you’d like to donate:

There are about 864,853 different ways of having a benefit for someone or something that needs it. I thought I had seen them all. Then I came across a new one happening Saturday, a benefit darts tournament over at Penn Estates for the American Cancer Society. I was a darts guy in my bar days to the point where I actually invested in my own darts, but now I have trouble closing out a cricket game in less than like 15 rounds. Sad face. The ladies who put this together, mom Nancee and daughter Nicole Padilla were part of our Great Pocono Weight Race contest a couple years ago, and are good people.

Pink Floyd is Pink Floyd. You love them or you hate them, and the Pink Floyd tribute band The Machine will be at the Sherman Theater on Saturday. I’m one of the weird ones, I’m pretty ambivalent. I like some of the hits (Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb), but find it downright weird that the band has such a cult following. I know some people who went to an outdoor showing of The Wall at Shippensburg just so they could beat people up who were there. I’m not sure if they ever did or not, but that was their intention. Those are the kind of anti-Floyd feelings some people have. But I’m not about to beat anyone up who recognizes the greatness of this:

Sorry. I know exactly no band/artist that will be at the Penn’s Peak Jingle Jam tonight. Actually, I’m not that sorry. I don’t like country music at all, in any way and am down on Glee for including two country songs in the last two weeks.

You know what else I’m not apologizing for? Never seeing Minute to Win It. First of all, I’m not a Guy Fieri fan since inadvertantly or not, he’s contributing to the gradual fattening of America on Diners, Drive-Ins and Davies, a show my wife loves. It’s not even that gradual anymore. He hosts the show, right? I’m pretty sure he does. Second, primetime games shows have become insane with how long they take. It’s watching paint dry on top of paint that’s drying. But if I had a chance to play myself? Now you’re talking! That’s what’s happening tonight at the Jubilee in Pocono Pines, a Minute to Win It night with prizes.

The last time I saw Jim Florentine at Pocono Brewing Company, he was impressive. His set was somewhere between 90 minutes and two hours, he actively engaged the eager crowd, he had no problem doing Special Ed when the drunk wahoos asked for it and then hung around the bar for at least an hour after the show to get drunk, hang out with fans, and sign every autograph people asked for. As paying customers, what else should you be asking for, really? His material was a tad recycled, but who cares? The guy made it about the experience and gave every person there their money’s worth. I have no idea whether he’s going to do that again tomorrow night when he comes back for another set — but it certainly seems like he would because in the brief conversations I’ve had with him, he seems like a pretty cool guy.

Other quick links:

C’mon, YouTube! Where you at? Christopher Nolan debuted the first eight minutes of Dark Knight Rises last night to Warner Brothers execs and media Thursday night, and not one second of it has made it to YouTube yet. Or the entire Internet! Not cool. I imagine once those eight minutes hit the IMAX theaters next Friday, it will be game on. Hopefully the Batman people will be smart enough to let it be in the theaters for a day or two, then release it online on Dec. 19 or 20 or something. Otherwise, millions of people will be watching the very grainy pirated footage from the theaters that will no doubt hit the Web and say, “Geez, this new Batman movie blows” without realizing it won’t actually look as bad on the screen as it does on your iPhone recorded by someone else’s iPhone.

Tackling something like “the 10 most underrated comedies of all time” is a thankless and somewhat pointless task. There is no empirical formula for it, nothing you can point to and say, “This is why.” Which is kinda what makes it cool, but unless you come up with a better list than what IFC put out the other day, don’t bother doing it. Pretty sure my all-time #1 underrated comedy is Clue. I still have no idea how audiences didn’t find it funny. I’m pretty biased, because I’d say four of my five or six favorite comedies — Clue, Real Genius, A Christmas Story and UHF — were tragically ignored at the box office and now have found a cult following. (Ready for my hipster voice? I saw all four in the theater. No foolin’.) IFC got a couple right, especially Johnny Dangerously and even more especially Hudson Hawk. Saw Hudson Hawk in the theater opening night in 1991, walked out curiously wondering what I just witnessed while humming Swinging on a Star in my head. I’ve come to appreciate it over the last 20 years as an ahead-of-its-time action/comedy that didn’t take itself quiet serious enough. Done right, if this movie came out now, it would make $200 million easy and be called things like “inventive” and “cool.” In 1991, we just weren’t ready for it. And you know what? This would probably fit somewhere in my favorite 20 uses of music in a movie:

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